What’s New In EZLynx 4.19.10

Release Highlights

New Product: Submission Center

EZLynx Submission Center is a smarter way to manage the commercial submission process. This new collaborative hub provides all the tools you need to organize, track, and bind with ease.

Submission Center addresses key areas, so that your agency can ultimately improve its commercial submission outcomes:

  • Carrier Submission Tracking
  • Risk Data Lookups
  • Application Delivery
  • Appetite Discovery
  • Underwriter Management
  • Carrier Integrations
  • Product Guidance

Submission Center’s intuitive dashboard helps agents visualize the submission process, so that they can understand where the critical decision points are and how to navigate them.

Visit the EZLynx Submission Center webpage.

New EZLynx Reporting & Analytics Platform

We are excited to announce that the initial release of the new EZLynx Reporting & Analytics platform will rollout to all users over the next few weeks. We have included over 20 of our most used reports and will continue to add functionality through the rest of the year.

The new platform features enhanced visualizations and noticeable speed improvements. Pixel-perfect reports take the stress out of printing, sharing, and presenting KPIs. All-in-all, agencies can access accurate data faster and gain insights that were previously unattainable.

Features include:

    • Faster reports
    • Powerful export options (Excel, PDF, CSV and XML)
    • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface
    • “Pixel-Perfect” reporting
    • Simplified, graphical report menu

Users should expect to see their reports continue to default to the current platform. This is by design. Watch for the new button at the top-right of the “All Reports” page to access the new platform.

EZLynx Client Center – Change Request Integrations

EZLynx Client Center has now been enhanced to provide even more visibility into clients’ change requests.

Agencies were already being notified when an insured created a change request within Client Center. These automated notifications appeared as new tasks in the system. Now an insured’s request from Client Center is automatically documented within the EZLynx Change Request workflow, improving documentation and eliminating redundant data entry. EZLynx automatically generates the client’s message for the agent to review and submit to the carrier.

This integrated workflow ensures that no client requested changes are overlooked by your agency!

Also, policy transaction histories have now been enhanced to include “Client Center” as a source for change requests. Look for this new field in the Policy Source column.

International Address Support

EZLynx now features international address support for mailing addresses. This new feature applies to both personal and commercial accounts.

International Address Support applies to mailing addresses only. EZLynx continues to support only U.S.-based locations and risks.


For more information on any of these exciting new features, please visit the EZLynx Solution Center.

Get to know EZLynx 3.9

EZLynx 3.9 is coming out next week, and we’ve added powerful new features to EZLynx. We have completely revamped the Policy Sync feature, the certificates creation process and the Documents tab to make them more streamlined for a very user-friendly, quick and easy experience. We’re excited to introduce you to these rich system enhancements.

Policy Sync & Remarket

At policy renewal time, it’s also time to provide your customer with new quotes.  The Policy Sync feature simplifies re-marketing by allowing agents to quickly update their customer’s EZLynx application from current policy data.

With Policy Sync & Remarket, you will accomplish this task quickly with side-by-side comparisons of the current application and policy information; simply pick and choose the data to sync and you’re ready to re-quote in EZLynx.

Policy Sync can be accessed from EZLynx Management System downloaded policies or during the import process from other compatible management systems.

EZLynx Policy Sync

For those of you that do not have EZLynx Management System, we’ve also enhanced our Import feature to also take advantage of the new Policy Sync.


The ability to create one or multiple certificates, track certificate holders and renew certificates is an important task for many independent insurance agents, and can be quite daunting without the proper tool.

With our completely revamped certificates process, you can complete these duties in no time.  Master certificates are saved to the applicant’s file, then pulled up to add one or multiple additional holders, and print with one click.

Certificates in EZLynx

Every certificate holder is saved with the master for quick annual renewals; simply renew the master certificate, import the previous year’s interests, select which to print and you’re done.


The Documents Tab is easier to use with consolidated grids, drag and drop upload functionality, policy association and the ability to organize documents into folders.  Emails, certificates, uploaded documents and ACORD forms are all located in one Documents grid with a search capability to locate documents in no time.

Documents Tab in EZLynx

Uploading documents is easier with the drag and drop function.  Document names can be created and edited for easier identification and searching.

Keep your eye out for these amazing new enhancements – the 3.9 release is on its way!