Enhanced Reporting in EZLynx

We are excited to start sharing details of our new enhanced reporting features in EZLynx, which will be slowly rolled out over the next month. The reports you know and love are improved, and we’ve added master reports to make it possible to build a report for just about anything.

A successful business runs on good data. That’s why it has been a top priority for us this year to make extracting meaningful and actionable data from EZLynx simple, flexible, and powerful.

Report Basics

If you currently have access to reporting in EZLynx, you will be automatically enabled for these new enhancements as they are rolled out over the next month. The new and improved reports will include the following basic functionality:

  • No date restrictions
  • Export to an Excel or CSV file
  • Hover over any column header to:
    • Reorder – drag left handle (green box) to move column to a new position
    • Adjust width – drag right handle (red box) left or right to adjust column width
  • Replace or Remove existing filters
  • All reports, except Standard Commission reports, reflect account activity through midnight of prior day.

Types of Reports

EZLynx Reporting - Types of ReportsThere are three basic types of reports in the new version:

Standard Reports

Standard reports are the same reports you know and love, but with a new look and navigation structure.

Master Reports

A Master Report is used as a starting point to filter very specific data with a wide variety of options. Once the desired data is retrieved, it can be saved and shared as a Custom Report.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports are unique reports that you have customized and saved for later use. To create a Custom Report, select a Master Report, and use the various options available to retrieve specific, detailed data. Custom Reports can also be shared with others in your agency.

The Master Report

The true power of our enhanced reporting is in the Master Report.  For example, clicking on the Applicant Master Report gives you information on all of the applicants in your system. From here, you can filter and sort the data to create powerful advanced reports.

Applicant Master Report

From here you can quickly filter down your applicants based on any of the fields available. For example, you may want to generate a list of your oldest customers in order to send out a loyalty thank you card. What’s more, you can filter based on policy information as well.  Filter or sort that loyalty list by number of policies, for example.

Policy Master Report with GraphUse the Policy Master List to quickly build a chart from your data by Line of Business and Annualized Premium, giving you insight at not only the LOB breakdown of your policies, but also how much revenue each line is bringing in.

Data Driven Business Decisions

The flexibility and power to dig into your data in order to discover business insight and sales opportunity is endless. Break down the distribution of your book by LOB, Personal vs Commercial, Carriers, Producer, etc. and make data driven decisions about where you want to focus your sales team in the next quarter. Take your customer data and filter it down by inactive customers, quotes without policies, customers with homeowners but no auto, and use that data to drive your sales and marketing to new heights.

You can save any custom report that you create, and you can even share a custom report with others in your agency.  Coming in a future release, you’ll be able to build a custom report and set it to email you the results of that report every week.

Once you see these updates in action, we want to hear your feedback. We believe that useful data is an essential part of doing business, so this is only the beginning!