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EZLynx Support CenterIn the digital world, having the ability to find information is often more critical than actually knowing information. We created the Solution Center to serve as a digital library to provide agents with answers, allow agents to help other agents, and create a space for conversation between the agents and EZLynx.

The fastest way to find information 24/7/365 is by searching from the Solution Center homepage.

The Solution Center search bar searches through the Knowledge Base as well as the EZLynx Community Forums from the “home” page. Simply type in a keyword and select the best option from the drop down. Options are broken down into Knowledge Base articles and forum posts.

The Knowledge Base is a conveniently parceled out instruction manual. When you have a question about a product, you will find answers in the form of videos, step by step instructions and more, all provided by EZLynx.

Search the Solution CenterThe Knowledge Base articles are broken down by product and specific features of a product. This allows agents to find the right solutions, faster.

In the EZLynx Forums, agents can discuss products, find solutions to general insurance business operations, and provide feedback all within EZLynx. The EZLynx Community Forums are broken into four different forum sections: New Product Information, Wish List, Tips and Tricks, and Agency Operations Station.

Within the New Product Information forum, agents will find release schedule information and details about upcoming product releases under the Release Schedule and New Updates topics. We recommend that agents follow these two topics for updates.

Our Wish List provides agents with a place to ask for additional features or products and to find information about the status of the development of the product. By liking or commenting on a post, agents show EZLynx the needs that are the most pressing. As features or products move into development, their status is updated until it is implemented.

Solution Center Wish List

The Tips and Tricks forum and Agency Operations Station forum provide agents with a place to help each other. EZLynx is built for agencies to have the flexibility to fit EZLynx to their business needs. As daily users of EZLynx, agents often have unique ways of running reports or using workflows. The Tips and Tricks forum is a place to ask other agents for best practices, share tips with other agents, and review agent conversations about EZLynx products. For general business requests not related to EZLynx, agents can look no further than the Agency Operations Station.

When an agent needs help in our digital library, our support staff are highly resourceful EZLynx experts. Open a ticket to ask a specific question and communicate directly with an EZLynx support staff member.

The EZLynx Solution Center allows agents to have all the support they need, when they need it, in one convenient location. Whether finding instructions and information 24/7/365 with the Knowledge Base, helping another agent in the EZLynx Forums, or communicating with support staff—the newly redesigned Solution Center is here to provide agents with support on three levels. Visit the Solution Center to join the conversation and find solutions today.

Comparative Auto and Home Rating with EZLynx

Flower Mound, TX, September 2, 2007 – If you are an independent insurance agent who writes auto or home insurance through more than two carriers – you know how time consuming and error prone it can be to re-key the same information over and over. In addition, you know how hard it is to stay up-to-speed with each company’s ever changing insurance software and websites. All things considered, finding the right company to place a risk is very time consuming. Gone are the days where you could look at a risk and know right away which company to place them with.

EZLynx integrates with each carrier so that ALL rating and credit scoring takes place on the carrier side. This not only guarantees accuracy, but it also bridges the data directly into each company’s rating website. Simply click the “EZLogin®” button when you are finished quoting and be automatically logged in to the company site to bind. EZLynx allows you to spend more time selling insurance. Being able to give a risk a fast and accurate real-time quote, is what will set you apart.

  • 100% real-time quoting from 122+ carriers in 45+ states
  • 100% web-based
  • Single data entry point
  • Single system for your agents/CSRs to learn
  • Reduces the chance of error by re-keying the same information
  • Secure data repository. SAS 70® compliant data center
  • Access to your data 24×7, via the Internet
  • Automatic login to carrier sites through EZLogin®
  • Integrated with lead generators
  • Quote Scenarios® (vary quotes using different coverage/deductible scenarios)
  • Management system support
  • Reporting at an Agency/Agent/CSR level
  • Consumer Facing Quote Forms (return live quotes or just collect data)
  • Email quotes directly to the risk from inside EZLynx
  • Award winning customer service (live chat, email & telephone)

EZLynx has been the industry pioneer and leader in real-time rating. Here what other people are saying about EZLynx:

“EZLynx provides the speed, ease of use, accuracy, and support that we desired from our old rater. In our experience there is no substitution for EZLynx.” – Evan P. A Sun Country Insurance Agency, LLC

“EZLynx is the best asset an agent can have for comparative rating. Customer support and service is second to none.” – Dan Ramey, Ramey Insurance Agency

About Webcetera, L.P.
Webcetera is a leading provider of real-time quoting and insurance software solutions for independent insurance agents and carriers. Its flagship product EZLynx delivers accurate real-time rate quotes to independent insurance agencies across the United States. As an insurance software provider, Webcetera has focused on empowering both independent agencies, wholesales/MGAs, and insurance companies with the technology they need to grow and compete. Webcetera is a privately-held company. For more information, visit or call us toll free at 877-932-2382.