Introducing EZLynx Retention Center

A New Era in Policy Renewal Management

In the EZLynx Roadmap for 2015, I dropped a hint about a big new product announcement coming later this year. Well, here it is…

I would like to announce the release of a ground breaking product called EZLynx Retention Center for personal lines renewal management, available as an add-on to EZLynx Management System customers only. We are extremely proud of this product because it has taken nearly 24 months of hard work to get from conception to release, and it’s as revolutionary as our original real-time rating tool!

EZLynx strongly believes that personal lines is under direct attack from other industries. One way for small agencies to combat this challenge is to be smart about how you service policies and manage renewals. EZLynx Retention Center addresses the daunting task of renewal management. With Retention Center, you no longer wait for your customer to call and complain about rate hikes at renewal. Instead, our system will identify on a daily basis those customers that you are most at risk of losing so that you can focus your efforts in the right place. As part of our twelve month beta program, several agencies used EZLynx Retention Center and, not surprisingly, noticed a huge increase in retention!

I want to spend some time impressing upon you the importance of retention. I have always been surprised during any one-on-one conversation with agents on the question of what their agency retention rate is. Agents are never sure of what their exact agency retention numbers are, but they always think it’s good. We have identified a solid and obtainable agency retention rate as being in the 90-95% range. However, you may be surprised to hear that the average retention rate across all EZLynx agencies was only around 75%.

Three years ago we made it one of our goals to attack this problem head-on for our customers. As a first step, we started delivering a monthly email report called EZLynx Agency Pulse for all EZLynx Management System customers. In addition to agency retention numbers, Agency Pulse has several key agency performance metrics that we believe every agency owner should be using as a guide to manage their business. As our second step, EZLynx Retention Center removes the drudgery of trying to manually manage your renewals.

During our beta testing, we worked with 5 large agencies to gauge just what kind of results we could see with this tool. To our delight, and to that of our beta agencies, we found that with very little effort agents were able to hit our 90-95% retention target within 3 months! Think about that…

For a book size of $10M, that’s at least $100,000 in additional annual revenue!

We believe that EZLynx Retention Center is a powerful tool that can help your business become more profitable. We have several exciting tools in development that continue our trend of finding innovative ways to help independent agents manage their top and bottom line.

Please remember that in order to enjoy the benefits of our complete customer lifecycle solution, the first step is to switch to EZLynx Management System!

Latest Update to EZLynx brings Enhanced Commercial Support

EZLynx, the creator of cloud-based software for the insurance industry, has announced recent updates to EZLynx Management System that help make it easier for independent agents to service their commercial lines customers.

“Many of the agencies that we work with write commercial business, which can be a time-intensive line to service,” says Riley Simmons, Product Manager at EZLynx.  “We’ve taken feedback from commercial lines agencies about what tools they need most in order to manage commercial lines tasks more efficiently, and we’re pleased to say we’re making it happen.”

The latest commercial enhancements include:

  • Bulk emailing of certificates, allowing users to generate and email any number of certificates at once.
  • The ability to share certificates in the consumer-facing self-service portal EZLynx Client Center, making it easier for an agent to get certificates into the hands of their commercial clients without the hassle of manually emailing them.
  • Agency form templates, making it possible for unique agency forms to be uploaded as a template in EZLynx so that they can be used over and over.
  • Integrated commercial lines workflows – based on ACORD industry standard forms – for managing the most common commercial policy information, all created and stored in a single location.

“We believe our latest commercial enhancements will give producers more time to focus on selling, reduce E&O exposure, and help improve retention of commercial accounts,” Simmons continues.

Read more about the latest commercial enhancements in EZLynx:

About EZLynx

EZLynx® develops industry-leading cloud-based software for the insurance industry. Our software has helped independent agents operate their businesses more effectively for over ten years.

EZLynx is proud to be the innovator of several products that, previously, the insurance industry had never seen, including: Real-time rating, Agency Pulse™, Policy Sync, eSignature integration, and a unified rating and management system.

Spring has Sprung – Tips for Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal Marketing TipsWell, spring is finally in the air and we all know what that means…clocks are turned one hour ahead, flowers begin to bloom; kids are counting down the days until school ends, and it’s the beginning of a new season: the motorcycle and boat insuring season!

Yes, it’s finally here! Those days of insuring hulls and Harleys, outboards and overdrives, Sea-Doos and Suzukis are now upon us. This is also the time of year when guys who grew up with the muscle cars of the 70’s and 80’s dust off those chamois covers, fire up that ole engine, fill ‘er up with “high test” and renew their classic policies so that they can flex their own muscles by cruisin’ down the Avenue like it was 1976 all over again. Then again, with “regular” approaching three dollars per gallon once again and a ’69 Road Runner that gets 8 miles to the gallon, insuring that Honda 750 is looking wiser by the minute!

But don’t sell this winter short or empty the tank in snow blower the just yet. I have been speaking to many of our agency clients in the northeast who are still bracing for auto claims as they are expecting another ice storm to blanket their area over the next couple of days, so insuring those Harleys lined up outside the diners, or those sailors who are dreaming of seafaring along the beach may just have to wait a couple of more weeks.

So as an agency who is obviously looking to round out your book of business, what steps have you taken to ensure that your insureds are covered for all of their seasonal needs? For instance, spring has a unique set of risks that are inherent to this time of year, such as boat insurance, classic car insurance, motorcycle coverage, and items of that nature.

We all know that some direct carriers will now be advertising their expertise in these types of risks, along with their claim of the lowest rates in town. However, are they truly offering what is adequate for the insured as you would?

Our suggestion during this time of year, is to take a few moments to re-evaluate your entire book of business, along with your prospect list, and see what opportunities are out there for you and your agency to take advantage of.

If you are using EZLynx Management System, this process is as simple as running the “Cross Sell List” report, to see exactly which of your clients have what policies…and what their needs might be that you can respond to.

If you don’t have our policy management system, please give us a call and we will be happy to speak with you to see if this is something that might be a fit for you and your organization.

Until then…Happy Spring!

Servicing Commercial Customers Just Got Easier

Many of the agencies that we work with write commercial business, which can be a time-intensive line to service.  We’ve taken feedback from many commercial lines agencies about what they need most to manage commercial lines tasks more efficiently, and we’re pleased to say: we’re making it happen.

Bulk Emailing of Certificates

Creating, emailing, and printing certificates is an important and tedious task related to commercial business.  Finding solutions for certificate headaches was in the front of our minds when putting together the 4.2 release.  In order to address this, we’ve added the ability to generate and email any number of certificates – all at once, with a single click.  This feature can be utilized right when a policy is bound, and also throughout the policy term when it’s necessary to add more interest holders to existing certificates. Boom!

Share Certificates in the Client Center

Customer self-servicing is the name of the game, and with EZLynx 4.2, everyone is a winner.  Customers are happy to be able to access and print their own documents 24/7, and agents love spending less time servicing (and having more time for sales).  So now, when a certificate is created, it can be shared on the Client Center with one click.  We couldn’t make it any easier than that!

Agency Form Templates

Many agencies have forms that are specific to their agency that they use over and over.  These forms can now be uploaded as a template to the agency’s EZLynx account, then accessed by everyone from an applicant’s Documents tab.  You asked for it and we delivered!

Commercial Policy Entry

Rolling out this week, Commercial Policy Entry is a fully integrated commercial lines workflow for managing your most common commercial policy information based on ACORD standards. We have broken down the ACORD forms everyone uses into basic workflows to help commercial lines agents manage the complex data of commercial policies.

How does Commercial Policy Entry work?

You no longer have to remember which ACORD forms you need to complete for each line of business, because Commercial Policy Entry does it for you! Simply select a line of business and enter the required data in one streamlined workflow.

What are some advantages of Commercial Policy Entry?

  • Fully integrated within EZLynx
  • Everything created & stored in one location
  • Pre-fill multiple ACORD forms with single entry
  • No retraining necessary with Industry standard forms

How will your agency benefit from Commercial Policy Entry?

  • Gives Producers more time for selling
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces E&O exposure
  • Better servicing of commercial accounts
  • Improves retention of commercial accounts

Ready to see more?

Let’s walk through a commercial auto policy. Start by adding a new policy just like you always have! However, if you select a covered line of business, you will have an “Add & Edit Policy” option. The new workflow starts with Insured Information.

CPE - Edit Policy

The Insured Information tab gathers information that typically appears on the ACORD 125. It allows you to input Business Information, Insureds, Policy Contacts, and Premises Information.

CPE - Insured Info

On the Coverages tab, input the high-level policy coverage information to pre-fill for vehicles on the next workflow step.

CPE - Coverages

The workflow is aimed at the ACORD 127 form for the vehicle and driver schedules. First, the Vehicles tab simplifies the process by allowing you to copy/edit/remove vehicles throughout the lifecycle of the policy.

CPE - Vehicles

Second, the Drivers tab is used to quickly manage the policy’s drivers, and associate them with specific vehicles on your vehicle schedule.

CPE - Drivers

The Underwriting tab focuses on Prior Carrier Info, Loss History, and General Info questions. At General Info questions, you can “select all” to speed up the process by only answering the necessary questions.

CPE - Underwriting

The final tab in the workflow is your Additional Interests. Easily input any additional interest that applies to the policy so you can quickly create Certificates of Insurance.

CPE - Additional Interest

EZLynx Roadmap for 2015

A Note from the CEOGreetings to all EZLynx users! 2014 is coming to end soon, so it’s time to lay out our roadmap for the coming year as we continue to develop impactful tools to help grow your business. This year, we reached our 10 year anniversary! This is a huge milestone considering how we started and where we are today.

Another big highlight of 2014 is our market penetration ranking as per the 2014 Future One and Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America’s Agency Universe Study. Thanks to our loyal customers, EZLynx Management System is now 3rd in the market with 6% market share, right behind Applied TAM and Vertafore 360. This is an incredible accomplishment considering our management system has only been on the market for two years and began with 1% market penetration at the end of 2012. Thanks again to all of those EZLynx Management System customers – I promise you have made the right decision!

A look back at 2014…

At this time last year I wrote a similar article and I highlighted the following features as priorities for 2014. Below is an update to all our users on the progress in these areas.

  1. Agency Analytics and Agency Metrics
  2. Agency Process Automation
  3. Commercial Support

Our monthly Agency Pulse report that is emailed automatically to all management system agencies has continued to improve with more useful metrics. I can tell how addicted our agents are to this report based on the frequent feedback we receive each month. Our emails and phones light up with questions and feedback as they anxiously await the report and after they receive it. We will continue to enhance this report in 2015 with a companion online portal which will include historical and trend analysis tools.

We made the most progress with Agency Process Automation in 2014 and we are not done yet. EZLynx 4.0 release was a milestone release with respect to agency workflow and agency process automation. EZLynx 4.0 uniquely combines notes, tasks and notifications under the banner of our ‘Agency Workspace’ to allow agents to efficiently manage their day-to-day agency activities. Without divulging a lot of details, suffice it to say that we have some fantastic things in the works for 2015 with regard to Agency Process Automation and Workflow.

EZLynx Management System has made tremendous progress with commercial features. EZLynx has always had good support for downloaded commercial LOB policies with full support for ACORD forms and certificate generation. However we felt that our support for manual commercial policy processing wasn’t as good as we wanted it to be for our agents, and it was set as a priority for 2014. We have made tremendous progress in this area in 2014. We now have a beta feature being tested by some of our agents that allows them to create manual commercial applications and policies with complete support for policy certificates and other policy document generation. Keep an eye out for more updates on this.

Other Enhancements this Year

EZLynx also released fully integrated SMS Text Messaging support in 2014. This is an extremely popular feature that has been adopted by our agents very rapidly. Using this feature an EZLynx user can send and receive short SMS text messages with their clients. We all know how difficult it is to reach consumers via email, especially when they are at their workplace. EZLynx Text Messaging makes this communication a breeze while also documenting everything for E&O purposes.

Looking ahead to 2015…

I am always amazed when I talk to agency owners about how difficult it is for them to extract important agency performance numbers from their current management systems before they come to EZLynx. I have made it our business goal to fix this problem with our management system. We want to build features that will provide all the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for our agency owners with a few clicks of the mouse. We really believe that every agency owner should let their KPI drive the agency decisions.

We will continue to build out our workflow feature so agents can automate their day-to-day agency activities with ease. EZLynx 4.0 was just the first step towards automating this and we will continue to enhance this feature in 2015. Watch for more announcements in this space.

We have also decided to keep EZLynx Mobile in sync with our desktop version going forward. This means an EZLynx user can switch between the mobile and desktop versions without losing a lot of productivity. It is important to note that certain features like agent-facing quoting is just not mobile friendly and is not something that will be available. However, we will continue to enhance the mobile support of all of our consumer-facing products such as quoting and client center in 2015 as well.

Finally, I want to explain the underlying design philosophy with EZLynx Management System. We believe a smart agency management system should drive an agency and not the other way around like all the existing management systems out there. A smart agency management system should act like an employee of the agency and understand what is happening in an agency based on the information coming into the system in order to make automated decisions. Expect more of these kind of features from EZLynx in 2015.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Survey Says: EZLynx Most Popular Rating Engine and Fastest Growing Management System

Survey SaysThe results of the biennial Future One and Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America’s Agency Universe Study are in, and EZLynx is the most popular Comparative Rater.

However rating penetration is only half the story. We are now the fastest growing Agency Management System. As a premier technology vendor who pioneered real time rating, we are extremely gratified to see our name now in the top ranks for agency management systems.

Having only begun selling EZLynx Management System in 2012, to reach this position so quickly speaks to the trust that our customers place in us. A huge thanks to all those who have made this decision and the many agents across the country who have actively collaborated with us in providing valuable insights to our development team.

These are agents who not only help better an important product for the industry, but also share a common philosophy with us of empowering agents with powerful, innovative tools that help improve both their bottom-line and top-line.

Single PlatformEZLynx Management System is built on top of EZLynx Rating Engine, combining perfectly to create a seamless integration of features, rather than separate products that merely “integrate”.

Integration is an afterthought, single platform is innovation

Those agents who use our management system will continue to be amazed at our product offerings in 2015. We have some exciting new features under wraps that will be released for general availability in early 2015 which will dramatically change the way you run your agency!

The assurance we have in increasing our penetration comes from the confidence in our team’s ability to listen to our customers and find solutions that are practical, cost effective, and efficient.

A simple example would be our Agency Pulse report that we send free of charge to every agency principal who has enabled our management system. It is truly a report that no savvy business owner should be deprived of.

Notwithstanding the facts that EZLynx is the fastest growing management system and more agents rely on EZLynx for comparative rating, there is a lot of other exciting news for agents in the report findings.

Seventy percent of the agencies experienced revenue growth of 19% over the past 2 years.  This is up 17% from the sixty percent number in the prior survey.  The trend of growth is continuing since the economic downturn in 2008-10.  Both commercial lines and personal lines agencies experienced growth with only 15% reporting decreases in revenue. In other areas of growth, EZLynx Management System is recognized as the fastest growing management system in the industry.

EZLynx Most Popular RaterOnce again, dealing with multiple carrier interfaces (re-keying data) is the biggest technological challenge for agents.  With respects to using comparative rates in personal lines, more agents use EZLynx than any other rating system.  EZLynx is in 58.3% more agencies than the closest competitor.

We have built our management system into our comparative rater as a single product. There is a reason why EZLynx Rating Engine remains the most popular comparative rater, and EZLynx Management System is the fastest growing management system of the year – it’s because they are one and the same. A single product, a single system to learn, and a single platform that can help your agency manage the complete lifecycle of your customers.

Learn More

To order a full copy of the report, please visit

What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You: 3 Steps to Growing Your Agency with Analytics

EZLynx Agency PulseWe all know that using analytics is a key trait of successful companies, but many independent agency owners are “too busy” to focus on their business analytics. They skim over various reports or spreadsheets, but become overwhelmed by too much data to focus on the root of the issues.

The Problem

All management systems provide massive amounts of data on customers, policies, premiums, and more, but all the reports in the world will not help an owner who doesn’t know how to take action in the correct areas.

Of those that are spending the time to utilize the data, many are still operating under the “experience trumps analytics” mindset. Owners will make business and marketing decisions based on their gut rather than understanding how to use the analytics to strategically increase their bottom line.

In reality, management system reports are only useful if agency owners are looking at the most important metrics, understanding what they mean, and using them to formulate and implement an action plan for the agency.

The Solution

  1. Easily and accurately identify the important metrics using tools like EZLynx Agency Pulse. If you spend time calculating them by hand from your management system data, you probably won’t have the time to do this on a consistent basis.
  2. Understand these metrics for your agency. Know which calculations to track and what they mean for the agency.
  3. Implement an action plan and track the results. Depending on the current health of your agency, some changes may take longer than others. The only way to determine if your strategy is working is to track the small changes month over month.

To utilize this in your agency, you must first identify the three most important areas in high growth agencies:

  1. New business
  2. Policies per customer
  3. Retention

Each of these areas contain specific metrics that directly correlate to an agency’s overall health and build the bottom line.

New Business

New BusinessThis category represents the net new growth in the agency. The total numbers are easily tracked through most management systems, but to fully understand the agency’s growth, one must also know where the growth is coming from. Owners can identify strong areas of new growth by looking at the close ratios by LOB. You can compare the total number of quotes to the total number of new policies for each LOB to determine strengths and weaknesses for an agency. Tracking the close ratio for each agent helps you focus on internal training by determining the strengths and weakness of each producer. This type of targeting is relatively simple, but you can’t do it unless you track and understand these metrics.

Close Ratios

Policies per Customer

This is arguably one of the most important areas to track, because it affects so many other areas including marketing ROI, retention, average revenue per customer, and average premium per policy. It is also one of the most helpful statistics in determining the effectiveness of cross selling campaigns. An agency owner who accurately tracks the number of policies per customer can set goals and strategies to increase this number.

Policies Per CustomerFor some agencies, it can be as simple as striving to educate every customer on the agency’s product offerings and the areas where the customer may have gaps. In others, it could be increased through a cross selling campaign to your existing customer base. Since the number is also used to calculate the average revenue per customer and average premium per policy, this is a vital calculation for every agency owner. Policies per customer also relates directly to an agency’s retention rate. Statistically as the number of policies approaches four, the average retention increases from three years to ten years. Which brings us to the third and final area for every agency to monitor – retention.


RetentionThese metrics represent the financial longevity of an agency. The insurance industry as a whole has one of the highest customer acquisition costs of any industry, so it is even more imperative to retain the ones you have. Doing this begins with knowing retention rates separated by LOB, carrier, and the agency as a whole. This is one area where many agency owners rely more on intuition than actual statics. They use their gut to predict which carrier’s rates are competitive or the overall agency retention rate. Frequently, agencies completely ignore renewal all together unless a customer specifically calls the agency. The reactive approach causes many agencies actual retention rates to fall. A high retention rate fuels financial growth and profitability.

Retention by LOB

Putting it all together

EZLynx provides these metrics and many more in an easy to read report delivered directly to the agency owner. Since EZLynx is a single platform solution, we combine data from EZLynx Management System and EZLynx Rating Engine into an easy to read snapshot used to evaluate the health of the agency.

Agency Pulse is just one feature of EZLynx Management System that has helped it become fastest growing management system of 2014.

Find out why

Feeling trapped? Find out how one agent found freedom with EZLynx Management System

Brian Burns, owner of Compass Insurance Group in Denver Colorado, recently sat down with us to talk about his experience migrating to EZLynx Management System.  We have heard from our customers for many years now that there is a growing feeling in our industry of being permanently chained to your existing management system.  The sad truth is, it’s intentional that you find yourself in this situation.  The AMS companies that have long dominated the industry have as part of their business strategy made it very difficult for an agency to move to another system for one simple reason: If you must continue using them as your management system, then they can charge you anything they want.  If you have any doubt, just check your bill.

“I felt trapped,” says Burns. And he’s not alone. A big part of that feeling comes from the fear that many management systems have worked to instill in their customers. “I get the fear because I felt it too,” he goes on. “They make it very difficult to get your data. That’s where they try to trap you. They say you can have your data, but they also say it’s encrypted and you have to pay us for it, and we wont give you a drop of support, and you know, good luck.”

These companies have realized that with this data, your business is on the line, and they are often quick to play that card.  It was no different for Burns. “Even though it’s your data, they make you feel like it’s not.”

When EZLynx released our Management System, we knew that our rating customers were going to have a hard time moving to our new system.  With our features, customer service, and price point, many agents wanted to, but they felt that, like Burns, they couldn’t. “I felt trapped by my management system, and it frustrated me,” says Burn. “You’re either going to give in to the fear and frustration that is associated with your old system, or you’re going to turn around and refuse to be frustrated anymore.”

For Burns, his confidence in EZLynx paid off. “I can’t believe there was any resistance at first, because it has been an overwhelming success for us,” says Burns.

However, as a company, helping agents break free from the chains of their old management system is only the first challenge. More importantly, we have worked hard to make sure EZLynx Management System is worth it for our customers, and if we don’t think it is, we won’t sell it. “They took their time to evaluate my data and make a true recommendation,” Burns continues. “If they felt like it wasn’t a good fit, they were willing to tell me that, and I know they’ve told people that before.”

We also realize that independent agents have to be agile and streamlined.  EZLynx is more than a comparative rater, and it’s more than a management system.  EZLynx is a full customer lifecycle suite that can help bring all your various tools together into one cost effective, seamless platform. “They actually developed our website, and we have quarterly meetings with them to make sure that it’s performing the way we want it to,” says Burns.

Part of being streamlined is also controlling your costs. “Every time I added a new employee, I would have to buy a new license and there would be a big upfront cost, and then that monthly cost would be tacked on,” he says. “With EZLynx, I don’t feel like they penalize you for growing. They want me to grow, just like I want them to grow.”

We have also put a lot of focus on making EZLynx Management System as user-friendly as possible.  If you already use EZLynx Rating Engine, then you already have a head start.  “There wasn’t a lot of training needed, and that’s a compliment to EZLynx because it’s very user friendly,” Burns remarks. “If there are certain things that you just don’t get, they have classes for them. I also love the live chat support where I can have someone answer my questions with just a few clicks.”

There’s a reason that EZLynx was the first comparative rater for independent insurance agents to the market over 10 years ago – Our goal from the beginning has always been to make an agents life easier through innovation. “If it doesn’t have a feature that is critical to your agency, I can tell you through experience that it will be there within a few months,” says Burns.

“Hands down, EZLynx is the best management system out there, and I guess it’s as simple as that.”

Watch the full video of Brian Burns here

Brian Burns is owner of Compass Insurance Group in Denver, Colorado.  Compass has been an EZLynx customer since 2004 and uses EZLynx to rate and manage their book of business of over $10M and over 5,000 customers.


EZLynx Client Center is now Mobile Friendly

The time and money required to keep an existing customer is often much less than the investment required to get a new customer.  Therefore it makes sense then that you would invest in the infrastructure needed to keep your current customers happy.

EZLynx Client Center - Mobile LoginOur latest version of EZLynx Client Center came out last year, and we have seen more and more agencies take advantage of this companion to EZLynx Management System, providing 24/7 customer self-servicing on their agency website.  And just like our Consumer Quoting product, we have also monitored the growing volume of visitors that come from mobile devices.

After all, it does make sense.  If you’ve got an always-on customer service center, why wouldn’t you make it easy for your on-the-go consumers to log in and access things like their auto proof of insurance? Already, several states have passed or are debating legislation to allow motorists to present digital insurance cards from their mobile devices as proof of insurance during a traffic stop.

As always, EZLynx continues to be at the forefront of innovation in announcing that later this week EZLynx Client Center will detect if your consumer is coming from a mobile device and automatically switch to a more mobile-optimized version of the site.

Users will be able to quickly log in from their phone or tablet, view policy details, send their agent a quick message, and view important policy documents, including automatically generated proof of insurance cards for their auto policies.

EZLynx Client Center - Mobile Document CenterWe also wanted to take advantage of features that are specific to a mobile device, so your customers can also snap a picture on their phone and quickly upload it to the document center.

These days, people are very well connected, and they expect around-the-clock access to their insurance information. In fact, many of your customers probably don’t even bother to keep paper copies of their policy documents, but assume they’ll be able to access the information electronically when they need it. If they can’t, they probably won’t be happy about having to wait for business hours so they can call you and get the information they’re looking for.

All of this information is right at your customers’ fingertips because it’s easy to integrate the EZLynx Client Center with your existing website, and if you already have EZLynx Client Center, you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of the new mobile features.

Even better, our EZLynx Agency Websites are built fully integrated with both EZLynx Consumer Quoting and EZLynx Client Center. When you use our whole suite of products, you’ll find that you’re able to provide a superior level of service to your customers to keep them happy and improve customer loyalty and retention.

EZLynx Agency Websites - Seamless Integration

Take a minute to picture your day without the frantic phone calls and emails from customers trying to find policy documents, ask questions about their coverage, or make changes to their policy. Not only does EZLynx Client Center eliminate many of these interruptions, but it also makes your customers happy, and happy customers tend to be the ones who stick with you!

Find out how you can start delivering superior customer service today.


EZLynx Roadmap for 2014

It is that time of the year when we reflect on our previous year’s resolutions and make new resolutions for the coming year. I want to start with a quick review of last year’s resolution first followed by new resolutions for 2014. There are four areas of the industry I focused on in our EZLynx Roadmap for 2013. Below is an end of the year update on each one of the focus areas.

A look back at 2013…

Consumers and Mobile

We made tremendous progress with both of these focus areas in 2013. We started the year with a new version of our consumer facing product EZLynx Client Center. This product allows our EZLynx Management System customers to add a consumer login to their agency website, allowing consumers to print policy related documents like ID card, proof of insurance, etc. and also to request policy changes. We also released our new mobile friendly version of EZLynx Consumer Quoting mid-year. This product enables consumers visiting an agency web site to use their smart phone or tablet to obtain live quotes in a mobile friendly screen. We have two other mobile products scheduled for delivery before end of this year – a mobile version of EZLynx Client Center, and an update to our mobile version of EZLynx.

Agency in a Box

Agency in a Box has been a philosophy of our product design from day one. It is our goal, one day, to offer a solution to our agents that manages the entire agency customer life cycle. We have been focused on agency policy servicing features for the last two years. We made considerable progress with expanding our commercial support in EZLynx Management System in 2013. We delivered two big pieces for commercial agencies this past year – Premium Trust Accounting and Certificate Management. Both of these solutions are feature rich and I really encourage you to visit our website or talk to one of our sales people for more details.

EZLynx Marketplace

We delivered four third-party products in 2013 under the EZLynx Marketplace architecture. We started the year with a fully integrated eSignature app, followed by a Lead Management integration app mid-year, and before the end of this year we will be delivering Bulk Campaigns under the umbrella of our EZLynx Marketing Campaigns product, and finally, EZLynx Accounting will be officially launched in January.  You can find more details about all EZLynx Marketplace apps here.

Agency Management for the new digital age

We are confident that we have laid a strong foundation for EZLynx Management System to date. Our product has been fully cloud based from day one so you can work with the management system from any place on any system and any device. One of the best features we implemented in 2013 is our monthly Agency Pulse report. This report summarizes, every month via an email, some of the key metrics about your organization. These metrics include total written premium, personal lines to commercial lines ratio, policies per customer, premium per customer, carrier retention ratio, agency and producer close ratio, and more. You can find more information about Agency Pulse here.

Looking ahead to 2014…

Now it’s time for me to make some resolutions for 2014. I have several wish list items that I personally want to accomplish this coming year. This list is quite exhaustive, so I will try and stick to 3 big items or focus areas that we will be tackling in 2014.

Agency Analytics and Agency Metrics (Agency top line feature)

We believe our industry is experiencing a paradigm shift that requires agents to be opportunistic about how and where they focus their efforts in order to increase their top line revenue. Agency analytics is one of the ways a well thought out management system can guide agents in increasing their top line revenue. Our EZLynx Agency Pulse report, implemented earlier this year in EZLynx, is a simple first step of a much larger analytics implementation that will be rolled out in the first half of next year to improve our EZLynx Management System customers’ top line. Please stay tuned because we have some exciting new products and services announcements to make in the next year regarding agency analytics that should help you dramatically improve your top line numbers.

Agency Process Automation (Agency bottom line feature)

It is no longer enough to improve the top line at an agency without improving the bottom line at the same time. We will be enhancing several existing EZLynx Management System features in 2014 to streamline agency processes and to improve agency profitability. Once again please stay tuned because we have some exciting changes coming in the first half of next year which should help you dramatically improve your bottom line numbers.

Commercial Support

We are very confident with the level of support that we have built into EZLynx Management System for personal lines agencies. We feel it is time for us to focus more on features that a big commercial lines agency would desire. We hope to build several new features in this area for 2014. Due to competitive reasons I would be hesitant to discuss this in detail other than to simply say that much more is coming soon.

Outside of these three major focus areas, we will continue to push forward with more mobile features, more consumer facing features, more marketplace applications, and providing the same level of customer support that we pride ourselves on. As you can see we have a big list of projects and ideas for 2014. I am really excited about the coming year, and I hope you are as excited as I am to be a part of the EZLynx family. I am predicting 2014 to be a break out year for EZLynx Management System.

Thanks for a great year!

Before I sign off, I want to thank all our hard working staff at EZLynx, especially our product support team, for their dedicated effort to serve you every day. I encourage you to send them complimentary emails whenever they provide you with excellent service. I also encourage you to contact me directly if there is something that is bothering you about our company or product. I will be more than glad to reply and have a conversation with you.

Thanks you for being our customer and have a safe and happy holidays and a happy new year!