EZLynx Employees Work Remotely, And So Can You

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, EZLynx employees were able to immediately work from home by leveraging the same technologies and principles that we have made available to agents through our managed IT and cloud virtualization service, EZLynx Virtual Office.

When it became clear that we needed to empty the EZLynx offices of most employees, very little structural changes were required. The reason for this is that we were already using cloud-based virtual environments for all our day to day operations – from an internet-based phone system (VOIP) to cloud-based desktop computing.

What is a Virtual Environment?

Normally, when you turn on your home or office computer, all your software and files are right there on that computer. If you have a document or a special program on your computer at the office, and you’re not in the office, you’re out of luck. Many users resort to emailing themselves documents or carrying flash drives around on their keychain. And worse still, if your PC or Laptop is damaged, lost, or stolen, you potentially lose everything, not to mention that you may have compromised the sensitive data of your agency and your customers.

EZLynx has already solved a lot of this with our cloud-based platform.  So, while you still need to be on your physical office computer to access your locally stored agency documents, your desktop icons, or your other software, you can at least access your EZLynx account from any computer, from anywhere.

However, what we do at EZLynx for each of our employees is to keep their entire ‘office computer’ in the cloud, as well as their phone too. This is what we mean by a cloud-based virtual environment.  Your physical computer, whether it’s in the office, at home, or a laptop that you take with you on the road, doesn’t have any software or documents on it.  It only has your Operating System (Microsoft Windows) and some special software that lets you securely connect to your cloud desktop. All you need is an internet connection, and you can connect to this virtual cloud PC and use it as though you were right there in the office. Likewise, to make and receive calls from your office number, all you need is a headset.

Welcome to your Virtual Office

EZLynx Virtual Office is a one-stop shop for Insurance Agency IT, providing agencies with full IT support, in a secure virtual environment, for one price per user, ensuring your agency can focus on what really matters.

​Our EZLynx Virtual Office solution provides IT Support, with Security and Business Continuity (like work from home or remote office). Whether it is a shelter at home order as a result of a global pandemic, a major weather disaster, or simply a CSR stuck at home with a broken pipe, your agency should be up and running. Be confident you have the technology in place for your staff to work and collaborate remotely, regardless of circumstances.

It takes a team of experts to tackle the challenges facing insurance agencies today:

  • Defending against phishing attempts and data breaches, where bad actors attempt to trick you into giving access to your systems or sensitive data.
  • Protecting against ransomware attacks, which can cripple your entire operations by holding all your data hostage.
  • Business continuation and data recovery, ensuring that even in the midst of a major event your business can continue operating without disruption.

Not to mention the technologies you may not be taking advantage of, including cloud computing and remote access to your agency, its workflows, and all your data.

EZLynx Virtual Office is like hiring a team of IT experts—all for much less than it would typically cost for even one dedicated resource.

  • Keep your business secure
  • Scale to keep pace with growth
  • Never purchase hardware again

Gain peace of mind knowing that your IT needs are being addressed by experts, so you can get back to running your insurance agency. Prepare for anything and get the most innovative solution for your agency with EZLynx ONE PLATFORM®.

You can learn more about EZLynx Virtual Office here.