With New Legislation, EZLynx Client Center is poised to bring your Insurance Agency into the Digital Age

If state lawmakers have their way, Missouri may soon join six other states currently bringing insurance companies into the digital age. SB317 is a state bill that allows motorists in Missouri to present digital insurance cards on smartphone devices as proof of insurance during a traffic stop. Up until now, motorists were instead required to produce paper copies of valid insurance cards, which have long been a source of frustration for drivers who are insured, but have not replaced expired cards with new ones.

So far, the bill received support in the Senate and now moves on for approval in the House. If it’s signed into law, Missouri will join Alabama, Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana and Minnesota in allowing use of digital insurance cards during traffic stops. But a year from now, that list could triple or quadruple in size. The New York Times reports that at least 21 more states are eyeing digital insurance bills, with many of them having already made great strides toward legislative approval.

Though the prospect of using digital insurance cards is exciting, for insurance agencies and consumers the legislation is long overdue. For far too long, consumers have been demanding a more streamlined insurance experience that eliminates a complicated paper trail. But because digital insurance cards have not been legally recognized in the past, insurance agencies have remained in the dark ages.

Until now…

Now that state governments are catching up to consumer demand, insurance companies are forced to step into the digital age to remain relevant to consumers and competitive in their market. One company – EZLynx – has been ahead of the curve, anticipating the demand for digital insurance cards and making it possible for insurance agencies to provide them to policy-holders at the drop of a hat.

EZLynx has revolutionized the way agents interact with their clients. In addition to a state-of-the-art website, real-time consumer quoting and comprehensive office management tools, EZLynx Management System works in tandem with EZLynx Client Center, allowing policyholders to access digital insurance cards and other policy documents. This web-based customer service portal easily integrates into an insurance agent’s website, where it will always be handy to consumers during a traffic stop or collision, or when providing proof of insurance for vehicle registration.

If your agency has yet to implement digital insurance cards into your business structure, you can’t afford to wait any longer to embrace the insurance technology that will revolutionize your business. If your state hasn’t yet adopted digital insurance cards, it’s only a matter of time before it will. If your state is already on board, your agency may already be falling behind. Let EZLynx simplify your office and make your agency more relevant to the demands of your market.