EZLynx Delivers Growth for Florida Agent

I have been working with EZLynx for two years. I don’t know what I did without it! Due to the ease and speed of the quoting process, it has allowed me to offer time efficient accurate quotes to my customers in a fraction of the time I was able to do before. Prior to EZLynx it would take an hour or more to quote one customer with 8 carriers and now it can be done in minutes. EZLynx significantly reduces the potential of data entry errors by not having to re-enter the same information in multiple quoting formats. Best of all, I can retrieve prior quotes when the customer requests me to shop their rate and all the information is already in the system.

Since all of my carriers are on EZLynx, I input the information once and within minutes, generate enough information to narrow my choices down to the most competitive carriers. Additionally, it allows me to quote each carrier every time which helps to maintain my agency contracts. EZLynx has been instrumental in improving my auto production and assisting in the growth of my agency.