How to Put EZLynx Connect to Work for Your Agency

There’s been a lot of excitement around EZLynx Connect recently! So, we thought this would be a great time to explain more about how to make these integrations a part of your agency’s workflows.

EZLynx Connect is a curated marketplace of third-party products and services, and each of them integrates seamlessly with the EZLynx ONE PLATFORM. These connections to tailored, industry-leading solutions are there to help your agency be more successful.

Integrations include turnkey cross-selling opportunities, online payment processing, tools to up your sales game, and innovative ways to connect more meaningfully with clients and prospects alike. Let’s talk about how to put them to work for you.

(You can find and activate these integrations in the EZLynx Connect Marketplace. To access the EZLynx Connect Marketplace, look for the plug-shaped icon on the left navigation bar of your EZLynx software.)


Cross-Selling with Every Home & Auto Quote

There are several cross-selling opportunities available directly within EZLynx Rating Engine. These third-party offerings appear during the normal course of quoting Home & Auto, in a space we refer to as the Rating Shelf.

Not only is there no charge for adding these integrations, they make you money!



When quoting Home & Auto, you’re already working to help customers protect what’s important to them. So, Life and Flood should be natural conversations to have. Life Insurance appears as a “teaser” quote to present to the customer, based on the data already entered in EZLynx. Get life insurance quotes from the industry’s top carriers in seconds and easily complete the entire application process online—while you have the client on the phone.

The Flood Insurance option provides Flood Zone information for the customer’s address automatically. This should serve as a solid conversation starter. You’ll have access to primary and excess markets from select insurance carriers across the country. Again, complete the entire application process online, while you have the client on the phone.

The option to cross-sell ADT Home Alarm Systems is even simpler. Just qualify and submit a lead, and the authorized third-party dealer takes care of the rest. When the sale closes, you receive a commission.

Payment Processing

Our partnership with Clearent provides a simple way for agents to collect electronic payments from their clients. Our best advice? Start promoting that online payment processing is now available, and your clients will start using it!

And it couldn’t be simpler to get the word out. When a payment is due, just send an email or text to the insured, complete with a link to make that payment in EZLynx Client Center.

During the sales or renewal process, providing an online payment link is also a super convenient way to drive the deal to a close.

Your clients will really appreciate the ability to make payments from anywhere—day or night. (Remote, contactless payments are where it’s at.)

If your agency prefers to pass along the credit card processing fees to the insured, Clearent makes that straightforward, as well.

Interactive Proposals

Create proposals that your customers will love! That’s where our integration with Neoteric Agent comes in.

Your proposals shouldn’t just sell the carrier—they should sell your agency. The modern business landscape is virtual and interactive. So, represent your agency with proposals that are highly engaging and visually stunning.

Proposals sent through Neoteric Agent allow customers to watch personalized videos, review multiple options for easy comparison, ask questions, and even notify you that they are ready to move forward.

Of course, data from EZLynx Rating Engine feeds directly to Neoteric Agent’s proposal software.

Appointment Scheduling

Tired of playing phone tag? How about back-and-forth emails, just trying to set up a time to talk?

The Calendly integration is simple, but that’s what makes it so elegant. With Calendly, clients can schedule a time to meet with you directly from the EZLynx Client Center portal. The “Schedule Appointment” button is prominent on the home menu—just press it!

Calendly automatically links up with your current calendar, and displays your availability based on a combination of existing appointments and established rules.

As a modern agent, you want to drive traffic to your agency’s online customer portal (EZLynx Client Center), and Calendly helps you do that. While in the portal, customers also get exposed to cross-sell opportunities and online payment processing. As they become accustomed to using the tool, they learn the value-add of having your agency at their fingertips, 24/7.

Because your agency’s unique Client Center link can be added to email signatures, your customers will always know their agent is just a click away.


Before wrapping up, it’s important to touch on Zapier. When we were putting together our strategy for the EZLynx Connect Marketplace, partnering with a platform like Zapier just made sense. Zapier allows agents to connect EZLynx Management System to 2,000+ apps and programs. So, it’s easy to see the value of this global tie-in to so many hassle-free integrations and automations.

Popular web apps can share data seamlessly with a few clicks, passing information between workflows with ease. This is a perfect solution to automate the communication between EZLynx and your other web-based systems. To get started with Zapier, visit here.

EZLynx Connect Makes Your Agency Better

If you’re not already putting EZLynx Connect to work for your agency, what are you waiting for? These solutions represent innovation, competitive advantage, productivity gains and a stronger bottom line.

To learn more about these (and many more) seamless integrations to the EZLynx ONE PLATFORM, visit the EZLynx Connect webpage.

We’ve also made the activation process simple. Just visit the EZLynx Connect Marketplace (again, look for the plug-shaped icon on the left side of your EZLynx software) and follow the instructions for that vendor.

And there’s plenty more where that came from! We have a full slate of integrations on the way in 2021. Keep checking the EZLynx Connect Marketplace for more solutions as they become available.

What’s New in EZLynx 20.3

The EZLynx September 2020 release is now available! Here are some of the highlights:

Automation Center adds Dashboard and Texting

EZLynx 5 users will notice the brand new addition of a dashboard to Automation Center. This new feature provides an overview of the automation driving your agency. Gain valuable insights into your agency’s total number of automation executions, top executed workflows, the number of workflows enabled and the branches executing the most workflows. Usage data can be viewed for this month, last month and year till date.

Texting has also been added as an available action for select customer Triggers. The Send Text Message option reflects clients’ growing preference for texting when communicating with your agency on transactional matters. You can also opt for Text Messages as a backup method within workflows where the Send Email Action has been chosen, but no email address exists for the client.

Text Messages can even include attachments, such as images or videos. You can also provide a direct link to your agency’s Client Center portal within the text message.

Claims added to Client Center

The claims experience is ultimately how insureds judge their carrier, their agent… and really “insurance” altogether. That’s why customer self-servicing has become so important. It delivers a sense of immediacy that can be accomplished no other way.

With the addition of Claims to Client Center, your agency can now share relevant and timely claim updates via this convenient customer portal. Keep insureds engaged, up to date and less stressed during the claims process. Your clients can view claims, status, adjuster information, and even provide feedback.

To help keep your clients informed, we’ve also added a Claims trigger to Automation Center. This trigger automates a notification to insureds when there is an update to their claim. Once a claim is closed, insureds will even be prompted to take a quick survey about their experience.

Client Center can now be added to Insureds’ Mobile Devices

Give your clients the reassurance of knowing that your agency is never more than a button press away!

That’s right, your customers can now add your agency’s Client Center customer portal to the home screen of their mobile devices. When logging in, they will be prompted with the option to add this new “Insurance” icon to their home screen. Once installed, your customers will receive convenient, complete online self-service with a single click.

Just one more way EZLynx is helping your agency deliver a modern insurance experience.

Flood Insurance

EZLynx has partnered with Flood Risk Solutions, Inc., to provide flood insurance as a new cross-selling opportunity during the quoting process. This new integration is available to EZLynx 5 users through the EZLynx Connect Marketplace.

Once the integration has been added, it will automatically identify applicants residing in a flood zone when Auto and Home quotes are returned. From there, you are walked through the process to generate a quote.

New! 24/7 In-Product Help and Information

Now you can access product Help and Information without ever leaving EZLynx.

Look for the new “Question Mark” Icon in the top-right to search 500+ articles in the EZLynx Knowledge Base. Simply type your question, and EZLynx will display the resources available to answer it.

Use the “Book” Icon in the Main Menu (left side) to access training and webinar information.


For more information on any of these exciting new features, please visit the EZLynx Solution Center.