EZLynx and Third-Party Data Exchange Services

A Note from the CEO

We have received much feedback from our customers over the past several months on whether, and to what extent, EZLynx will integrate with various third-party services beyond our current integrations. I understand why our customers are frustrated with the slow progress on this front. I felt it was my personal responsibility to explain why we have moved cautiously thus far and elaborate on some of the implications for EZLynx and our agents when integrating with services like these.

I want to make it clear up front that EZLynx considers any data input into our product as belonging to the agency that put it there, and they have full rights over this data with appropriate permissions from the consumer. They can request a complete data backup for a small fee any time, for any reason. We are simply custodians of this data, and we take this responsibility very seriously. By extension, you are also a custodian of the data of each consumer that you do business with. While you have entrusted us with storing and securing that data, your consumers have likewise entrusted you with their data, oblivious to your relationship with us or any other vendor. As consumers, we all tend to believe that we ultimately own our own data, regardless of whether it is being stored on Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, or even EZLynx.

EZLynx is a big proponent of industry standards for the purposes of third-party systems being able to talk to each other. This makes an agent’s life much easier. But we also realize how sensitive some of the data that our agents collect from their customers is, and this data gets stored in our system. This information includes personally identifiable information (PII) for all drivers, family members, and commercial contacts of the applicant, credit scoring information, personal information like financial assets owned to include schedules for jewelry, watches and other valuable items, home security details, and driving incidents, including DUI information. The list goes on and on.

I have no doubt in my mind that when a consumer shares their personal information with an insurance agent, they did not agree to, nor was it their intention, that the agent would turn around and make that information available to a variety of third-party services, some of which are not even part of the insurance industry, and many of whom are not even based in the United States. It is quite possible, even very likely, for this kind of information to fall into the wrong hands. In this age of data breaches and ransomware, I am sure you can imagine countless ways in which a bad actor could monetize this information.

We tried very hard to work with some of these third-party service providers for integration opportunities, but they are not willing to take any responsibility for the data with which they would also be custodians, nor have they been willing to share with us their own vendor vetting process.

As a business owner and decision maker, it feels irresponsible to let our customers share information directly between our system and these third-party services without ourselves being fully confident in the data practices of each vendor and without having received exclusive permission from consumers on how their data will be shared.

This stance does not contradict our view that the data we store in our system on your behalf is your data. You can freely remove your data from our system and share it with any services you choose.  However, while the data is retained in our system, we have an obligation to ensure it is protected and that it is only accessible by its rightful owners.

One of the comments we have received is that Google, Facebook, and other online services have not expressed these same concerns when integrating with similar services. I would direct your attention to the fact that this year alone, Facebook has acknowledged that at least 87 million records were breached. This, just on the heels of their political headaches resulting specifically from their own third-party data integrations. Moreover, these services don’t generally have the same kind of sensitive consumer information that our agents store in EZLynx. More importantly, these vendors have gotten into serious trouble with regulators all over the world in the past year. They are being forced to tighten their controls on data sharing and allow consumers, who many consider to be the ultimate owners of the data, to get their data removed upon request.

Finally, these companies are multi-billion-dollar companies that can, and will, fight huge legal battles to defend their business model. I cannot imagine our agents taking on these kinds of legal battles.

So where does this leave agents who are using EZLynx and wanting to integrate with these third-party services? We are currently preparing an integration with Zapier to allow for contact information export and lead information import, though a more extensive integration has been hampered by Zapier’s unwillingness to work with us on defining data security guidelines. EZLynx development work has already begun for this first version, and we hope to have a beta release by early next year.

For additional data sharing with these other services, I do like some of the suggestions that agents have made on our Facebook group, and we are open to implementing these. If you are interested in working with our product management team on defining the data exchange standards for EZLynx, and hopefully for our entire industry, please let us know. We believe that together we can find a middle ground that serves the best interests of EZLynx, the Agent, and the Consumer.

To continue the conversation, join us on our Customer Forums by logging in to EZLynx, clicking the Need Help link on the Dashboard, and then clicking on Forums.

EZLynx for MAPs is Coming Soon

MAPs, or Market Access Providers, are enjoying phenomenal, sustained growth. With this success, their focus is understandably shifting toward scalability and the business decisions they must face in this evolving market.

Their futures will depend—in equal measure—on how well they can increase the effectiveness of their member agents and how quickly they can ramp the efficiency of their operations.  To facilitate this, they need a solution purpose-built for their needs — EZLynx for MAPs.

Coming soon, EZLynx for MAPs is an agency management system tailored specifically to MAPs. EZLynx for MAPs establishes the framework for unprecedented interconnectivity between the MAP and its member agencies.

Harnessing the power of EZLynx ONE PLATFORM, EZLynx for MAPs addresses the three pillars of MAP success: carrier management, member management, and commissions processing.

Specific needs for this fast-growing, disruptive segment include:

  • Regular, actionable communication between MAPs and their members
  • Seamless integration with the member agency’s management system
  • The aggregation of carrier data, including policy downloads and commission allocation
  • The ability to manage reporting, productivity and success for both the individual agencies and the MAP overall.

Carrier Management includes capabilities to manage carrier contacts, agreements, and logins all in one place.

EZLynx for MAPs - Carrier Management

Member Management is a key feature to drive your members to success as it helps in managing their licenses, Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance requirements, agreements, and more. Integration with automated events & workflows will help in compliance with licensing and E&O requirements without human intervention.

EZLynx for MAPs - Member Management

Commissions management boosts productivity by eliminating the manual work of creating reports/spreadsheets with member commissions. MAPs will be able to set their rules by which they can take their cut and distribute the member’s commission split. From EZLynx for MAPs, you will be able to send a unified statement to a member agent as a downloaded statement in EZLynx.

EZLynx for MAPs - Commissions Management

If a MAP has members outside of EZLynx, we still have ways to ensure communication between the MAP and those members. The answer is “Member Portal”. A Member Portal is the application where non-EZLynx members can log in and access their policies, documents, Errors & Omissions documents, and commission statements.

The organizations who succeed will be the ones who can most quickly scale to meet the changing needs of both the MAP and the members.  Success will also hinge on the speed and quality of underwriting, as well as the timely and robust flow of actionable data with members. We believe EZLynx for MAPs will be the solution to help drive that success.


Changes to our Release Process

A Note from the CEO

As most EZLynx users noticed, our product has experienced poor performance recently. This has been the result of a major product update that we have been working to release over the past month – EZLynx version 4.18.09. We ended up rolling back the release to better understand the issue.

My sincere apologies to our customers for any inconvenience this caused. I want to take this opportunity to explain why we do product updates on weekdays and outline some internal changes we have decided to implement to help us avoid another incident like this.

When we are ready to release a new update, we have already done extensive internal analysis, including load metrics to understand as much as possible how the update might perform in our live environment. It is important to understand that it is extremely difficult to guarantee 100% success with any load testing in a real-time transaction system like EZLynx. When our quality assurance team has signed off on the release, we generally target Thursday or Friday for a release so that we can monitor the system performance at a normal level of usage. These days are typically our slower days but still high enough to give us a good feel for the release. This leaves us all weekend to resolve any quick fix issues that are discovered, ensuring that we minimize the possibility of having to roll back the update.

EZLynx takes pride in innovation and pushing the boundaries of what technology can do. We constantly make improvements to our products so that we can bring new and exciting features to your agency regularly – and we will continue to do so.

However, to ensure our users have a consistent experience when using our product, we will begin implementing a more staggered release plan so that we can be confident in the stability of the update as it is being released. This should avoid major product outages and performance issues because of a new release.

I know many of you have been eagerly anticipating the enhancements that are included in the 4.18.09 release. Our focus is to release those enhancements in smaller batches over the coming weeks and months, and we will do so in a way that does not cause any future outages.

We thank you for your support all these years, and I promise we will try harder to avoid problems like this going forward.

Provide Five-Star Customer Service with EZLynx Client Center

As technology becomes increasingly important for conducting business, it is no surprise that the insurance industry has become more digital. Still, according to a recent Forbes article, only 15 percent of insureds report being satisfied with their insurer’s digital experience, leaving agents with the opportunity to easily set themselves apart from the competition by providing a more positive technology experience.

Self-Service Anywhere

Recognizing these business trends, EZLynx provides for your needs as an agent as well as your client’s requests. By working as an online portal for customers to make secure requests and view other important documents, EZLynx Client Center works as a 24/7/365 digital customer service representative, putting your agency in the position to exceed customer expectations.

Five-Star Customer Service

EZLynx Client Center gives your clients the control and the digital communications capabilities they want from their insurance agent. With Client Center, your insureds can access their policy, submit change requests, and view their ID cards from anywhere, even the side of the road. As an agent, share confidential documents for your customers to print without security concerns.

Client Center will also save you and your commercial clients valuable time. Using templates set up by administrators in your agency, insureds are able to add interest holders and self-generate Certificates of Insurance without changing any other policy information. Through the power of ONE PLATFORM, you will receive a notification of the new certificate holder by email and in EZLynx Management System, and your insureds will receive the documentation they need, when they need it.

Additionally, your insureds can request policy changes, update contact information and view policies through Client Center. You will receive a notification of all change requests in EZLynx, allowing you to service your accounts, faster.

All of the actions in Client Center will be logged automatically in EZLynx Management System. This seamless digital platform will reduce your E&O exposure and allow your agents to quickly understand a request or question when a client directly contacts the office, allowing your agency to provide an improved omnichannel customer service experience.

Coming in October

A new enhancement to EZLynx Client Center will allow your agency to provide a preview of your digital capabilities during the sales process by allowing you to share secure documents and communications with prospects.

Enhance your Customer Experience

Client Center does not replace all of your interactions with your clients, rather, it makes your interactions more efficient. As an agent, you will be able to focus your attention on being hands on with your customers when needed or giving customers the ability to self-service their accounts when possible. With EZLynx Client Center, make a lasting first impression, improve customer service, and exceed expectations.

MSB Residential Pre-Fill and Reconstruction Cost Valuations

Coming in October, EZLynx will feature an integration with CoreLogic® to bring you residential pre-fill and reconstruction cost valuation powered by Marshall & Swift™.

Residential pre-fill will drastically improve your home quote process by allowing you to use MSB lookup within EZLynx to automatically pull information about a home prospect. You can further improve your process with the MSB reconstruction cost valuation tool to predict the cost of replacing the entire home.

Both services will be available at a competitive, cost-efficient rate per transaction. For pricing information and to get started, please fill out the form below.

ONE PLATFORM for your Agency Needs

A lot has changed with EZLynx Management System over the past several years. As your business grows, so do your business needs. Our platform is specifically designed to grow with you to help meet those unique challenges you face. The ability to track premiums, improve your customer service capabilities, and reduce E&O exposure becomes increasingly critical to your success. With these needs in mind, it is surprising that 20 percent of insurance agencies admit to not using a management system, according to the IIABA 2016 Agency Universe Study.

With EZLynx Management System, you will find everything you need to run your business on ONE PLATFORM. Unlike other management systems, EZLynx allows you to keep all of your data in one place, so managing new applications, quoting, creating proposals, and filling in ACORD forms and certificates can be completed without entering new information into a series of other applications, which will increase your overall productivity and accuracy.

Manage Sales

The benefit of keeping all of your information on ONE PLATFORM is immediately evident in the sales process. Whether using the manual application entry or EZLynx Rating Engine, agents can collect risk information on personal and commercial prospects. Once entered, all of the information flows seamlessly into ACORD forms and Agency Forms to send to the carriers. All quotes, manual and real-time, are stored with the prospect’s information to allow you to easily see the best fit and generate a proposal. Throughout the process, agents can securely manage documents and generate forms, such as ID cards or binders, all within EZLynx.

Policy Issue and Servicing

When a prospect becomes an insured, EZLynx Management System will simplify your management responsibilities and your agency’s communications. EZLynx Management System allows you to manage your download and manual policies. If a carrier requires manual entry, the information that you already entered into the application will flow into the policy, saving you time. EZLynx even tracks the status of your policies to provide a quick indication of whether a policy is in force or not. Commission tools will simplify your tracking and payment management, providing you with the information you need to understand your business.

Endorsement processing and certificate generation are time consuming processes for agencies. If a client requests a policy change, EZLynx streamlines the change request process, allowing agents to request, monitor, and verify policy changes with the carrier. To further your customer service capabilities and improve your efficiency, EZLynx expedites your commercial certificate generation process by allowing you to generate certificates within minutes and securely send them to your clients.

Our system will increase the speed and accuracy of your agency’s claims tracking process with downloaded and manual claim support by allowing you to automatically download and keep your agents up to date on the claims process.

Customer Self-Service

For agents with EZLynx Client Center, you can allow your clients to view a summary of their policy and their ID cards. Information presented in Client Center is pulled from EZLynx Management System automatically, so you know your client has the most up to date information. Commercial clients even have the ability to self-generate certificates.

Agency Productivity

EZLynx Management system has several tools focused on increasing agency productivity and collaboration. Agency Workspace within EZLynx Management System will allow you to manage your reminders, notes, and tasks that you depend on to run your agency. Access to the workspace is available throughout EZLynx, so that you can add notes, tasks, and reminders and view notifications without having to navigate away from a page. Add attachments and labels to keep your data organized and multi-task and collaborate with your coworkers, so that you can maximize your team’s potential. Use EZLynx Automation Center to program the automatic creation of tasks based on activities happening in your agency and actions completed by insureds, such as the completion of an eSignature document.

Intelligent Business Analytics

EZLynx Agency Pulse puts the power of ONE PLATFORM to work by combining metrics from your EZLynx Rating Engine and EZLynx Management System. With Agency Pulse in EZLynx Management System, agency owners will receive a snapshot of your agency’s health and be able to evaluate key performance indicators with an automated email report, giving you the ability to pinpoint areas that need improvement. EZLynx provides a robust list of reports and dashboards to help you gain an understanding of your book of business, carrier distribution, productivity, and more. EZLynx Management System will help you grow your book of business by helping you understand your data and where to take action to see improvement.

Growth Opportunities

Do not allow tedious tasks to hold you back from growing your business and leave you in a place of E&O exposure. Use a management system that will grow with you. While EZLynx uses the power of ONE PLATFORM, EZLynx Management System does not force your agency into a one-size-fits-all structure. Additional EZLynx products such as EZLynx Retention Center and EZLynx Sales Center can be enabled seamlessly, allowing you to expand your capabilities within the management system as your business needs grow. Use EZLynx Management System for your agency whether you are a large multi-location agency or a small local office. Our management system gives you the tools you need when you need them.

You can learn more about EZLynx Management System here, or you can fill out the form below with your questions and comments.

MissionSelect Expands Partnership with EZLynx to Process Property Insurance Quotes for Texas Independent Agents.

Flower Mound, Texas, June 27th, 2018 — MissionSelect now offers the ability to receive a quote for their “Premier” residential property insurance product through the EZLynx platform.

“At MissionSelect, we aspire to provide all of our agents best-in-class service and accessible solutions,” says Dave Lacefield, Partner at MissionSelect, “That’s why EZLynx is a natural addition to our family. Their quote process is easy to use, and their platform is both advanced and highly accessible.”

MissionSelect offers specially-crafted insurance products for an independent agent’s valued customers. With MissionSelect’s numerous and generous discounts, agents can offer their customers the coverage they need at a price they can afford.

The two most common products offered at MissionSelect are their Classic Product (a traditional HO-A product) and their Premier Product (an HO-A Plus product).

Details on MissionSelect’s “Premier” Product:

  • HO-A Plus product
  • Designed for Owner/Primary and Secondary Residences
  • Dwelling limit values up to $600,000
  • Coverages include the following with varying options on limits:
    • Other structures
    • Personal property
    • Personal property off-premises
    • Personal liability
    • Medical payments
    • Loss of use
    • Water damage
  • Deductibles designed to suit policyholder
  • Loss settlement at Replacement Cost

Thanks to EZLynx, independent agents receive a custom quote for MissionSelect’s Premier Product with coverages and limits selected by their customer. These quotes are then stored in the MissionSelect processing system under the “Applications” tab for convenient retrieval and quote management.

“To ensure agents have the best coverage options available, EZLynx is focused on adding key, state-specific carriers to our rating platform across the country. We are proud to have MissionSelect as a carrier to represent and provide great service to agents in the great state of Texas,” said Kevin Coplin, Director of Carrier Relations at EZLynx.

Improvements like this are part of MissionSelect’s ongoing initiative to continuously improve their product and service offerings. Recently, MissionSelect launched their newly redesigned website which focused on improved usability, a fluid mobile-responsive design, and look and feel that more appropriately reflects the MissionSelect brand and company culture.

“At MissionSelect, we believe there is a community of concerned, professional agents in Texas; a community looking for positive connections with, and for, their customers,” says Dave Lacefield, Partner at MissionSelect, “We hope to demonstrate by updating our website, improving our product and service offerings, and expanding our partnerships – like we are doing with the great folks at EZLynx – that we are listening to those agents and to those customers; and that we are committed to helping our agents and their customers to be successful.”

About Mission Select

MissionSelect provides exceptional property insurance solutions for Texas independent agents. As a Texas-based managing general agency, MissionSelect is 100% committed to the success of professional independent agents in the Texas residential property market. No credit scoring is required, and great rates are available for first-time buyers.



You Asked, We Listened: AgentLynx Progress Report

A little over three short months ago, many of our agents gathered together at AgentLynx 2018 in San Diego, where we announced new products, held group sessions, and allowed you to speak directly with the EZLynx Team about our products. We listened to your requests for new features, and we heard how EZLynx could further accommodate the needs of your agency.  With our release in mid-July and in the coming months, we are thrilled to be able to provide you with the first round of solutions to many of the requests and challenges you shared with us at AgentLynx.

EZLynx for Outlook

In response to your requests at AgentLynx, we committed to bringing you a more efficient, sleeker EZLynx Outlook plugin with updates to performance, workflow and features.  These enhancements will make Outlook feel like an extension of EZLynx.

We heard your concerns with the functionality of the plugin when you utilize Outlook on multiple devices. With this new enhancement to your Outlook plug in, seamlessly switch between home and work devices without worrying about receiving multiple automatic save dialogue boxes when you open Outlook.

In addition to simply documenting your emails in EZLynx, these Outlook plugin enhancements will allow you to select a specific task to associate with the email, attachments, and/or note; reopen or close a task from within the plugin; and add a reminder. For users with the Enhanced Workspace, you will now have the ability to mark a task as important and set its due date and time directly from the plugin.

Although you already had the ability to import attachments to EZLynx, the enhancement takes document management abilities to the next level, giving you the ability to preview documents, save documents to specific folders, and disable automatic saving of embedded images so you do not end up with unwanted email signature images in EZLynx.

We updated the Agency Workspace within Outlook as well, giving you the ability to add labels and mark emails with a sticky note, and we are improving your workflow by giving you the option to search and save to a different applicant within the workflow, even if matched to an applicant automatically. These enhancements will be automatically applied to your existing Outlook plug-in.

MSB Residential Pre-Fill and Reconstruction Cost Valuations

Soon EZLynx will feature integration with CoreLogic® to bring you residential prefill and reconstruction cost valuation powered by Marshall & Swift. Residential prefill will drastically improve your home quote process by allowing you to use MSB lookup within EZLynx to automatically pull information about a home prospect. You can further improve your process with the MSB reconstruction cost valuation tool to predict the cost of replacing the entire home. Both services will be available at a competitive, cost-efficient rate per transaction.

CoreLogic, the CoreLogic logo, and Marshall & Swift are trademarks of CoreLogic, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

Non-Owners & Broad Form

In the coming months we will be rolling out support for non-owners and broad form auto policy types, which has been a highly requested feature for many of our users.

Read Only User Access for Reports

Read Only User access for reports gives you more control over your data by allowing you to send reports to other users in your agency without having to give them access to all your reporting. This will keep your data secure within your organization. Contact customer support to activate this feature.

Bulk Actions in the Document Library

Additional efforts to increase your productivity and help you manage your data, we have made improvements to our document capabilities to now allow you to move or delete more than one document at once and share multiple documents to the Client Center simultaneously.

Agency Activities

The first of several Activity and Agency Workspace enhancements, we have enhanced your ability to associate notes with policies in order to increase your productivity and make it easier to stay organized. You can now associate a policy number with a note at any time, rather than only having this capability when you first created the note. If you need to move a policy to another individual, all the notes associated with that policy will now be carried over to the new assigned user.

Multiple Addresses

To help you stay more organized, we will soon allow for additional addresses, including military addresses, to be stored and associated with one customer’s account. Users with EZLynx Accounting will have the ability to directly include billing address information on invoices. The enhancement will also allow you to select the proper address from the addresses associated with a policy when sending postal mail through Communication Center. This feature is coming soon.

Looking to the Future

These enhancements and features are just the start. We have committed to bringing you even more of the changes and features that you have requested. We take your suggestions seriously, and we are always looking for ways to make improvements that will benefit your agency.

The opportunity to provide face-to-face feedback to the EZLynx Team is part of the main value of attending our user conference. AgentLynx helps our teams hear the unified voices of multiple agents and allows us to understand and address the top business challenges that many of our users face. It also provides you with the opportunity to network and collaborate on the best strategies for using EZLynx with other agents and EZLynx team members. We hope to see you at the next AgentLynx Conference in Fort Worth, Texas in 2019!

Certificate Self-Generation in EZLynx Client Center

Did you know that EZLynx Client Center makes it possible for commercial insureds to issue their own Certificates of Insurance from agency selected templates at any time, from anywhere, 24/7?  The client will be able to add a holder to a specific certificate template, generate the certificate for that holder, and print or save it accordingly.

Keep in mind, insureds will not be able to make any changes to the Certificate Master. Should they require changes or additional wording, the tool allows them to send the holder information to their agent and request their agent issue the certificate instead. This feature is a great fit for any agency that has heavy commercial volume and deal with trusted clients that frequently require certificates.

How Does it Work?

Once enabled for your agency, your administrator will be able to indicate the certificate types and carriers that they want to allow their agents and CSRs to enable for this feature. These are the global agency-wide rules that control how other users in your agency can use the feature.

Client Center Agent Settings Certificate Tab

For those users in your agency that have been enabled to use the feature, they will see a new option for newly created certificate masters. By selecting this option, users can enable a specific certificate master for a specific applicant, granting that applicant the ability to add their own holders using that master. It’s as simple as that.

Client Center Certificate Master Agent Facing Actions Dropdown

After an agent has enable a certificate master for a client, whenever that client logs into EZLynx Client Center, they will see a new line item in their Documents area giving them the option to add a new certificate holder.

Client Center Add New Holder

When the client clicks this option, we will walk them through a few questions to either add the holder, or else identify that their request requires additional follow-up by the agent. In all scenarios, the system will always notify the agent both inside EZLynx and by email whenever a client adds a new certificate holder.

What’s Next?

If you currently have EZLynx Client Center and would like to have this feature enabled for your agency, please let us know below. We will need to know which user should be enabled as your Client Center administrator, as well as which user(s) should be given access to enable individual applicants for access to add holders. As you start to get a feel for how this works, please do not hesitate to return to this post and share your feedback below.

If you’d like to see more, you can also check out our Client Center 101 video (9 minutes).

More Ways to Help Agencies with their Customer Servicing

Everyone has a story of a bad customer service experience that shaped his or her perception of a company; however, most of the day to day interactions are mundane. When a company comes along that truly provides an exceptional service, it stands out in the sea of mediocre experiences and often creates a life-long bond with the customer. EZLynx believes it can leverage technology to help its agencies gain efficiency in service to provide an extraordinary experience every time.  For several years, we’ve focused on developing solutions that increase an agency’s profitability, productivity, serviceability, and scalability.  We believe that several current and upcoming features will help agencies achieve significant gains in the time it takes to provide an exceptional service experience for the customer!

Agency Workspace

This is your one-stop shop in EZLynx for seamless multi-tasking and collaboration. Agency Workspace is the primary area for keeping track of tasks, notes, notifications, reminders, and text messages in one area.

This directly contributes to an agent’s ability to provide prompt, efficient customer service. Quickly access the context for customer related tasks and notes, track your latest tasks, and immediately see important notifications.

Other systems simply list activities in reverse chronological order, so agents spend hours pouring through all these activities to piece together the context of a note or activity (other systems call it a diary). EZLynx has several methods to pull in the context and organize this for the agencies, saving agent’s time and frustration.

Client Center

It’s a no-brainer that giving your customers a way to access policy details and documents on their own will save them (and you) from an extra phone call or email.  Client Center makes this possible, and it can be seamlessly integrated into your website.

Clients can submit change requests and other inquiries directly from Client Center as well. These requests, rather than getting buried in your email inbox, drop directly into EZLynx. Agents will be assigned a Task with all the relevant details that they can easily track from within their Agency Workspace.

Change Requests

Change requests and endorsements are time consuming for agencies. One of your agents must document the need from the customer, make a change on the carrier’s website, and keep the data in sync with the management system.  In 30 days, one of your agents must remember to verify that the carrier processed the change correctly. This process is time consuming and fraught with human error.

To streamline this process, we have introduced a change request workflow to simplify the documentation, confirmation and tracking for an agency. Simply make the policy changes directly in EZLynx. The green preview allows you to quickly verify the changes while you are entering them.

Change Requests

When you save, EZLynx generates a memo of the requested changes that you can send to the carrier, share with the insured, or include in an eSignature. For carriers that require it, one action will generate the ACORD change request forms. The memo clearly identifies additions, deletions, and changes in a way that even the insured can easily understand. With one click, we will pre-fill the note with the description of the change and attach a copy for follow up. Agents can easily complete this process and share it with the insured to review by the time the call ends. Once the carrier processes the change, we automatically verify the downloaded change is accurate and confirm it. If the policy is manually entered, your agent can confirm that everything is correct with a simple click.

Change Requests

Part of creating an exceptional customer experience relies on an omnichannel communication platform. Every customer has different communication preferences, so agents can deliver the memo via the customer portal, email, mail, or even documented text message. Since EZLynx is a single platform, all of the customer correspondence is readily available on the customer’s account so that any agent can provide continuity during service in any channel.


The first claim is a defining point in the insured’s relationship with their agent and is an excellent opportunity to provide exceptional service to your client. Insured’s frequently rely on the agent to guide them through the process, answer questions, and manage expectations. Customers expect their agent to have the latest information from the carrier. To keep agents up to date on the claims information from the carrier, EZLynx offers downloaded and manual claim support. We summarize the latest information from the carrier on the client’s account so customer service representatives can quickly answer questions on claim number, adjuster information, payments, and the claim status. On each policy, we provide a detailed view of all of the claims transactions.


Providing your customers with exceptional customer service every time is no simple task. While it is an important part of the value you offer as an independent agent, we know it can be tedious and time consuming to keep up with all the data and different communication channels. Agents can easily miss something when bouncing back and forth in multiple systems. Leveraging our single platform and technology to your advantage frees up your agents to focus on the customer experience. We’re focused on building out new features and enhancements to improve an agencies profitability, productivity, serviceability, and scalability. These latest features help simplify the service documentation in your agency, so you can spend time on what really matters – your customers.

If you are interested in learning more about how EZLynx can help you save time and increase productivity with your customer service, please let us know below.