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What’s New in EZLynx 20.1

Date Published: May 27, 2020

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By: EZLynx


5 Minute Read

What’s New in EZLynx 20.1

Date Published: May 27, 2020

EZLynx logo.

By: EZLynx


The EZLynx May 2020 release will go live on 5/29. Here are some highlights:

Client Center Enhancements

EZLynx Client Center has been updated in several ways, with a focus on making customer self-service easier and more convenient.

There are two new ways to promote Client Center to your clients.

  • Initiate a Client Center Email Campaign with a single click. The campaign will automatically apply a Client Center template to the email, containing a link for customers to access your Client Center portal. Agents will be able to set scheduling parameters for the email campaign.
  • Provide a link to Client Center as a personalization Tag within an email. This option inserts your agency’s Client Center portal URL into any email campaign template. We recommend adding it to your email signature on all campaign templates. This will help your customers conveniently access Client Center.

When you remind insureds that online customer self-service is available 24/7, everyone wins!

We’ve also enhanced the client experience with a new interface and simplified workflows. Insureds and prospects will immediately notice the improvement. From the landing page, Quick Menu options will direct them to the most used features. And the associated pages have been enhanced for more straightforward usability.

  • The Policies page has a streamlined look and feel. Insureds can easily identify the policy they are looking for and understand their policy coverages and limits.
  • The Documents page displays more pertinent information for the client, making file sharing even easier.
  • It’s never been easier for customers to submit Policy Change Requests for their personal and commercial lines policies. The change request options are clearly highlighted, saving them a phone call to your agency.
  • The Certificates generation workflow is now even smarter. These new changes encourage your insureds to generate certificates themselves, instead of always requesting them from your agency.

Life Insurance Quotes Now Available Through Client Center

Your clients can now obtain Life Insurance quotes through EZLynx Client Center. This latest development is an extension of our partnership with BackNine Insurance, made possible through the new EZLynx Connect program.

Many of you are already enjoying access to Life Insurance rates through the Quote Results page in EZLynx 5. Now, we’ve added the option for your clients to proactively request a quote through the Client Center portal.

Clients will be asked a series of questions from BackNine. The system will return a list of monthly term life premiums, based on the insured’s health. BackNine will also communicate the lead to your agency, so you can follow up with the prospect.

To take advantage of this new cross-selling feature, enable BackNine integration from Connect Market Place. You will be asked to enter your National Producer Number (NPN) to verify your credentials with BackNine Insurance. Once an Assigned Agent has enabled BackNine Insurance, their customers will begin seeing this new quote feature as they log in to Client Center.

Secure24 – ADT Home Alarm Integration

EZLynx is proud to announce this new integration with Secure24 Alarms. Agents now have the opportunity to cross-sell home alarm systems to interested shoppers. This integration acts as a lead generator to Secure24 Alarms, who will then contact the insured regarding their interest in home alarm systems.

There is no cost to the agent for this integration. If a lead you provide results in a sale, you will be paid a commission.

This feature is the latest addition to the EZLynx Connect program. It is currently available only within EZLynx 5.

EZLynx Virtual Agent (Eva)

Welcome “Eva” to your agency staff!

EZLynx Virtual Agent leverages machine learning and natural language processing to make your agency smarter, faster and more capable for customer response.

Eva works in conjunction with EZLynx Text Messaging to answer simple customer requests and create follow-up tasks for your agency. Eva monitors your incoming text messages for the types of customer requests she’s been designed to perform. When she’s capable of providing assistance, she responds to the customer.

Today, Eva can provide insureds with their Auto ID Card, as well as help with CoverageVehicle, or Driver Information. If your agency has EZLynx Client Center, she will direct them to the portal for faster customer service.

We are continuously working to improve the quality of Eva’s responses. To better help her learn what agents need, we are offering Eva free to anyone with EZLynx Texting through the end of the year. Put Eva to work for your agency and its clients today!

Admins can enable Eva from the Communication Center menu.

Zapier Integration Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the EZLynx Sales Center Zapier Integration is now Generally Available. This integration makes it possible to automate applicants in EZLynx from 2,000+ apps.

We’ve also made a few enhancements from the previous Beta version. These enhancements include additional Outbound Trigger Fields, additional Inbound Action Fields, and a new Birthday Field Definition for Outbound Triggers.

There is also a new enablement process. You will no longer need an App Secret to start setting up a Zap. Instead, all you need is your EZLynx username and password to connect.

This integration requires either Sales Center or a license to the Sales Center API. Contact your EZLynx Sales Representative for more information.

NOTE: Because of significant updates to the Zapier app, it is not possible to automatically migrate existing Zaps to the new version. If you currently have running Zaps, you will need to recreate them with the new version within the next three months.


For more information on any of these exciting new features, please visit the EZLynx Solution Center.


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