Reach More Consumers Online with Spanish Language version of EZLynx Consumer Quoting

EZLynx Consumer Quoting SpanishIn an effort to help agents that service the Latino community, we are piloting a new Spanish version of EZLynx Consumer Quoting.

Your Spanish-speaking visitors will be able to quickly get a Home or Auto quote from your agency in their native language, helping to increase the chance of them completing the quote form and ultimately of you winning their business. You’ll receive the complete quote in EZLynx like normal, with all quote data in English.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting Spanish

Llegar a más consumidores online con la versión en Español de EZLynx Consumer Quoting

EZLynx Consumer Quoting SpanishEn un esfuerzo para ayudar a nuestros agentes que dan servicio a la comunidad Latina, estamos probando una nueva versión española de EZLynx Consumer Quoting.

Sus visitantes de habla hispana será capaces rápidamente obtenga una cotización de Casa o Auto para su agencia en su lengua nativa, ayudando a aumentar la posibilidad de que ellos rellenando el formulario de cotización. Usted recibirá la cita completa en EZLynx como normal, con todos los datos de cotización en inglés.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting Spanish

Learn more about EZLynx Carrier Consumer Quoting

Integrate a white-labeled version of EZLynx Consumer Quoting on your carrier website!

80% of consumers interested in buying a personal lines insurance policy will shop for insurance via the internet but only 20% will actually purchase a policy over the internet. The industry experience we’ve gained from our Consumer Quoting for Agents has been used to create EZLynx Carrier Consumer Quoting; a powerful tool that a carrier may implement from their consumer-facing website which allows a prospective insured to securely enter their personal lines risk information directly into the carrier site. The risk is then underwritten by the carrier adherent to their specific guidelines, and immediately returns a real-time quote to the prospect.

EZLynx Carrier Consumer Quoting has been adopted by a number of leading insurance carriers, enhancing their ability to deploy an industry tested platform without the need to scale up an in-house development team.
What makes this program so appealing to all three parties: the carrier, consumer, and independent agent, is that EZLynx Carrier Consumer Quoting immediately passes the prospect information to one of the carrier’s independent agents based on a predetermined set of specific criteria (programmed within EZLynx) that may include demographic information, such as zip code location, line of business, or other carrier devised rules.

The goal of this solution is twofold: facilitate those consumers who prefer to research the cost and coverage available, at their convenience 24/7/365, and second, to provide the prospective insured with the experience, knowledge and expertise of a licensed independent insurance agent who is familiar with their geographic location and other demographics pertinent to the risk. In other words, the insured, carrier, and agent all reap the benefits of “the best of both worlds.”

After years of providing a real-time consumer rating portal from an independent agent’s website and Facebook page, EZLynx has combined its experience with the knowledge gained, and incorporated it into an easy to navigate, seamlessly integrated product that carriers may now use to enhance the consumers’ insurance buying experience. With EZLynx Carrier Consumer Quoting constructed to emulate the carrier site with its branding, colors and logo, the consumer has the comfort of knowing that they are always interacting directly with their preferred carrier. From a business standpoint, carriers who implement our product within their organization take advantage of a proven, accurate real-time rating system and combine the economies of scale by not having to construct and maintain their own internal consumer facing program, and may now offer what many consumers have come to expect – their insurance products to the general public via an electronic, cost saving mechanism.

At the carrier’s option, the consumer’s experience can be extended to include the built in rate finalization and Online Buy functionality of EZLynx Carrier Consumer Quoting. Implementing this solution across their personal lines products allows the carrier to minimize distribution expenses without sacrificing the value of a truly understanding and educated insurance agent.

For additional information about EZLynx Carrier Consumer Quoting, please contact [email protected].

EZLynx Roadmap for 2013 – Mid-Year Update

A Note from the CEO – 95% EZLynx Customer Satisfaction Rating

First off, I want to thank all our customers for their overwhelming approval of EZLynx. Once again, for 8th year in a row, 95% of our customers said they would recommend EZLynx to someone they know. Our deepest thanks for all the faith and confidence you have in us. Our employees work very hard to make this happen and we are excited to see such numbers even as our company grows.

I made some business commitments in January 2013 newsletter and I thought I would follow up with a mid-year update on these commitments. We are still focused on 3 different areas for 2013 – mobile support, more consumer facing features and agency productivity. I am happy to say that we have delivered a little bit towards each of these goals.

We delivered our version 2 of consumer facing client center which allows for your customers not only to print policy documents like ID card but also to request policy changes. This product is on a good path and the next step for this product is to mobile enable the same.

On the mobile front end, we delivered our first version of Consumer Quoting Mobile in the first half of this year. This version allows consumers, visiting your site, to finish their quotes on a mobile device as effortlessly as on a desktop computer. If you happen to be one of our customers with our website product then your customers should experience a seemless mobile experience including the website and the quoting.

Finally, just last week we delivered our fully integrated eSignature feature within EZLynx. This feature will allow our users to send any PDF document, including all the ones available inside EZLynx and any carrier documents, to your customers for a quick signature. We really believe this should significantly improve agent productivity within EZLynx and also compliance with carrier and state laws to always obtain certain signed documents.

Software as a Service: Affordable Solutions for Total Independent Insurance Management

Cloud computing allows an independent insurance agent to obtain the same computer services that a large insurance company enjoys by obtaining them through a service agreement with a Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor.

For more than a decade, EZLynx has been helping insurance agencies run more efficiently. Now we offer four levels of agency management and digital marketing suites to suppliment the EZLynx Rating Engine. EXLynx Agency Suites, ranging from basic to a full enterprise system, includes a number of features to help streamline your workflow, generate new business, and retain exising customers.

Whether you choose EZLynx’s Basic Package, Standard Package, Advanced Package, or our Enterprise Package you will get access to innovative solutions that rival the proprietary systems of the largest insurance companies. Since the software resides on our secure server, you avoid the major investment in hardware and software.

Changes are easily and reliably added by EZLynx without interruption of your daily operations and involvement of expensive IT services.

EZLynx Rating Engine

At the center of our product, EZLynx is powered by the EZLynx Rating Engine. This core componenet is required for all of our Agency Suites.

EZLynx Management System

Each package includes our robust management system. Agents can obtain any data they need from wherever they can access the Internet. The entire client lifecycle is managed and stored in the cloud.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting

The EZLynx Internet quote system allows your customers to easily fill forms out a single time and generate a quote they can review online. If the quote is incomplete, the system will automatically email the client and request they complete the information needed. Advanced features include automatic vehicle pre-fill and other things to make the process as consumer friendly as possible.

EZLynx Marketing Campaigns

Integrating your EZLynx data with email drip campaigns allows independent insurance agents to stay in contact with clients on a regular basis rather just at renewal time. It is easy to design digital marketing campaigns that are informative and relevant – communications is one of the most important parts of successful ongoing marketing. This feature is also standard for all packages.

EZLynx Client Center

Here your clients can easily get their ID Cards, policy documents, and request changes 24/7. Enhanced customer service helps to retain clients and saves your agency time and money.

EZLynx Agency Websites

EZLynx offers powerful agency websites that come fully integrated with our Consumer Quoting and Client Center products. Generate new business with a website built using SEO best practices, offer live comparative quoting, and then service those consumers after they become customers.

When you choose EZLynx as your SaaS provider, no matter what suite you select, you get an easy to implement full-service suite of services so that your agency runs smoothly. With no software needed to download, there is no reason not to try our free 10-day trial. Click here to sign up or call us at 877-932-2382, option 2.

How EZLynx Consumer Quoting Benefits Your Business

Online shopping has become exponentially more popular in recent years. Even when people purchase products in person or over the phone, they usually start by doing research online to find out what’s available and what it costs. Then, once they have decided what to buy, they will go ahead and make the purchase. Because of this trend, our EZLynx Consumer Quoting portal is more helpful than ever for growing your business.

Most people know that they can get different rates from different insurance carriers, so they want to gather as many quotes as possible before making their decision. They may even compare the cost of purchasing insurance directly through the carrier to purchasing through an independent agent like you. Therefore, you need to make it easy for people to find the information they want to convince them that you can get them the best rates.

Our EZLynx Consumer Quoting portal is designed to integrate easily into your website, especially if you’re already using our EZLynx Agency Website service. When potential customers visit your website, they’ll be able to enter information about their vehicles directly into the consumer portal and obtain quotes from all the carriers you use without ever leaving your site. Having quotes available on your site means people will be much more likely to stick around to make a purchase.

We designed our consumer portal to be streamlined and simple to use by incorporating several features that consumers love. For example, we have optimized forms that allow people to fill in their information very quickly. Our vehicle pre-fill feature even uses the information entered early on to look up the specifics of the vehicles consumers may be interested in insuring. These features increase the likelihood that consumers will go all the way through the process of getting a quote.

Once people have obtained a quote, we make it easy for you to follow up. The information consumers enter goes into the EZLynx Management System to help you manage your work flow. We’ll also help you send automated marketing emails to encourage consumers to get a new quote if they do not make a purchase on their initial visit. If they don’t finish the process of requesting a quote through the consumer portal, we can also send automatic emails to remind them to come back and finish up. In addition, our analytics tools make it easy for you to see at a glance what types of people are requesting quotes and where they’re coming from, so you can better target your advertising.

When you’re looking to provide a valuable service to people shopping for car insurance, EZLynx Consumer Quoting is the way to go. We the first to create a powerful consumer quoting portal for insurance, and we are continually improving it to keep you on the cutting edge.

It’s Here: EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile

EZLynx is revolutionizing the way insurance agencies do business

EZLynx is excited to announce the release of our mobile version of EZLynx Consumer Quoting. With the introduction of EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile, consumers using mobile browsers are automatically greeted with a quote screen optimized for their device, yet still containing all of the powerful quoting features of the desktop version. The interface includes an easy-to-complete form that meets consumer demand and exudes professionalism and relevance to potential customers.

Once the form is completed and submitted, consumers can receive access to instant, real-time insurance quotes from multiple providers without picking up a phone or using a desktop computer.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobileEZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile will be enabled for everyone that has our Enhanced Consumer Quoting at no additional cost.  Otherwise, Mobile Quoting is available as an add-on.

The Mobile Explosion

According to a 2013 study by ComScore, the evolution of mobile devices has reached new heights with more than 129 million Americans carrying smartphone devices. That number is expected to increase by 40 percent over the next three years – a change that is sure to further fuel the popularity of mobile search.

Currently, desktop Internet searches only barely edge out mobile web searches in popularity among Americans. But in December 2012, CNET reported that a year-end Internet trends report delivered at Stanford University showed that mobile web is gaining fast on desktop Internet traffic, and in some places it has already surpassed it.

What Higher Mobile Search Means for Insurance Agencies

The number-one reason web browsers visit an insurance agency’s site for the first time is to obtain insurance quotes. It is no secret that consumers have acquired insurance quotes online for many years, but the number of those online quotes requested via mobile web devices has steadily increased month by month. Mobile searches for insurance quotes using smartphones and tablet devices are at an all-time high and are only expected to grow higher.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile in several colors

But despite requests for on-demand insurance quotes, Internet users accessing from smartphones and tablets want to get a quote quickly without having to zoom, pinch and pan the screen to view and enter information. In fact, consumers are becoming increasingly impatient with websites and even mobile applications that are not optimized enough for their favorite devices. Slow-to-load pages or pages that are not simplified for mobile devices are left for competitors with faster and more navigation-friendly sites.

Cutting-edge features like EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile ensure that independent insurance agencies can edge out the competition and avoid overlooking such a pertinent part of the insurance market. After all, insurance agencies cannot convert traffic if they don’t have any.

To get started with EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile, email [email protected] or give us a call at 877-932-2382.

EZLynx Agency Websites is the perfect compliment to Consumer Quoting mobile

EZLynx Agency Websites are mobile optimized and ready to work seamlessly with Consumer Quoting mobile

In an age of digital marketing and search engine optimization, insurance agencies need a powerful website to reach a wide audience and bring in new customers. With the increasing shift to mobile devices, consumers are using their phones and tablets almost exclusively for day to day browsing.

Responsive Designs with EZLynx Agency WebsitesEZLynx Agency Websites capitalizes on this growing trend by building responsive websites that automatically adapt to the device and screen size of each visitor.

Combine this with EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile, and your agency will be able to provide a perfect online experience for consumers, wherever they may be.

To get started with EZLynx Agency Websites, email [email protected] or give us a call at 877-932-2382.

eSignature by AssureSign

Coming soon, the new and easy way to send electronic documents to your customers

In as little as 5 simple steps, you can send secure documents directly from your EZLynx account!

This feature will…

  • Save you time and money by sending and receiving documents in minutes
  • Provide user-friendly interface for you and your customers
  • Support signing documents online or with mobile devices

If you would like to be notified when eSignature by AssureSign is available on the EZLynx Marketplace, please fill out the form below.

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Did you know?

You can keep track of expiration dates in EZLynx

Powerful Features of EZLynx Management SystemIf you don’t have EZLynx Management System, you can still manually enter policy data to keep track of expiration dates.

Don’t forget, we offer FREE Webinars every week

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EZLynx Consumer Quoting Mobile is Coming Soon

EZLynx Consumer Quoting - Mobile TrendsIt’s an exciting time in the insurance industry.  Rapid changes in technology and the way consumers expect to do business has created new opportunities for technology savvy agents.

EZLynx continues to be on the cutting edge of innovation as we put a strong emphasis on our Management System and Client Center products to help bring together a full customer lifecycle solution for the digital marketplace.  One trend that we see in our statistics each month, though, is an increase in Consumer Quoting traffic on mobile devices.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting - Without MobileWe saw a major need in the market to provide a mobile optimized consumer quoting experience for independent agents that will help that growing segment of traffic to complete the quote process.
If you’ve ever tried to fill out a form on your phone on a desktop-optimized website, you are aware of just how frustrating all the pinching and zooming and panning back and forth can become.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting with the mobile feature enabled will automatically detect if the user is on a mobile device and switch to a user friendly mobile interface.  Forms fields line up neatly on the screen and become perfectly readable on your tablet or mobile device.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting - Mobile Optimized

Included with Enhanced Consumer Quoting, our mobile optimized quoting experience will help make it easier for online shoppers to bring their business to your agency.

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