Tap Into the Marketing Potential of your EZLynx Consumer Data with EZLynx Bulk Campaigns

According to one study, almost 50% of consumers will make a purchase next year as a result of a marketing email.  EZLynx Drip Campaigns makes it easy for our users to put individual applicants on long term, multi-step email campaigns, but we know that it is also important to be able to send out bulk campaigns to targeted groups of people.  After all, if you’re reading this article, you are probably here as a result of our own bulk email blast. EZLynx Bulk Campaigns, the perfect companion to EZLynx Drip Campaigns, is here to help make the task of marketing and communicating with your prospects and customers in EZLynx even easier!

EZLynx Bulk Campaigns - Campaigns TabYou have a lot of valuable consumer information in your EZLynx account. Aside from the typical data such as names, addresses, and emails, you also have some unique policy and coverage data. Agents need an easy way to tap into this powerful data in order to send intelligent, revenue-producing emails to their consumers. EZLynx Bulk Campaigns, available through the EZLynx Marketplace, will do just that.

Our primary focus as we started to build EZLynx Bulk Campaigns was the list-building capabilities. We know this is essential to agents when preparing bulk email blasts. Specifically, this new tool allows you to filter the entirety of your EZLynx consumer data based on some very specific criteria, such as age, marital status, line of business, expiration date, annualized premium, carrier, and more.

EZLynx Buk Campaigns - ListsThese advanced filters allow your agency to send out highly targeted email campaigns to help your agency grow and retain business. For example, with EZLynx Bulk Campaigns, you will be able to build a list of your personal home clients whose policies will expire in three months and don’t have an auto policy with your agency. Want to narrow your results even more? You can also filter your list to target only those clients whose current policy falls within a certain annual premium. Or, to send an email to all of your commercial policy customers that don’t have their personal coverage with your agency, simply add two filters and you’re ready to go.

The goal of the list building tool in EZLynx Bulk Campaigns is to simplify sending the right email campaigns for your agency’s needs, because the more targeted your marketing efforts are, the more effective they will be.

EZLynx Bulk Campaigns - New CampaignOnce you’ve built the list, starting a new campaign is easy. Simply give your campaign a name, subject, and set the reply-to address to get started. Then, select the template and one of the lists you created. All that’s left to do at this point is fill in the email content. We’ve built in customization tags so you can make your emails as personalized and targeted as possible. For example, you can dynamically include the consumer’s information in the email, such as their first name, and the system will automatically fill in those values before it is sent to each individual recipient. You will be able to schedule the campaign to go out immediately, or set it to go out at a future date and time. This allows you to plan ahead with your email marketing strategy.

This first release of EZLynx Bulk Campaigns is only the beginning. Additional templates, new ways to filter your consumer data, and more powerful ways to customize and personalize the emails that you send are already being planned!

Sign up here to get started with EZLynx Bulk Campaigns and find out how EZLynx can help streamline the entire customer lifecycle for your agency.


How the Lack of Innovation Hurts our Industry

In April 2014 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of signing our first customer.  EZLynx has come a long way in that decade and, much against the wishes of some vested industry players, we have established ourselves as a successful, credible vendor in the industry. There is only one reason why EZLynx was able to accomplish this – innovation!

At EZLynx, we have always taken pride in delivering inventive solutions for vexing agency problems. I am proud of the culture of innovation we foster and encourage within the organization.  Unfortunately, looking at the industry as a whole, these 10 years have made clear why innovation in our industry is almost non-existent.

Now one of the easiest ways to encourage progressive thinking in any business is through competition and by encouraging new vendors to enter the marketplace. However, there hasn’t been any new vendor make a significant impact in our industry since EZLynx made headlines. This is a regrettable reflection on the status quo, and it will have a significant long term impact for us collectively.  Encouraging fresh ideas industry-wide is key to improving the situation, and to do this it’s important to understand first what it takes to cultivate innovation. The three fundamental requirements to do this are: open data standards, de-regulated industry and a culture of risk taking which encourages new ideas.

With our industry significantly regulated now and for the near future, it must be understood that we have to accept this as an obstacle towards originality. Indeed most well-known venture capitalists generally shy away from regulated industries because of this difficulty.  It signifies the unpredictable nature of our industry, which leads to an unpredictable ROI.   This has contributed to the lack of innovation, but for certain it has not destroyed it.

This leads us towards our second point, creating a culture of risk taking and fresh thinking.  While the business of risk management is traditionally averse to taking risks, permitting this attitude to prevail often creates apathy toward new technology and shying away from new ideas.  In addition, the depth of domain knowledge needed to create new products plays a huge role in deterring new vendors from entering the industry.  As with regulation, this factor is significant but isn’t fully responsible for the innovation problem.  I still believe that with a compelling product, built on a powerful idea, a new vendor can still establish themselves amongst us.  EZLynx is a good example of this!

With regard to open data standards, I encourage you to take a look at most other industries, especially finance, and you’ll see that the data exchange standards are very well defined. Ours also has defined standards, thanks to ACORD’s efforts, but regrettably most do not seem to follow or respect the standards. When we work with carriers for rating integration, one of their constant complaints is that EZLynx is a stickler to the standards, while other vendors are not, which slows down implementation with us. Our answer is always the same – standards are created to be followed. I do wish other vendors and carriers would make the same commitment to diligently following standards.  Imagine how much farther ahead we would be as an industry by now!

In the short term this non-compliance strengthens the existing big players, which is why the incentive to follow standards will not be spearheaded by them. In the long term this hurts who we all serve, which is the customer through our agency channel.  Standards compliance is, and must be, driven by companies like ours, with important help from Carriers too.

Finally, I want to mention some contributing efforts EZLynx is making to encourage new vendors. We announced a new EZLynx Marketplace concept in 2012, which allows third party vendors to integrate with our product and offer their services to our customers. As part of this architecture we introduced four new products in 2013 – eSignature, Lead Management, Policy Accounting and Bulk Email Campaigns. We will continue to promote this concept in 2014 to bring more vendors to our Marketplace platform. I strongly urge all of you to make a New Year’s commitment to follow the industry standards and encourage innovation – our industry will be better for it.

EZLynx Accounting is here!

We heard you loud and clear that premium trust accounting was a barrier that kept you from switching to EZLynx Management System. With your feedback and help from dozens of agencies in our pilot group, we’ve made it even easier to upgrade to EZLynx Management System with EZLynx Accounting.

As many of you know, EZLynx Management System hit the streets in early 2012, allowing agencies to effectively manage their book of business, anytime, anywhere.  After many months of production use, our ever growing customer base began asking us to enhance the premium, commission, and fee capabilities of EZLynx Management System so they would have better knowledge about their profitability.

Through a series of interviews with our customers, it became clear that what they were really asking for was premium billing and trust accounting features within EZLynx Management System.  After many more interviews and months of analysis and development, we completed our latest major product feature – EZLynx Accounting!

EZLynx Accounting coupled with EZLynx Management System allows you to view important policy information, and with the click of a button, quickly invoice and readily determine amounts owed by customers, as well as amounts owed to producers and markets. You can create and email copies of invoices and statements, or upload a copy and share it directly with the customer using EZLynx Client Center.

Whether an account is Agency single or installment Bill, Direct Bill or Premium Financed, you can easily invoice and track amounts owed via our Billing and Receivables features.   Determining amounts, settling, and paying balances due is also a snap with our intuitive Payables feature.

Trust account management can be a daunting task for many agencies and our Bank Transfer feature simplifies the process of determining and moving the right amounts into the appropriate accounts. Cash, receivables, payables and production can be easily tracked through the Reporting feature and reports can be exported in a variety of formats for distribution. Our integration with QuickBooks allows you to take advantage of the advanced cash handling, bank integration and general ledger reporting capabilities it affords.

Some of the Features of EZLynx Premium Trust Accounting…

Agency Bill

  • Invoicing
  • Installment plans
  • Premium Financing

Direct Bill

  • Commission statements (downloaded & manual)
  • Cash on Account

Additional Features


  • Secure Cloud Based Access Available 24/7
  • Fully Integrated within EZLynx Policy Management
  • QuickBooks™ General Ledger Integration


  • Spend more time selling, less time finding the numbers you need
  • Track financials in real-time
  • Remove dependency on inaccurate & insecure spreadsheets
  • Increased productivity
  • Premium Trust and Cash positions with a click


What’s keeping you from switching to EZLynx Management System?

Find out how you can get started with EZLynx Accounting and EZLynx Management system here.


EZLynx Marketplace: A new way to add powerful features to your EZLynx account

EZLynx MarketplaceYou may have heard us talk about EZLynx Marketplace over the past few months and been in the dark as to what we were talking about, so let us take a moment to shed some light on what EZLynx Marketplace is and what our plans are for its future.

EZLynx Marketplace is an app store for EZLynx that provides third-party businesses an avenue to connect and distribute their products and services directly within the EZLynx platform. EZLynx Marketplace opens the doors to the EZLynx framework and invites carriers and vendors to work side-by-side with our team to innovate and seamlessly integrate solutions.

What does that mean for you?  You get powerful new features in EZLynx built by leaders in their respective fields, and more importantly these features operate as seamless and fully integrated parts of EZLynx. Although we have been developing the EZLynx Marketplace framework for over a year, we are only just recently starting to share details about the exciting new apps that are soon to find their way to your agencies.

EZLynx eSignature by AssureSign, our integrated pay-per-use document signing solution powered by AssureSign, as well as Velocify LeadManager integration, are two of our newest Marketplace apps to be released, and as you’ve probably seen in previous issues of our newsletter, EZLynx Accounting and EZLynx Bulk Campaigns are our other major EZLynx Marketplace releases that are coming later this year.

Simply put, a major focus of every new feature we add to EZLynx is to help our customers make money. Whether we do that by providing a key feature that aids your agency in adding value for your customers, or by building solutions that save you countless hours that could be better served focusing on building new business, finding innovating ways to make your agency smarter and more efficient has always been at the forefront of our strategy.  We feel like our long term plan for Marketplace is going to continue that trend, and over the next few years we intend to make extending the functionality of new EZLynx Marketplace apps a simple and automated process inside of EZLynx.

We hope you will take a few minutes to take a look at our EZLynx Marketplace section on the EZLynx website and let us know what you think, and share with us any ideas you may have for new apps you’d like to see as part of EZLynx Marketplace.

Learn more at https://www.ezlynx.com/ezlynx-for-vendors.html

New to EZLynx Marketplace: Velocify LeadManager Integration

Velocify joins EZLynx Marketplace to help agents supercharge conversion rates

EZLynx Marketplace and Velocify

Velocify and EZLynx are excited to announce an integration of their industry leading solutions to power effective and productive consumer response strategies. By combining the sales automation  effectiveness of Velocify with EZLynx, insurance agencies can gain a significant competitive advantage.Today’s Insurance buyers are far more educated and demanding, obtaining quotes from multiple insurance carriers and making decisions quickly. In this high velocity, highly competitive buying environment, speed of response by insurance agents has become a major driver of success.

Velocify and EZLynx on their own drastically improve speed and productivity, but together provide even greater conversion horsepower. With Velocify, insurance agents can rapidly respond to, nurture and convert more leads into sales. EZLynx generates accurate, real-time rate quotes across multiple carriers within seconds. Combined, the two solutions enable agents to rapidly respond and instantly quote inquiring buyers for a consistently better buying experience.

Take LeadManager even further with Velocify DialIQ™, which brings speed and efficiency to your agents, significantly improving time-to-contact, call volume, and productivity. Dial-IQ provides teams with a host of outbound dialing and inbound handling features to drive improved productivity, effectiveness, and sales conversion:

  • Phone-Based Lead Routing
  • Outbound Cloud Dialing
  • Inbound Call Handling
  • Call Insights

To learn more about Velocify, visit www.velocify.com. If you already use Velocify LeadManager, find out how you can take advantage of this powerful integration with EZLynx by calling 877-932-2382.

Coming Soon in 2013: EZLynx Accounting

Coming this year through EZLynx Marketplace, Accounting is going to bring EZLynx Management System to the forefront of cloud based agency management systems.

EZLynx Accounting

  • Agency and Direct Bill Invoicing
    • Single Invoice and Installments
    • Fees
    • Surplus Lines
    • Split Commissions
  • Accounts Receivables Management
  • Email Invoices and Statements from within EZLynx
  • Account Current Processing
  • Detailed Financial Reporting Capabilities
    • Agency and Producer Commissions
    • Aged Receivables
    • Account Current and Payables
    • General Ledger Trial Balance
    • Book of Business
  • QuickBooks General Ledger Integration (Other accounting systems coming soon)
  • Premium Trust Accounting
  • Secure Cloud Based Access available 24/7

To be notified when EZLynx Accounting is released, please sign up.

EZLynx Marketplace Releases Fully Integrated eSignature Solution

EZLynx, an industry innovator in cloud-based, agency-in-a-box insurance software solutions, announced that EZLynx eSignature by AssureSign has been released through their EZLynx Marketplace platform.

Working with AssureSign, a leading provider of electronic signature software, EZLynx has developed a safe and secure way to send electronic documents for signature directly from within EZLynx Rating and Management System.

A longtime leader in comparative rating, EZLynx has been expanding their flagship software to allow for powerful and seamless integration with EZLynx by third-party developers through their EZLynx Marketplace program.

“We are very excited about EZLynx Marketplace and the powerful enhancements that we have coming soon, including fully integrated EZLynx Accounting and integration with Leads360,” said David Taylor, VP of Product Integration at EZLynx.  “EZLynx eSignature by AssureSign is an essential component to EZLynx Management System, allowing our customers to save time and money by sending and receiving signature documents in minutes.  It’s also compatible with mobile devices, which was an absolute requirement for us, as we are very much aware of the shift by consumers to mobile devices.  Our customers sign up for the product through EZLynx, and they only pay when they use it.”

This Marketplace application was designed to provide a user-friendly interface, which is demonstrated with an “easy to use” four step eSignature Envelope Wizard. Once an eSignature Envelope is created and sent to the consumer, they receive an email with a link to the document. The consumer can easily read the document and sign, right from their computer or mobile device. After the consumer signs the document, the agent can view the signed document in EZLynx.

“The true benefit of AssureSign electronic signature software is recognized when it is deeply integrated with existing business applications, and our DocumentNOW® API toolkit provides a comprehensive and flexible way for EZLynx to develop this cohesive solution,” said David W. Brinkman, President & CEO of AssureSign LLC. “EZLynx eSignature by AssureSign enables users to automatically obtain electronic signatures, so the entire process saves the organization both time and money, as well as creating a streamlined and simple user experience.”

For more information about EZLynx eSignature, call EZLynx at 877-932-2392 or sign up to learn more.

About EZLynx EZLynx is an industry leader in property and casualty insurance solutions, with cloud-based agency management, comparative rating, client servicing, and digital marketing tools for the insurance agency marketplace. EZLynx pioneered the concept of real-time quoting and remains today the leading provider for independent agents. EZLynx processes more than four million auto, home and package transactions every month, offering a choice of rates from 160 top insurance companies in 48 states.

About AssureSign LLC AssureSign LLC is a Silver Depth Managed Microsoft Partner and a leading provider of web-based and on-premise electronic signature software, enabling users to obtain written authorizations on any document, anywhere, at any time.  AssureSign is a highly secure and flexible “cloud computing” application, and the only e-signature provider with a five year track record of providing customers with 99.99%. Using the standards-based DocumentNOW® and DocumentTRAK™ integration tools, AssureSign can easily integrate with existing business processes within any enterprise, regardless of size. AssureSign’s experience extends over 11 years and comprises more than 180 million unique signature events. AssureSign customers consistently experience dramatic cost savings, as well as significant reduction in the time to execute documents. For more information visit http://www.assuresign.com or follow AssureSign on Twitter at twitter.com/assuresign.

New to EZLynx Marketplace: EZLynx eSignature by AssureSign

EZLynx is excited to announce the release of EZLynx eSignature by AssureSign to EZLynx Marketplace. With help from AssureSign, one of the leading providers of electronic signature software, EZLynx has developed a safe and secure way to send electronic documents for signature directly from the EZLynx Rating System.

This Marketplace application was designed to provide a user-friendly interface, which is demonstrated with an “easy to use” four step eSignature Envelope Wizard.
Once an eSignature Envelope is created and sent to the consumer, they receive an email with a link to the document.

The consumer can easily read the document and sign, right from their computer or mobile device.
After the consumer signs the document, the agent can view the signed document in EZLynx.

  • Save time and money by sending and receiving documents in minutes
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Downloadable documents
  • Supports PDF documents

If you’re ready to get started with EZLynx eSignature, let us know

eSignature Screenshot
eSignature Screenshot

It’s Here: EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile

EZLynx is revolutionizing the way insurance agencies do business

EZLynx is excited to announce the release of our mobile version of EZLynx Consumer Quoting. With the introduction of EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile, consumers using mobile browsers are automatically greeted with a quote screen optimized for their device, yet still containing all of the powerful quoting features of the desktop version. The interface includes an easy-to-complete form that meets consumer demand and exudes professionalism and relevance to potential customers.

Once the form is completed and submitted, consumers can receive access to instant, real-time insurance quotes from multiple providers without picking up a phone or using a desktop computer.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobileEZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile will be enabled for everyone that has our Enhanced Consumer Quoting at no additional cost.  Otherwise, Mobile Quoting is available as an add-on.

The Mobile Explosion

According to a 2013 study by ComScore, the evolution of mobile devices has reached new heights with more than 129 million Americans carrying smartphone devices. That number is expected to increase by 40 percent over the next three years – a change that is sure to further fuel the popularity of mobile search.

Currently, desktop Internet searches only barely edge out mobile web searches in popularity among Americans. But in December 2012, CNET reported that a year-end Internet trends report delivered at Stanford University showed that mobile web is gaining fast on desktop Internet traffic, and in some places it has already surpassed it.

What Higher Mobile Search Means for Insurance Agencies

The number-one reason web browsers visit an insurance agency’s site for the first time is to obtain insurance quotes. It is no secret that consumers have acquired insurance quotes online for many years, but the number of those online quotes requested via mobile web devices has steadily increased month by month. Mobile searches for insurance quotes using smartphones and tablet devices are at an all-time high and are only expected to grow higher.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile in several colors

But despite requests for on-demand insurance quotes, Internet users accessing from smartphones and tablets want to get a quote quickly without having to zoom, pinch and pan the screen to view and enter information. In fact, consumers are becoming increasingly impatient with websites and even mobile applications that are not optimized enough for their favorite devices. Slow-to-load pages or pages that are not simplified for mobile devices are left for competitors with faster and more navigation-friendly sites.

Cutting-edge features like EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile ensure that independent insurance agencies can edge out the competition and avoid overlooking such a pertinent part of the insurance market. After all, insurance agencies cannot convert traffic if they don’t have any.

To get started with EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile, email [email protected] or give us a call at 877-932-2382.

EZLynx Agency Websites is the perfect compliment to Consumer Quoting mobile

EZLynx Agency Websites are mobile optimized and ready to work seamlessly with Consumer Quoting mobile

In an age of digital marketing and search engine optimization, insurance agencies need a powerful website to reach a wide audience and bring in new customers. With the increasing shift to mobile devices, consumers are using their phones and tablets almost exclusively for day to day browsing.

Responsive Designs with EZLynx Agency WebsitesEZLynx Agency Websites capitalizes on this growing trend by building responsive websites that automatically adapt to the device and screen size of each visitor.

Combine this with EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile, and your agency will be able to provide a perfect online experience for consumers, wherever they may be.

To get started with EZLynx Agency Websites, email [email protected] or give us a call at 877-932-2382.

eSignature by AssureSign

Coming soon, the new and easy way to send electronic documents to your customers

In as little as 5 simple steps, you can send secure documents directly from your EZLynx account!

This feature will…

  • Save you time and money by sending and receiving documents in minutes
  • Provide user-friendly interface for you and your customers
  • Support signing documents online or with mobile devices

If you would like to be notified when eSignature by AssureSign is available on the EZLynx Marketplace, please fill out the form below.

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Did you know?

You can keep track of expiration dates in EZLynx

Powerful Features of EZLynx Management SystemIf you don’t have EZLynx Management System, you can still manually enter policy data to keep track of expiration dates.

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WEBCETERA Introduces New Marketplace for Carriers and Vendors

WEBCETERA® is excited to announce a new marketplace for Insurance Carriers and Vendors called EZLynx Marketplace.

EZLynx Marketplace will ultimately enable third party vendors, insurance carriers, and large MGAs and brokers to build custom applications for, and market to, the vast EZLynx customer base.

These custom applications can leverage the robust quote and policy data available through the EZLynx quoting engine and the EZLynx policy download engine to offer new and innovative services to the EZLynx customer base.

“EZLynx Marketplace will eventually allow agents to buy these applications with the click of a mouse just like consumers purchase apps for smart phones today,” says David Taylor, Vice President of Product Integration at WEBCETERA. “We believe strongly that the extensive EZLynx network of over 5,000 agencies will make this a compelling business model for third-party vendors and insurance carriers.”

David Taylor, an insurance software industry veteran, has recently joined the WEBCETERA family to lead this effort.  Taylor began his career in 1991 as an assistant Controller at the major national MGA Combined Group Insurance Services, Inc.  Taylor served in various roles including CTO for Combined Group and Quantum Integrated systems and later as National Sales Director for AgentDirectExpress and RealtimeExpress.  His responsibilities included marketing initiatives and sales as well as managing analysis of all revenues and costs generated by those industry changing products.

“With this innovative new effort, we believe we can make a solid step towards the future of insurance software technologies.  WEBCETERA is committed to being a leader that plays a major part in bringing the benefits of new technologies to businesses in our industry.”