EZLynx Adds Unprecedented Number of New Florida Carriers to Comparative Rating Platform

Florida Agents Receive Better Market Penetration with EZLynx® Rating Engine

EZLynx announced today the availability of several new Florida carriers to their flagship comparative rater as part of a continued effort to help Florida independent agents remain competitive in a state dominated by regional carriers.

New Florida carriers available within the EZLynx Rating Engine include:

  • American Integrity Insurance Group
  • Cabrillo Coastal / Safe Harbor
  • Capitol Preferred
  • Centauri Insurance
  • Cypress Property and Casualty
  • Florida Family Insurance
  • Florida Peninsula Insurance Company
  • Heritage Property and Casualty
  • Southern Fidelity Insurance Company
  • Southern Fidelity Property and Casualty
  • Universal North America

“We are extremely pleased with the progress we have made for our Florida users,” said Kevin Coplin, Senior Manager of Carrier Relations at EZLynx. “Adding these Florida carriers to the list of over 176 carriers already active on EZLynx has given these agents a greater competitive edge in their state, and these newly added carriers will likely see increased volume as a result of the greater ease of access afforded to their agents by using EZLynx. Everybody wins here.”

Florida Carriers Flock to EZLynx

I have always had a love/hate relationship with industry trade shows. On one hand, I recognize the tremendous value in the networking opportunities that they can provide. On the other hand, because there are so many, it seems like the attendance of many of the shows has been steadily decreasing over the years.

EZLynx Trade Show Booth

This trend does not seem to be the case with the FAIA show, from which I just returned. The attendance to this show is always large and consistent. It was a big show for us, so we wanted to put in the time and effort to meet with Florida agents.

From a single platform Comparative Rating and Management System, to innovative new products and features that help agents make more money, such as EZLynx® Retention Center™, we continue to push forward with our agents-first philosophy.

As a result, we have seen some of the industry’s largest agencies leave their legacy systems and move to our One Platform solution. These migrations have been extremely effective in getting Florida home carriers onto the EZLynx platform. I was very encouraged by the number of Florida home carriers that expressed interest in moving to real-time rating so that they could play on our platform, and I am happy to announce that we have more carriers coming out by the end of the year!

We want to be a force for good in the insurance industry. We believe there is a better way to do business, and our customers will attest to that fact. I want to encourage agents to visit our corporate headquarters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. You will truly see why we are a different animal, or should I say Lynx!

Latest Florida Carriers Added to EZLynx

  • Cabrillo Coastal
  • Cypress Property and Casualty

Florida Carriers Coming Soon

  • American Integrity
  • Universal North America
  • Heritage P&C
  • Centauri
  • Florida Peninsula
  • Bankers
  • Gulfstream