What’s New In EZLynx 4.19.06

EZLynx 4.19.06 is now available!  Here are some highlights of the release:

Commercial Import and Export

When it comes to managing the large schedules associated with commercial submissions, the speed and accuracy of data entry are crucial.  EZLynx has simplified the import workflow for drivers, vehicles, locations and buildings, and more.  A new user interface provides several intuitive options for importing data, including a simple “drag & drop” from an existing file.

We’ve also added a comprehensive export workflow.  No more need to re-create your schedules every time a policy comes up for renewal.  Agencies can also expedite the renewal process by exporting policy data to share with clients.

The new export workflow can be used for:

  • Sharing an exported schedule through Client Center
  • Saving to the Applicant’s Document Library
  • Downloading .CSV files
  • LOB-specific reports

Numerous LOBs have been updated for this new and improved import workflow.  As you travel through your policies, you’ll find the new option displayed above the applicable tables.

eSignature ACORD Template Pre-Fill

EZLynx has made eSignature even easier.  Users can now select to automatically pre-fill ACORD forms with the signature, date and initials jotblocks.  In addition to being a big time-saver, the automated placement of all the required jotblocks also makes the entire process more accurate.

This brand new feature is available for all ACORD forms.

Client Center and Manual Policies

Client Center now enables insureds to submit change requests for manual policies.  A task is then created and assigned to the agent for follow up.

New LOB for Manual Policy Entry

Employment Practices Liability Insurance has now been added to the list of lines of business for manual policy entry.

The new line of business is available for use within the applicant and policy creation screens.


For more information on any of these exciting new features, please visit the EZLynx Solution Center.

Changes to our Release Process

A Note from the CEO

As most EZLynx users noticed, our product has experienced poor performance recently. This has been the result of a major product update that we have been working to release over the past month – EZLynx version 4.18.09. We ended up rolling back the release to better understand the issue.

My sincere apologies to our customers for any inconvenience this caused. I want to take this opportunity to explain why we do product updates on weekdays and outline some internal changes we have decided to implement to help us avoid another incident like this.

When we are ready to release a new update, we have already done extensive internal analysis, including load metrics to understand as much as possible how the update might perform in our live environment. It is important to understand that it is extremely difficult to guarantee 100% success with any load testing in a real-time transaction system like EZLynx. When our quality assurance team has signed off on the release, we generally target Thursday or Friday for a release so that we can monitor the system performance at a normal level of usage. These days are typically our slower days but still high enough to give us a good feel for the release. This leaves us all weekend to resolve any quick fix issues that are discovered, ensuring that we minimize the possibility of having to roll back the update.

EZLynx takes pride in innovation and pushing the boundaries of what technology can do. We constantly make improvements to our products so that we can bring new and exciting features to your agency regularly – and we will continue to do so.

However, to ensure our users have a consistent experience when using our product, we will begin implementing a more staggered release plan so that we can be confident in the stability of the update as it is being released. This should avoid major product outages and performance issues because of a new release.

I know many of you have been eagerly anticipating the enhancements that are included in the 4.18.09 release. Our focus is to release those enhancements in smaller batches over the coming weeks and months, and we will do so in a way that does not cause any future outages.

We thank you for your support all these years, and I promise we will try harder to avoid problems like this going forward.