EZLynx Roadmap for 2019

2018 was a year of growth for EZLynx and especially for our agencies! Agencies using EZLynx have on average enjoyed substantial year-over-year increases in customers, policies, and premiums. While agents saw growth in all areas, this trend was especially pronounced for commercial lines. We take pride as a partner in your success and want to continue to provide the tools you need to thrive and grow each year.

We all work towards Nag’s vision of a single platform customer lifecycle solution built on the pillars of productivity, serviceability, profitability and scalability for your agency. We believe that scalability is achieved by aligning the right people, processes, and technology to overcome plateaus that inhibit growth. We want to thank our customers who also believe in and support our vision as we strive to improve our industry.

We faced challenges with our own scalability this year, which is why we made the difficult decision to hold off on some important new features while we focused on the system architecture and stability of the platform. For many years, EZLynx was known in the industry for its reliability, so we look forward to earning back your trust in that area. To continue our growth, we’ve put the people, processes, and technology in place to continue delivering innovative solutions to support your business while we grow ours. The way we see it, working as a trusted technology partner with your best interest in mind is the only way we both win.

Looking Back at 2018

EZLynx introduced exciting products and a series of targeted features that significantly impact the amount of time agencies spend on non-revenue generating activities. Features such as bulk document enhancements, updates to EZLynx for Outlook, improved download matching, additional LOB support, eSignature custom fields, MSB residential pre-fill with reconstruction cost valuation, and a completely new commission import workflow are all updates that were aimed at reducing man-hours spent on these necessary activities. The team is testing several other productivity features including an updated forms workflow, which saves time generating the application documents and will be available for general release early 2019!

We officially introduced Automation Center this summer to set the foundation for the future of our platform. Automation Center helps agencies scale by handling many of the repetitive tasks that consume resources and keep you from focusing on high-value activities. This type of automation also encourages everyone to adhere to standard workflows and promotes best practices. It is the foundation for helping you increase productivity and serviceability without adding staff. We will continue to enhance the automation features in 2019 with support for multi-step and conditional workflows.

One of the most exciting products designed to help agencies scale while increasing profitability is our Agency Insights™ for Sales Center. This feature automatically generates potential prospects from your quote data and book of business, giving you the information needed to recapture, win, and cross-sell opportunities before the X-Date. This is the type of feature that pushes the boundaries on what a management system should do for an agency.

Looking Forward in 2019

We want to provide commercial lines sales and service the same innovation and productivity gains that EZLynx brought to personal lines. We’ve set an ambitious roadmap for 2019 with a few surprises along the way! The roadmap focuses on the business problems that commercial agents have faced for years in the areas of submission management, certificate distribution, and ongoing servicing.

At AgentLynx 2018, we showed off a sneak peek of EZLynx 5, the next generation of the EZLynx platform, and we are excited to announce that it will be available later this year! EZLynx 5 is designed to move us toward our vision of a smart Rating Engine and Agency Management System that helps drive an agency through automation and improved consistency, functionality, and usability.

Recently we’ve noticed an increase in the consolidation of independent agencies under MAPs, or Market Access Providers. In late 2018, we started building EZLynx for MAPs, a product designed to help these organizations overcome common plateaus, scale quickly, and increase the efficiency of their operations. Our initial roadmap addresses member management, carrier management, and commissions processing.

As a company, we push ourselves to never settle and look for opportunities to affect positive change in the insurance industry. Even as the leader in personal lines rating, we believe there is room for improvement. This year we are thrilled to show some love for the EZLynx Rating Engine with the goal of improving speed and accuracy to help you accomplish more, faster!

AgentLynx 2019

A special thank you to everyone who joined us for AgentLynx last year in San Diego. We truly enjoyed getting to meet everyone and sharing our passion for new technology. With every AgentLynx we hope to inspire attendees to leverage EZLynx to drive productivity, serviceability, scalability, and profitability in their own agencies.

Our user conference is a unique opportunity for you to learn how to maximize your potential with EZLynx and to influence the direction of the product for the future. Several of the product enhancements of 2018 were a direct result of feedback from the conference! We are already working toward new surprises for AgentLynx 2019. We look forward to seeing you all in Fort Worth, Texas on October 20-23rd.

We are excited for the new year and the opportunities it brings to continue our journey as your technology partner!

EZLynx for MAPs is Coming Soon

MAPs, or Market Access Providers, are enjoying phenomenal, sustained growth. With this success, their focus is understandably shifting toward scalability and the business decisions they must face in this evolving market.

“Their futures will both depend on how well they can increase the effectiveness of their member agents and how quickly they can ramp the efficiency of their operations,” says Vijaya Rengarajan who is managing the project at EZLynx. “To facilitate this, they need a solution purpose-built for their needs — EZLynx for MAPs.”

Coming soon, EZLynx for MAPs is an agency management system tailored specifically to MAPs. EZLynx for MAPs establishes the framework for unprecedented interconnectivity between the MAP and its member agencies.

Harnessing the power of EZLynx ONE PLATFORM, EZLynx for MAPs addresses the three pillars of MAP success: carrier management, member management, and commissions processing.

Specific needs for this fast-growing, disruptive segment include:

  • Regular, actionable communication between MAPs and their members
  • Seamless integration with the member agency’s management system
  • The aggregation of carrier data, including policy downloads and commission allocation
  • The ability to manage reporting, productivity and success for both the individual agencies and the MAP overall.

Carrier Management includes capabilities to manage carrier contacts, agreements, and logins all in one place.

EZLynx for MAPs - Carrier Management

Member Management is a key feature to drive your members to success as it helps in managing their licenses, Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance requirements, agreements, and more. Integration with automated events & workflows will help in compliance with licensing and E&O requirements without human intervention.

EZLynx for MAPs - Member Management

Commissions management boosts productivity by eliminating the manual work of creating reports/spreadsheets with member commissions. MAPs will be able to set their rules by which they can take their cut and distribute the member’s commission split. From EZLynx for MAPs, you will be able to send a unified statement to a member agent as a downloaded statement in EZLynx.

EZLynx for MAPs - Commissions Management

If a MAP has members outside of EZLynx, we still have ways to ensure communication between the MAP and those members. The answer is “Member Portal”. A Member Portal is the application where non-EZLynx members can log in and access their policies, documents, Errors & Omissions documents, and commission statements.

The organizations who succeed will be the ones who can most quickly scale to meet the changing needs of both the MAP and the members.  Success will also hinge on the speed and quality of underwriting, as well as the timely and robust flow of actionable data with members. We believe EZLynx for MAPs will be the solution to help drive that success.