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3 Minute Read

How to Get the Most Out of Your Client Portal

Date Published: April 25, 2024

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By: EZLynx


3 Minute Read

How to Get the Most Out of Your Client Portal

Date Published: April 25, 2024

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By: EZLynx


A high-quality online client portal that’s available 24/7 is essential for keeping customers happy, but did you know it’s also great for business? A client portal might have even more advantages for your agency than your customers.

In this blog, we’ll review all the ways a client portal can help you get more done faster and help your business grow while providing a quality customer experience. You’ll also get tips and tricks on promoting your client portal to your insureds since the more customers use it, the more your agency can benefit. 

What Your Client Portal Can Do for You

Let’s dive deeper into your client portal’s uses. Excellent client portal software will let you get more done with features that:

Save Time on Routine Tasks

Customers can fill out forms, update information, submit claims, and access insurance policy docs through the portal instead of over the phone, freeing up insurance agents to take care of other more critical tasks.

Streamline Customer Service Requests

A client portal makes it possible for policyholders to submit service requests online. Agents can then streamline workflows using a portal dashboard that allows them to prioritize requests and ensure an efficient, timely follow-up.

Drive Revenue Growth

Client portals deliver better service faster to keep customers happy. These satisfied clients are more likely to stay loyal to your agency, buy additional services and refer others, ultimately driving increased retention, growth and profits.

Custom Agency Branding

Build trust and recognition with a customized portal that displays your agency’s logo, colors and messaging to ensure a consistent brand experience for your customers.

Increase Cross-Selling

Take advantage of more cross-sell opportunities and increase revenue with a client portal that can show relevant insurance product offerings to clients based on their existing policies or life events.

Get More Five-Star Reviews

Consumers are heavily influenced by online customer reviews, which means getting positive reviews is critical to growing your business. A good client portal will automatically request reviews from happy customers so that you can stand out in online searches. 

What a Client Portal Can Do for Your Customers

A client portal is an online extension of your agency that allows you to deliver the digital experience today’s insurance shoppers have come to expect. By letting customers handle policy management online via a user-friendly web portal, you can empower clients to help themselves and give them the responsive service they expect, including:

Client Self-Service Anywhere, Anytime

With a 24/7 client portal, clients can access their policies, file claims, and make change requests outside of normal business hours or when you’re away on vacation. With a 24/7 mobile-optimized portal, your customers can manage their policies any time or place that’s convenient for them.

Access to Policy Docs

Give your customers easy access to their documents, customer data and insurance information exactly when they need it, whether that’s ID cards, policy declarations, or renewal notices; your customers will never have to wait to get access.

How to Promote Your Client Portal

The benefits a great client portal can offer you are incredible, but you can’t tap into these benefits if your clients aren’t using the portal. Before you can get the most out of your portal, you’ll need to let your customers know that it is open for business and encourage them to go to the portal to address policy administration tasks. Some ways to make your insureds aware of your client portal are:

Prominent Website Placement

Place your client portal link prominently on your website to encourage self-service for visitors.

Out-Of-Town/Office Closed Notifications

When you know you are going to be unavailable, add a pop-up on your agency site that points customers to your self-service portal.

Automated Communications

Using automation to send messages regarding certificates, downloads, or policy information. Use a portal that sends these communications to clients, alerting them to changes and prompting them to view these updates in the client portal.

Email CTAs

When you send standard welcome emails to new clients or renewal confirmations to returning customers, promote your client portal with some information about how it helps clients and a link. You can also have your agents include a call-to-action with their email signatures, encouraging recipients to visit the client portal.

Hold Music Messaging

Add a recording to your hold music so that when customers are waiting to talk to your agents on the phone, they’re alerted to the client portal, where they can make changes, submit requests, and access information about insurance services without a wait time.


Whether you’re looking to get more done in the day, provide better customer service, or drive growth, an excellent client portal can help. With features that let your clients access their documents anytime, anywhere, capabilities that increase positive customer reviews and cross-selling, and agency branding that makes you stand out from the crowd, having an excellent customer portal is essential to agency success.

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