What’s New In EZLynx 4.19.07

Release Highlights

Text Messaging Preference Management

We’ve enhanced our opt-out support in EZLynx Text Messaging.

When a recipient replies STOP to a text message, our system has always automatically opted them out from future messages. In this update, we have added a Suppression List area so that users can easily see when a recipient has opted out.

This enhancement also provides a way for an agency to manually opt-out a recipient’s phone number from future text messages.

Client Center Now Supports ID Cards for Manual Policies

With Client Center, customers were already able to access their ID cards for downloaded policies within your agency. With this update, customers are now able to access their ID cards for manual policies as well.

Just another way EZLynx is making it easier for your agency to grow and service its commercial book of business!

New LOB – Cyber and Privacy Coverage

Cyber and Privacy Coverage has now been added as a line of business for manual policy entry. Agents can enter full application details for coverages, scheduled items and more.

Certificate Master Workflow (BETA)

We’ve made big improvements to the commercial certificates workflow!

Certificate management can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of servicing commercial policies. Now, EZLynx has redefined how certificate masters are created and managed, streamlining the workflow and changing the way you think about getting them done.

Here are a few highlights of this game-changer for commercial policies:

  • Certificates now have their own, dedicated work area
  • Completely revamped Certificate Master workflow
  • Remarks made at the Master level carry through to all holders at once
  • True asset association means vehicles/locations automatically flow over with each holder
  • Associate attachments at the holder level
  • Easily add and manage certificate holders
  • Certificate Distribution Reports provide a history of what you’ve generated

If you are a commercial agent regularly servicing accounts and distributing certificates, this update is for you. To be among the first agencies to make use of this new, time-saving workflow → CLICK HERE.

Rating Engine Updates

EZLynx Rating Engine is receiving various updates with this release.


  • New field addition “Telematics” at Vehicle level
  • New field addition “Transportation Network Coverage” at Vehicle level
  • Adding support for vehicle year 2020
  • Property Damage Limits update for Missouri (State Regulation)
  • New Violation addition “Texting while driving” for Pennsylvania (State Regulation)


  • Display label change for “Replacement Cost Dwelling” endorsement and option values

Auto, Home, and Dwelling Fire:

  • Prior Carrier List is updated
  • Display label for existing Credit check authorization field on Policy Info tab is changed to read “Credit Check and Other Underwriting Reports Authorized”


For more information on any of these exciting new features, please visit the EZLynx Solution Center

EZLynx Text Messaging Supports Multimedia Messages (MMS)

We are excited to announce that MMS support for our EZLynx Text Messaging product will be available in the coming weeks. Available as part of our EZLynx Communication Center bundle, with EZLynx Text Message your agency is provided with a unique local phone number that you can use to send and receive SMS and MMS text messages directly from EZLynx.

If you already have EZLynx Text Messaging, you should have received an email from us about some changes required to take advantage of this new feature. We will continue to stay in touch with you directly about this process. You can contact [email protected] directly if you have any questions about the migration process.

In addition to support for multimedia messages, we have added notification management and branch support features, allowing for number sharing and greater control over who receives alerts upon incoming messages. Let’s take a look!

Send and Receive Multimedia Messages (MMS)

When you receive a multimedia message, the message will be displayed in the Sent & Received log as usual. However, the message will also indicate that it contains a number of attachments.

EZLynx Text Message Attachments

Click to view the included media and you will be able to preview the attachments right there on the page.  Easily download or save the attachments to the applicant’s document library in EZLynx.

EZLynx Text Messaging Attachment Preview

Sending multimedia messages is extremely easy. You will notice new options on the ‘Send Text Message’ window that will allow you to either upload attachments or select from the applicant’s document library.

EZLynx Text Messaging Send Attachments

This first version includes support for the universally accepted multimedia message file types, which includes most images, videos, audio files.

Manage your Text Message Notification Preferences

This upcoming update will also add a new tab to the Text Messaging Settings area.  This settings page is already accessible to users with the appropriate permission by hovering over the Communication Center menu and selecting Settings under the Text Messaging section.  This page will soon include an additional tab called Notification Rules that will allow you to configure how your organization, or your branch organizations, will receive alerts for incoming text messages.

Text Messaging Notification Rules

For those with a single location, you can simply jump right in to configuring the notification preferences for your users. For agencies with branches, you can choose to configure notification rules for each of your locations.

Text Messaging Notification Options

For agencies with multiple locations, it will also be possible to share the EZLynx Text Messaging Number assigned to your primary location with your branch locations as well, allowing all text message communications to flow through a single number. Incoming messages will still be routed to matching applicants at the branch, while unmatched messages can be managed at the main office.

Text Messaging Number Sharing

What’s Next

We are very excited about the possibilities in store for our text messaging solution. We have more enhancements planned for later this year that will make it easier than ever to communicate effectively and efficiently with you prospects and clients from EZLynx.

If you would like to learn more about EZLynx Communication Center, Text Messaging, or about what new features we plan to add later this year, please do not hesitate to contact us below.

EZLynx Unveils Suite of Consumer Communication Tools for Insurance Agents

EZLynx today announces the general availability of EZLynx Communication Center. This suite of communication features brings seamless text messaging, email campaigns, eSignature, and Microsoft Outlook® integration to their flagship single-platform product.

“Communication is an essential part of doing business as an independent insurance agent,” said Riley Simmons, Product Manager at EZLynx. “That’s why Communication Center will be a priority for us this year as we strive to streamline the agent-consumer communication process for both new sales and the servicing of existing policyholders.

“Pair these integrated communication tools with EZLynx Agency Websites, EZLynx Consumer Quoting, EZLynx Client Center, EZLynx Management System, and EZLynx Retention Center, and our users now have the tools they need to manage the complete customer lifecycle – all on ONE PLATFORM™.”

EZLynx collaborated with the agent panel to get on-the-ground feedback on the tools needed by insurance agents. “It has been really satisfying to watch EZLynx take our feedback and roll out these incremental improvements to their product suite,” said one participating agency panel member . “EZLynx works hard to understand the challenges that agents face. When you look at the progression of their product enhancements, it because very obvious that these guys get it.”

Learn more about EZLynx Communication Center and their full suite of agency solutions.

EZLynx Roadmap for 2015

A Note from the CEOGreetings to all EZLynx users! 2014 is coming to end soon, so it’s time to lay out our roadmap for the coming year as we continue to develop impactful tools to help grow your business. This year, we reached our 10 year anniversary! This is a huge milestone considering how we started and where we are today.

Another big highlight of 2014 is our market penetration ranking as per the 2014 Future One and Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America’s Agency Universe Study. Thanks to our loyal customers, EZLynx Management System is now 3rd in the market with 6% market share, right behind Applied TAM and Vertafore 360. This is an incredible accomplishment considering our management system has only been on the market for two years and began with 1% market penetration at the end of 2012. Thanks again to all of those EZLynx Management System customers – I promise you have made the right decision!

A look back at 2014…

At this time last year I wrote a similar article and I highlighted the following features as priorities for 2014. Below is an update to all our users on the progress in these areas.

  1. Agency Analytics and Agency Metrics
  2. Agency Process Automation
  3. Commercial Support

Our monthly Agency Pulse report that is emailed automatically to all management system agencies has continued to improve with more useful metrics. I can tell how addicted our agents are to this report based on the frequent feedback we receive each month. Our emails and phones light up with questions and feedback as they anxiously await the report and after they receive it. We will continue to enhance this report in 2015 with a companion online portal which will include historical and trend analysis tools.

We made the most progress with Agency Process Automation in 2014 and we are not done yet. EZLynx 4.0 release was a milestone release with respect to agency workflow and agency process automation. EZLynx 4.0 uniquely combines notes, tasks and notifications under the banner of our ‘Agency Workspace’ to allow agents to efficiently manage their day-to-day agency activities. Without divulging a lot of details, suffice it to say that we have some fantastic things in the works for 2015 with regard to Agency Process Automation and Workflow.

EZLynx Management System has made tremendous progress with commercial features. EZLynx has always had good support for downloaded commercial LOB policies with full support for ACORD forms and certificate generation. However we felt that our support for manual commercial policy processing wasn’t as good as we wanted it to be for our agents, and it was set as a priority for 2014. We have made tremendous progress in this area in 2014. We now have a beta feature being tested by some of our agents that allows them to create manual commercial applications and policies with complete support for policy certificates and other policy document generation. Keep an eye out for more updates on this.

Other Enhancements this Year

EZLynx also released fully integrated SMS Text Messaging support in 2014. This is an extremely popular feature that has been adopted by our agents very rapidly. Using this feature an EZLynx user can send and receive short SMS text messages with their clients. We all know how difficult it is to reach consumers via email, especially when they are at their workplace. EZLynx Text Messaging makes this communication a breeze while also documenting everything for E&O purposes.

Looking ahead to 2015…

I am always amazed when I talk to agency owners about how difficult it is for them to extract important agency performance numbers from their current management systems before they come to EZLynx. I have made it our business goal to fix this problem with our management system. We want to build features that will provide all the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for our agency owners with a few clicks of the mouse. We really believe that every agency owner should let their KPI drive the agency decisions.

We will continue to build out our workflow feature so agents can automate their day-to-day agency activities with ease. EZLynx 4.0 was just the first step towards automating this and we will continue to enhance this feature in 2015. Watch for more announcements in this space.

We have also decided to keep EZLynx Mobile in sync with our desktop version going forward. This means an EZLynx user can switch between the mobile and desktop versions without losing a lot of productivity. It is important to note that certain features like agent-facing quoting is just not mobile friendly and is not something that will be available. However, we will continue to enhance the mobile support of all of our consumer-facing products such as quoting and client center in 2015 as well.

Finally, I want to explain the underlying design philosophy with EZLynx Management System. We believe a smart agency management system should drive an agency and not the other way around like all the existing management systems out there. A smart agency management system should act like an employee of the agency and understand what is happening in an agency based on the information coming into the system in order to make automated decisions. Expect more of these kind of features from EZLynx in 2015.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Eliminate the E&O Trap Caused by Texting with Clients

EZLynx 4.0 Introduces Texting

Receive a unique agency phone number
Using a specially provided phone number, your agency will be able to send and receive text messages – directly from within EZLynx. No other agency automation vendor offers such a tightly integrated solution.

Everyone loves to text. It’s quick, to the point, and you can do it from anywhere. Agencies are keenly aware of the huge E&O issue caused by communicating with their customers via text messages because the courts find that if it’s not documented in the agency systems, it never happened!

EZLynx Text Messaging integrates perfectly with EZLynx 4.0 so you can send and receive text messages with your customers – knowing the messages are safely stored in EZLynx.

Using a specially provided phone number, your agency will be able to send and receive text messages – directly from within EZLynx. No other agency automation vendor offers such a tightly integrated solution.

On a particular consumer in EZLynx, select the option to send a text message, choose the phone number, type your message, and click ‘send.’ It’s as simple as that. Best of all, everything is logged in your system for future reference.

When the consumer responds, the message will automatically be associated with that applicant and logged as an activity. New text message alerts will show up as a notification on your Agency Workspace so that you always know when a new message has arrived, no matter where you are in EZLynx.

Bring Your Agency into the 21st Century with Texting

In an industry that is constantly playing catch-up, it’s hard to keep up with consumer expectations. It seems like much-needed technology is always “on the horizon,” but not quite in sight. In this case, we’re talking text messaging—a quick, easy way for businesses to communicate with customers.

The good news is EZLynx has been working hard to get this highly-anticipated feature into the hands of independent insurance agents. We are proud to announce the arrival of EZLynx Text Messaging.

Why does my agency need texting?

If your business has been heavily dependent on email communication since its rise in the early 70s, it’s easy to dismiss the new kid on the block as being “too informal” or “too risky.” We understand that with all new technology comes a bit of skepticism, but don’t make the mistake of overlooking the benefits that come from having text messaging integrated into your agency management system.

When it comes down to it, text messaging is an abbreviated email. It’s quick, easy to send, and, with EZLynx, it’s trackable. While you may not want to send customers all the nitty-gritty details of their coverage changes via text, sending a short reminder that their policy is about to expire is absolutely appropriate for the platform. In fact, you might even say texting is easier than email in some instances. Plus, now that communication history can be saved in the EZLynx system corresponding to a consumer records, you can put away the anxiety of getting slapped with an E&O claim…

What benefits does texting offer?

Build rapport: The formality of drafting an email may seem a bit inefficient to a consumer when they just need a quick answer. Timely responses make them feel like you are there for them. The casual nature of texting adds a bit of a social aspect that helps consumers feel connected with businesses. We already see this in the way that businesses are interacting with consumers on social media.

Increase customer loyalty: When businesses seem less corporate and more human, customers are less likely to cut ties.

Save time: When compared to emails, texting takes the cake on open rates, with a whopping 97% of texts being opened. This benefit is twofold. Your messages are more likely to be seen and your customers are likely to respond faster and more often.

Are you still asking, “Does my agency really need texting?” Let us ask you this. Does your agency want to meet the needs of your customers?

EZLynx is now offering unlimited texting for only $25/month. This offer won’t last, so act quickly before it’s gone!

Get Started

Integrated Text Messaging in EZLynx

Eliminate the E&O Trap Caused by Texting with Clients

Continuing the trend of providing innovative agency solutions, EZLynx now has a fully integrated SMS text messaging solution – EZLynx Text Messaging. And it’s available today!

EZLynx Text Messaging is Here!Everyone loves to text. It’s quick, to the point, and you can do it from anywhere. Agencies are keenly aware of the huge E&O issue caused by communicating with their customers via text messages because the courts find that if it’s not documented in the agency system, it never happened.

Available as an individual add-on or part of our discounted Communication Center bundle, EZLynx Text Messaging allows your agency to send and receive text messages with your customers using a custom, dedicated phone number for your agency – giving you the peace of mind in knowing the messages are safely stored in EZLynx. No other agency automation vendor offers such a tightly integrated solution.

Text messaging, once used almost exclusively by teens, has grown to encompass a wider age range, with older adults now making up the fastest-growing new population of texters, according to the Pew Internet & Life Project.

In another study, it was found that text message open rates exceeded 98%, and even more shocking was that 90% of all text messages were read within 3 minutes of being received on the mobile phone. In short, texting works!

EZLynx Text Messaging - New Message

When viewing a consumer in EZLynx, select the option to send a text message, choose the phone number, type your message, and click send. It’s as simple as that.

EZLynx Text Messaging - Activity Log

When the consumer responds, the message will automatically be associated with that applicant. You will also receive a copy of the message by email. Best of all, the text messages will be logged as an activity in EZLynx, ensuring you always maintain a two-way record of the entire conversation.

EZLynx Text Messaging - Message Log

When viewing the incoming message log, reply back to incoming messaging without leaving the page, allowing you to quickly work your way down the list. You can also search through your log of text messages by applicant, date, message, and more. For text messages where the phone number does not match, search inline to find and associate the message with the correct applicant in seconds.

EZLynx understands the power of digital communication, and we are continuing to find innovative ways to make technology work for you and not against you. With EZLynx Communication Center, take advantage of our full suite of communication tools, including Text Messaging, Bulk & Drip Email Campaigns, eSignature, and our Microsoft Outlook plug-in, EZLynx for Outlook.

Start texting