EZLynx Sales Center: Sales Pipeline Management in EZLynx

The Evolution of ONE PLATFORM™ and our Agency-In-A-Box Roadmap

It was only a few short years ago that EZLynx was known as simply a comparative rating platform. While our introduction of comparative rating changed the industry forever, we knew from our agents that they were facing significant challenges from direct carriers, captive carriers, and online agencies that hurt their bottom lines. Most agents were dealing with incompatible multi-vendor solutions that ended up creating silos of information with duplicate data.

Seven years ago we decided to solve this problem by defining a new EZLynx roadmap for the industry that would offer agents a one-stop solution. Since then, our underlying goal has consistently been to build a complete customer lifecycle solution that would not only help our agents achieve greater success, but would also redefine our industry—again. EZLynx Sales Center is our next step on that journey.

Announced at the 2016 AgentLynx User Conference, EZLynx Sales Center is focused on growing your business by streamlining your agency’s sales pipeline. Seamlessly integrated into the EZLynx ONE PLATFORM™, Sales Center helps you identify sales opportunities, manage sales tasks, track close ratios, and focus on generating new revenue.

But the customer lifecycle doesn’t begin with Sales Center…

EZLynx One Platform

Step 1 — EZLynx Agency Websites

Every day, millions of consumers are using their phones, tablets, and desktops to search for insurance. Optimized to help drive traffic to your digital presence, Agency Websites is your online storefront.

Step 1 - EZLynx Agency Websites

We felt it was important to apply our insurance and technical knowledge to help agents compete online.  The most important aspect of our website services is that we seamlessly integrate our consumer-facing lead capture and custom service portals, which has always been something that many agents struggle with.

Retain Leads — 50% of all insurance shoppers are on a mobile device. Our designs automatically adjust to fit all screen sizes.

Expand Your Reach — Get found in 50 local online business directories consumers use to find professionals like insurance agents.

Great First Impression — With 30+ website designs choices and customization to match your branding, you get a unique site.

Promote Inbound Marketing — Custom content writing for service pages and monthly blog articles on topics important to insurance shoppers.

Expert Digital Strategy — Quarterly meetings with a website analyst to assess your website’s health and local performance.

Professional Guidance — Website specialists walk you through the setup process, host your site, and monitor its performance.

Step 2 — EZLynx Consumer Quoting

As consumers find your website, they are funneled through our various lead capture forms.  We have made extensive updates to EZLynx Consumer Quoting over the past few years so that a single portal can now map leads into EZLynx for any line of business.

Step 2 - EZLynx Consumer QuotingYour home and auto leads can give the consumer the option to complete a full online quote, but that is an entirely optional process.  Meanwhile, your leads for other lines of businesses go directly into EZLynx without distracting or confusing the consumer with references to home and auto quotes.  Commercial leads even create commercial applicants in EZLynx automatically.

Capture Leads — Collect leads by providing consumers option to generate real-time comparative quotes on your website or provide their basic contact info.

Retain Mobile Leads — 30% of people seeking quotes are on mobile devices. Our system detects & optimizes their quoting experience.

Maximize Social Media Impact — Offer comparative quoting directly on your agency’s Facebook page to increase social media leads.

Improve Customer Service — Set automatic follow up emails for customers who exit a non-completed quote form.

Stay Organized — Consumer risk information and all quotes automatically populate in your EZLynx account for easy access.

Step 3 — EZLynx Sales Center

Our latest product is going to revolutionize the way you manage your sales process.  Best of all, it will keep you centered in EZLynx with Rating, Policy Management, and our suite of communication tools right at your fingertips.

Step 3 - EZLynx Sales CenterStreamline Your Agency’s Sales Pipeline

Have you ever quoted a lead you didn’t write or had trouble tracking X-Dates, close rates, or point of sale information in your agency? Sales Center is focused on growing your business by streamlining your sales pipeline. From identifying missed sales opportunities to servicing existing customers, the EZLynx ONE PLATFORM™ helps you manage the full customer lifecycle, round accounts, and increase new business!

Easily Access Data

With easy access to pipeline data and relevant information, your sales managers can access the success of their producers and workflows. Sales dashboards allow you to quickly see close ratios for producers, deal aging, and assess your entire sales process to make informed decisions for your agency. Whether you are using Sales Center for true new business or rounding accounts, everything you need to know about an account is in one place.

Step 3 - EZLynx Sales CenterForecast Sales

Quote information from EZLynx fills into sales center to provide you the estimated value of each deal. As it moves through the pipeline, the estimated value becomes more accurate. This allows you to forecast your sales for month’s end. Follow each producer to make sure they are on target to hit sales goals and maximize agency revenue!

Track & Manage Sales Task

Sales Center is part of the EZLynx one platform center, so all your data is in one place. Track and manage the sales tasks through the Agency Workspace. Sales managers can follow the progression of a customer through the entire process. This means that identifying opportunities, sales, quoting, customer management, and renewal management all happen in one system. No more need for cumbersome spreadsheets, multiple systems, or lost opportunities. All your data is managed from a single platform.

Focus on Generating Revenue

Each day, a producer comes to work knowing each opportunity to target and the next task to close the deal. This allows producers to focus on revenue-generating activities and maximize their time. Tasks can be assigned to anyone in the agency and managed through Sales Center. Everything is accessible from the customer’s main EZLynx account.

Step 4 — EZLynx Rating Engine

The days of entering consumer information individually into each carrier’s system is over. One-time data entry in EZLynx yields dozens of comparative quotes in just seconds. You can even log into your EZLynx account on your mobile device to access quotes on the go.

Step 4 - EZLynx Rating Engine

We spent our early days perfecting the game of real-time rating and in doing so created the leading rater in the industry. Our web-based technology allows you to get instantaneous quotes from over 169 carriers in 48 states. Comparative cross-carrier quoting has never been this easy, and best of all, it is a seamless part of EZLynx Sales Center, EZLynx Management System, and EZLynx Retention Center.

As you work new prospects through Sales Center, you’ll be able to seamlessly tap into EZLynx Rating Engine as you transition that lead into a new customer.

Carrier Access — Instantly link to your carriers. We offer support with over 169 carriers across the continental US.

Protects Customers — Quickly deliver premium & coverage options via email with a secure connection for customer safety.

Streamline Renewals — Customers can update risk information securely online prior to re-quoting to streamline renewals.

Increased Productivity — Pre-fill & save quote templates with common answers, producer codes, and underwriting information.

Effortless Data Entry — Save time during quoting by pulling driver and vehicle data from LexisNexis® Data Pre-fill.

Protects Agents — Cloud-based system records all user activities for custom reports and to avoid E&O claims.

Step 5 — EZLynx Management System

At the heart of EZLynx, our Management System, paired with Sales Center, now combines both your book of business and your CRM. As your agency grows, it becomes increasingly important that your data aids in your daily workflow rather than hinder it.

Step 5 - EZLynx Management SystemEZLynx Management System allows you to maximize your agency’s potential by increasing your ability to retain current customers while acquiring new business.

Find all of your customer’s quotes, policies, and documents in one organized place and easily remarket with up-to-date information that is synced from your daily policy downloads.

Keep Existing Data — Stop stressing. Data conversion experts will import existing management system information painlessly.

Reduce E&O Exposure — Record everything, automatically. All notes, documents, emails, and tasks are linked to your client’s file.

Improve Customer Service — Use sticky notes, tasks, and reminders to streamline your workflow and maximize productivity.

Grow the Business — Reduce time with pre-filled forms and synced carrier information so that you can focus on growing your business.

Track Profits — Insurance accounting tracks premiums and commissions so that you can understand your book and plan for the future.

Step 6 — EZLynx Client Center

Tapping into the vast stores of customer data in your system, EZLynx Client Center sits on top of your Agency Website so that your clients can quickly access their policy details, shared documents, and submit change requests and questions.

Step 6 - EZLynx Client CenterJust like you, insurance clients now expect some level of online access to their account.  More importantly, it saves you time to focus on revenue-generating activities by letting your clients perform the more basic customer service tasks like printing auto ID cards, to more complex service tasks like generating certificate holder for a commercial policy on their own.

We have exciting plans this year to further expand Client Center to make it even more useful to you and your clients.

Improve Customer Service — Customers can access policies on mobile devices & desktops from any Internet enabled device.

Exceed Expectations — keep your online shop open to customers 24/7/365 and give customers access to their own policies.

Decrease Response Time — Activity notifications are instantly sent to agents when customers electronically request changes.

Increase Productivity — Reducing general service requests frees up time for agents to focus on larger issues.

Reduce E&O Exposure — Client activities and communication is logged in EZLynx for quick access.

Step 7 — EZLynx Retention Center

Introduced 2 years ago, EZLynx Retention Center has redefined the renewal process at agencies using this solution.

Step 7 - EZLynx Retention CenterWith its patented technology, Retention Center can review and prioritize all daily renewals from high to low risk of attrition. This allows your employees to focus only on those renewals that are at greatest risk of a loss—all from a single screen in EZLynx.

Agents who implement Retention Center on average enjoy more than a 5 points increase in their retention.

Focused Strategy — Become proactive in your agency’s retention process to review every customer’s account at renewal.

Improved Customer Service — Communicate with every customer prior to the renewal to reinforce your agency’s value.

Greater Productivity — Utilize new technology to conduct and manage renewal process without increasing staff.

Expedite Remarketing — Utilize the policy sync feature to rapidly update a customer’s information and submit for quotes.

Expand Insight — Instant view into price and comparison of current policy and renewal to identify any changes.

Boost Revenue — Each additional point of retention corresponds to a specific dollar amount for each agency of increased profit.

Step 8 — EZLynx Communication Center

Encompassing all aspects of our product is EZLynx Communication Center.  The ability to effectively communicate with your prospects and customers is essential to running an effective agency and is seamlessly used by all pieces of our customer lifecycle suite.

Step 8 - EZLynx Communication CenterCommunication Center is a bundle of digital communication tools that allow to you to email and text message with consumers directly from EZLynx. From completing the sales process with an electronic signature, to keeping your Microsoft Outlook inbox organized and in sync with EZLynx, Communication Center is at the center of your day-to-day workflow.

Drive Sales & Grow your Book — Leverage the power of EZLynx Reporting to define targeted and timely cross-sell email campaigns to increase your policy-per-customer average.

Improve Retention — Pro-actively communicate with clients via Text Message or Email to increase retention and improve the overall customer service experience.

Build Loyalty — Show customers you care by setting date-sensitive delivery for holidays, birthdays, or policy terms.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

While we are certainly excited about the release of EZLynx Sales Center this year, hopefully you see that it is just another piece to a larger vision we have for our industry. Your success is our validation of the roadmap we have set for our company over the past decade, and it will continue to be our benchmark for the decade to come. Be sure to take a look at our 2017 Roadmap if you haven’t already!

You can login to EZLynx here.

Agency Profile: Phil Klein Insurance Group

Phil Klein Insurance GroupPhil Klein Insurance Group opened in Bloomfield Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, during the 2008 recession. Even in an area hardest hit by the economic downturn and unemployment, Phil Klein has managed to grow his book of business to $3.5 million in six years. He accomplished this feat through hard work, dedication, and utilizing EZLynx technology to improve the customer service and productivity of his agency.

Klein learned the business as a captive agent, but three years later he decided to open Phil Klein Insurance Group as an independent insurance agency. Through a digital strategy, streamlined agency processes, and extensive use of EZLynx, Klein built his agency during a challenging economic time.

“I was using two different systems; EZLynx for rating and another vendor for management, but I was only using 30% of the features available in my management system,” explains Klein. Klein realized he was paying for a costly management system with features his agency never used, and his staff was tied-up in expensive, time-consuming training, which took resources away from new business and customer service.

In 2013, Klein made the switch to EZLynx Management System. “I found that it gave me not only a better management system but also a better value for my agency’s dollar,” he explains. “EZLynx gives us the ability to use one system that is easy to use, performs all functions, and is a true Internet-based system.”

This gave Klein the freedom to focus on growing his business rather than just running the system. “What sets it apart from other management systems is its ability to incorporate cutting edge technology in a management system with an understanding of the direction in which technology is taking the 21st century agency,” Klein adds.

He uses the integrated bulk messaging tool to promote new products and for cross-sell campaigns. His staff can quickly run the day-to-day activities and be proactive in helping current customers, especially during renewals.

The integrated management system frees Klein to focus more of his time on growing and retaining business. Knowing that social media is a popular method of communication, Klein utilizes a digital marketing strategy focused on Facebook to target leads in his area. “We have seen a dramatic rise in the amount of quotes being submitted through the Consumer Quoting Facebook App and it has led to numerous sales,” says Klein.

To increase customer service and retention, Klein uses the consumer facing EZLynx Client Center. “Many of my clients have already been using it and the response has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Klein. “Clients love the fact that they have 24/7 access to their insurance information.” He had used a similar product through his previous management system, but found that it was challenging for the customers to use.

For Klein, the move to a digital focus did not just apply to communicating with his consumers, but pertained to his staff, too. “Since it is a truly Internet-based system, you can be anywhere in the world and on any type of device and have complete access to your virtual agency. All you need is an Internet connection,” Klein explained.

With about 70 percent of his business in personal lines, Klein and his staff interact with many customers in the local community. Having access to the agency’s full information in the cloud from anywhere with an Internet connection is just another way Klein offers his customers that personal touch that only an independent agent can provide.

At a challenging time, Klein laid a solid foundation for his agency, streamlined his processes, and provides online customer service for the modern insurance consumer. “EZLynx gives my agency the ability to interact with my clients through multiple lines of communication; phone, email, text message, or social media. It gives me the ability to stay in contact with my clients and promote new products and features through bulk campaigns. It also serves as an invaluable tool for my agents; it makes their job easier and allows them to be more organized which in turn increases productivity and gives me a great recruiting tool. EZLynx is the most highly-advanced management system on the market.” – Phil Klein (Personal Interview, 2014)

Want to learn more about how your agency can benefit from EZLynx Management System and the full suite of EZLynx agency solutions?

Click Here

Feeling trapped? Find out how one agent found freedom with EZLynx Management System

Brian Burns, owner of Compass Insurance Group in Denver Colorado, recently sat down with us to talk about his experience migrating to EZLynx Management System.  We have heard from our customers for many years now that there is a growing feeling in our industry of being permanently chained to your existing management system.  The sad truth is, it’s intentional that you find yourself in this situation.  The AMS companies that have long dominated the industry have as part of their business strategy made it very difficult for an agency to move to another system for one simple reason: If you must continue using them as your management system, then they can charge you anything they want.  If you have any doubt, just check your bill.

“I felt trapped,” says Burns. And he’s not alone. A big part of that feeling comes from the fear that many management systems have worked to instill in their customers. “I get the fear because I felt it too,” he goes on. “They make it very difficult to get your data. That’s where they try to trap you. They say you can have your data, but they also say it’s encrypted and you have to pay us for it, and we wont give you a drop of support, and you know, good luck.”

These companies have realized that with this data, your business is on the line, and they are often quick to play that card.  It was no different for Burns. “Even though it’s your data, they make you feel like it’s not.”

When EZLynx released our Management System, we knew that our rating customers were going to have a hard time moving to our new system.  With our features, customer service, and price point, many agents wanted to, but they felt that, like Burns, they couldn’t. “I felt trapped by my management system, and it frustrated me,” says Burn. “You’re either going to give in to the fear and frustration that is associated with your old system, or you’re going to turn around and refuse to be frustrated anymore.”

For Burns, his confidence in EZLynx paid off. “I can’t believe there was any resistance at first, because it has been an overwhelming success for us,” says Burns.

However, as a company, helping agents break free from the chains of their old management system is only the first challenge. More importantly, we have worked hard to make sure EZLynx Management System is worth it for our customers, and if we don’t think it is, we won’t sell it. “They took their time to evaluate my data and make a true recommendation,” Burns continues. “If they felt like it wasn’t a good fit, they were willing to tell me that, and I know they’ve told people that before.”

We also realize that independent agents have to be agile and streamlined.  EZLynx is more than a comparative rater, and it’s more than a management system.  EZLynx is a full customer lifecycle suite that can help bring all your various tools together into one cost effective, seamless platform. “They actually developed our website, and we have quarterly meetings with them to make sure that it’s performing the way we want it to,” says Burns.

Part of being streamlined is also controlling your costs. “Every time I added a new employee, I would have to buy a new license and there would be a big upfront cost, and then that monthly cost would be tacked on,” he says. “With EZLynx, I don’t feel like they penalize you for growing. They want me to grow, just like I want them to grow.”

We have also put a lot of focus on making EZLynx Management System as user-friendly as possible.  If you already use EZLynx Rating Engine, then you already have a head start.  “There wasn’t a lot of training needed, and that’s a compliment to EZLynx because it’s very user friendly,” Burns remarks. “If there are certain things that you just don’t get, they have classes for them. I also love the live chat support where I can have someone answer my questions with just a few clicks.”

There’s a reason that EZLynx was the first comparative rater for independent insurance agents to the market over 10 years ago – Our goal from the beginning has always been to make an agents life easier through innovation. “If it doesn’t have a feature that is critical to your agency, I can tell you through experience that it will be there within a few months,” says Burns.

“Hands down, EZLynx is the best management system out there, and I guess it’s as simple as that.”

Watch the full video of Brian Burns here

Brian Burns is owner of Compass Insurance Group in Denver, Colorado.  Compass has been an EZLynx customer since 2004 and uses EZLynx to rate and manage their book of business of over $10M and over 5,000 customers.


EZLynx Client Center is now Mobile Friendly

The time and money required to keep an existing customer is often much less than the investment required to get a new customer.  Therefore it makes sense then that you would invest in the infrastructure needed to keep your current customers happy.

EZLynx Client Center - Mobile LoginOur latest version of EZLynx Client Center came out last year, and we have seen more and more agencies take advantage of this companion to EZLynx Management System, providing 24/7 customer self-servicing on their agency website.  And just like our Consumer Quoting product, we have also monitored the growing volume of visitors that come from mobile devices.

After all, it does make sense.  If you’ve got an always-on customer service center, why wouldn’t you make it easy for your on-the-go consumers to log in and access things like their auto proof of insurance? Already, several states have passed or are debating legislation to allow motorists to present digital insurance cards from their mobile devices as proof of insurance during a traffic stop.

As always, EZLynx continues to be at the forefront of innovation in announcing that later this week EZLynx Client Center will detect if your consumer is coming from a mobile device and automatically switch to a more mobile-optimized version of the site.

Users will be able to quickly log in from their phone or tablet, view policy details, send their agent a quick message, and view important policy documents, including automatically generated proof of insurance cards for their auto policies.

EZLynx Client Center - Mobile Document CenterWe also wanted to take advantage of features that are specific to a mobile device, so your customers can also snap a picture on their phone and quickly upload it to the document center.

These days, people are very well connected, and they expect around-the-clock access to their insurance information. In fact, many of your customers probably don’t even bother to keep paper copies of their policy documents, but assume they’ll be able to access the information electronically when they need it. If they can’t, they probably won’t be happy about having to wait for business hours so they can call you and get the information they’re looking for.

All of this information is right at your customers’ fingertips because it’s easy to integrate the EZLynx Client Center with your existing website, and if you already have EZLynx Client Center, you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of the new mobile features.

Even better, our EZLynx Agency Websites are built fully integrated with both EZLynx Consumer Quoting and EZLynx Client Center. When you use our whole suite of products, you’ll find that you’re able to provide a superior level of service to your customers to keep them happy and improve customer loyalty and retention.

EZLynx Agency Websites - Seamless Integration

Take a minute to picture your day without the frantic phone calls and emails from customers trying to find policy documents, ask questions about their coverage, or make changes to their policy. Not only does EZLynx Client Center eliminate many of these interruptions, but it also makes your customers happy, and happy customers tend to be the ones who stick with you!

Find out how you can start delivering superior customer service today.


EZLynx Roadmap for 2014

It is that time of the year when we reflect on our previous year’s resolutions and make new resolutions for the coming year. I want to start with a quick review of last year’s resolution first followed by new resolutions for 2014. There are four areas of the industry I focused on in our EZLynx Roadmap for 2013. Below is an end of the year update on each one of the focus areas.

A look back at 2013…

Consumers and Mobile

We made tremendous progress with both of these focus areas in 2013. We started the year with a new version of our consumer facing product EZLynx Client Center. This product allows our EZLynx Management System customers to add a consumer login to their agency website, allowing consumers to print policy related documents like ID card, proof of insurance, etc. and also to request policy changes. We also released our new mobile friendly version of EZLynx Consumer Quoting mid-year. This product enables consumers visiting an agency web site to use their smart phone or tablet to obtain live quotes in a mobile friendly screen. We have two other mobile products scheduled for delivery before end of this year – a mobile version of EZLynx Client Center, and an update to our mobile version of EZLynx.

Agency in a Box

Agency in a Box has been a philosophy of our product design from day one. It is our goal, one day, to offer a solution to our agents that manages the entire agency customer life cycle. We have been focused on agency policy servicing features for the last two years. We made considerable progress with expanding our commercial support in EZLynx Management System in 2013. We delivered two big pieces for commercial agencies this past year – Premium Trust Accounting and Certificate Management. Both of these solutions are feature rich and I really encourage you to visit our website or talk to one of our sales people for more details.

EZLynx Marketplace

We delivered four third-party products in 2013 under the EZLynx Marketplace architecture. We started the year with a fully integrated eSignature app, followed by a Lead Management integration app mid-year, and before the end of this year we will be delivering Bulk Campaigns under the umbrella of our EZLynx Marketing Campaigns product, and finally, EZLynx Accounting will be officially launched in January.

Agency Management for the new digital age

We are confident that we have laid a strong foundation for EZLynx Management System to date. Our product has been fully cloud based from day one so you can work with the management system from any place on any system and any device. One of the best features we implemented in 2013 is our monthly Agency Pulse report. This report summarizes, every month via an email, some of the key metrics about your organization. These metrics include total written premium, personal lines to commercial lines ratio, policies per customer, premium per customer, carrier retention ratio, agency and producer close ratio, and more. You can find more information about Agency Pulse here.

Looking ahead to 2014…

Now it’s time for me to make some resolutions for 2014. I have several wish list items that I personally want to accomplish this coming year. This list is quite exhaustive, so I will try and stick to 3 big items or focus areas that we will be tackling in 2014.

Agency Analytics and Agency Metrics (Agency top line feature)

We believe our industry is experiencing a paradigm shift that requires agents to be opportunistic about how and where they focus their efforts in order to increase their top line revenue. Agency analytics is one of the ways a well thought out management system can guide agents in increasing their top line revenue. Our EZLynx Agency Pulse report, implemented earlier this year in EZLynx, is a simple first step of a much larger analytics implementation that will be rolled out in the first half of next year to improve our EZLynx Management System customers’ top line. Please stay tuned because we have some exciting new products and services announcements to make in the next year regarding agency analytics that should help you dramatically improve your top line numbers.

Agency Process Automation (Agency bottom line feature)

It is no longer enough to improve the top line at an agency without improving the bottom line at the same time. We will be enhancing several existing EZLynx Management System features in 2014 to streamline agency processes and to improve agency profitability. Once again please stay tuned because we have some exciting changes coming in the first half of next year which should help you dramatically improve your bottom line numbers.

Commercial Support

We are very confident with the level of support that we have built into EZLynx Management System for personal lines agencies. We feel it is time for us to focus more on features that a big commercial lines agency would desire. We hope to build several new features in this area for 2014. Due to competitive reasons I would be hesitant to discuss this in detail other than to simply say that much more is coming soon.

Outside of these three major focus areas, we will continue to push forward with more mobile features, more consumer facing features, more marketplace applications, and providing the same level of customer support that we pride ourselves on. As you can see we have a big list of projects and ideas for 2014. I am really excited about the coming year, and I hope you are as excited as I am to be a part of the EZLynx family. I am predicting 2014 to be a break out year for EZLynx Management System.

Thanks for a great year!

Before I sign off, I want to thank all our hard working staff at EZLynx, especially our product support team, for their dedicated effort to serve you every day. I encourage you to send them complimentary emails whenever they provide you with excellent service. I also encourage you to contact me directly if there is something that is bothering you about our company or product. I will be more than glad to reply and have a conversation with you.

Thanks you for being our customer and have a safe and happy holidays and a happy new year!


EZLynx Roadmap for 2013 – Mid-Year Update

A Note from the CEO – 95% EZLynx Customer Satisfaction Rating

First off, I want to thank all our customers for their overwhelming approval of EZLynx. Once again, for 8th year in a row, 95% of our customers said they would recommend EZLynx to someone they know. Our deepest thanks for all the faith and confidence you have in us. Our employees work very hard to make this happen and we are excited to see such numbers even as our company grows.

I made some business commitments in January 2013 newsletter and I thought I would follow up with a mid-year update on these commitments. We are still focused on 3 different areas for 2013 – mobile support, more consumer facing features and agency productivity. I am happy to say that we have delivered a little bit towards each of these goals.

We delivered our version 2 of consumer facing client center which allows for your customers not only to print policy documents like ID card but also to request policy changes. This product is on a good path and the next step for this product is to mobile enable the same.

On the mobile front end, we delivered our first version of Consumer Quoting Mobile in the first half of this year. This version allows consumers, visiting your site, to finish their quotes on a mobile device as effortlessly as on a desktop computer. If you happen to be one of our customers with our website product then your customers should experience a seemless mobile experience including the website and the quoting.

Finally, just last week we delivered our fully integrated eSignature feature within EZLynx. This feature will allow our users to send any PDF document, including all the ones available inside EZLynx and any carrier documents, to your customers for a quick signature. We really believe this should significantly improve agent productivity within EZLynx and also compliance with carrier and state laws to always obtain certain signed documents.

Software as a Service: Affordable Solutions for Total Independent Insurance Management

Cloud computing allows an independent insurance agent to obtain the same computer services that a large insurance company enjoys by obtaining them through a service agreement with a Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor.

For more than a decade, EZLynx has been helping insurance agencies run more efficiently. Now we offer four levels of agency management and digital marketing suites to suppliment the EZLynx Rating Engine. EXLynx Agency Suites, ranging from basic to a full enterprise system, includes a number of features to help streamline your workflow, generate new business, and retain exising customers.

Whether you choose EZLynx’s Basic Package, Standard Package, Advanced Package, or our Enterprise Package you will get access to innovative solutions that rival the proprietary systems of the largest insurance companies. Since the software resides on our secure server, you avoid the major investment in hardware and software.

Changes are easily and reliably added by EZLynx without interruption of your daily operations and involvement of expensive IT services.

EZLynx Rating Engine

At the center of our product, EZLynx is powered by the EZLynx Rating Engine. This core componenet is required for all of our Agency Suites.

EZLynx Management System

Each package includes our robust management system. Agents can obtain any data they need from wherever they can access the Internet. The entire client lifecycle is managed and stored in the cloud.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting

The EZLynx Internet quote system allows your customers to easily fill forms out a single time and generate a quote they can review online. If the quote is incomplete, the system will automatically email the client and request they complete the information needed. Advanced features include automatic vehicle pre-fill and other things to make the process as consumer friendly as possible.

EZLynx Marketing Campaigns

Integrating your EZLynx data with email drip campaigns allows independent insurance agents to stay in contact with clients on a regular basis rather just at renewal time. It is easy to design digital marketing campaigns that are informative and relevant – communications is one of the most important parts of successful ongoing marketing. This feature is also standard for all packages.

EZLynx Client Center

Here your clients can easily get their ID Cards, policy documents, and request changes 24/7. Enhanced customer service helps to retain clients and saves your agency time and money.

EZLynx Agency Websites

EZLynx offers powerful agency websites that come fully integrated with our Consumer Quoting and Client Center products. Generate new business with a website built using SEO best practices, offer live comparative quoting, and then service those consumers after they become customers.

When you choose EZLynx as your SaaS provider, no matter what suite you select, you get an easy to implement full-service suite of services so that your agency runs smoothly. With no software needed to download, there is no reason not to try our free 10-day trial. Click here to sign up or call us at 877-932-2382, option 2.

EZLynx – All-in-One Software for Insurance Agencies

If you are an insurance agent or office manager, you know how much information there is to work with on a day-to-day basis—this includes insurance rates, policy info and data about your clients. Because of this, it is important that you have a system to help keep you organized, provide you with the up-to-date information that you need to work with your clients and a simple way to find the best possible insurance rates.

EZLynx is an all-in-one solution to help you keep your insurance agency running as smoothly as possible. While there are other products on the market for insurance, EZLynx offers everything you need in one intuitive package. Since 2003, the EZLynx product suite has provided agencies with all the tools they need for the entire consumer insurance cycle. Some of the processes that the program can help with include:

  • Rating Engine – Get accurate, live, real time rates as you need them. Compare rates between carriers and find your customers the best possible insurance solution.
  • Management System – Our management system supports both personal and commercial clients and guides you through your daily tasks. Additionally, it is a fully functioning program to help you with your form filling processes.
  • Consumer Quote Engine – Offer your customers access to insurance quotes directly from your website, putting the power of the rating engine in the hands of your clients.
  • Client Center – Your customers will have access to all policy documents, can request changes to the policy and see all account information securely and with ease from the integrated client center.
  • Website Integration – EZLynx helps with integrating all these tools into your current website, giving you a professional edge.
  • Marketing – As part of the software package, EZLynx can create email campaigns to put you in contact with your clients and communicate with them as needed.

There are several levels of the EZLynx software program available. Each package is customized to provide you with the tools you need at a price point that works for your agency. All of our programs include technical support from our “genius” tech members via email, phone or live chat. Additionally, we offer live webinars so you can learn more about the various features included within the EZLynx software suite.

If you are trying to run your insurance agency without the help of EZLynx , you are working too hard. Check out the features with our free 10-day trial—we feel confident that you will find that once you try out our product, you will not be able to imagine running your office without it. With front-end and back-end support, EZLynx is the solution you have always desired for your agency.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting Mobile is Coming Soon

EZLynx Consumer Quoting - Mobile TrendsIt’s an exciting time in the insurance industry.  Rapid changes in technology and the way consumers expect to do business has created new opportunities for technology savvy agents.

EZLynx continues to be on the cutting edge of innovation as we put a strong emphasis on our Management System and Client Center products to help bring together a full customer lifecycle solution for the digital marketplace.  One trend that we see in our statistics each month, though, is an increase in Consumer Quoting traffic on mobile devices.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting - Without MobileWe saw a major need in the market to provide a mobile optimized consumer quoting experience for independent agents that will help that growing segment of traffic to complete the quote process.
If you’ve ever tried to fill out a form on your phone on a desktop-optimized website, you are aware of just how frustrating all the pinching and zooming and panning back and forth can become.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting with the mobile feature enabled will automatically detect if the user is on a mobile device and switch to a user friendly mobile interface.  Forms fields line up neatly on the screen and become perfectly readable on your tablet or mobile device.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting - Mobile Optimized

Included with Enhanced Consumer Quoting, our mobile optimized quoting experience will help make it easier for online shoppers to bring their business to your agency.

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Easily Send Birthday Emails with EZLynx Marketing Campaigns

birthday cupcakesIndependent agents are often required to play the role of agent, CSR, and marketing director.  EZLynx Marketing Campaigns makes it easy to streamline simple email marketing tasks so that your agency can spend more time writing new business.  Multi-step drip email campaigns are a great way to follow up with both customers and prospects over a long period of time without requiring on-going monitoring on your part.

We recently released an upgrade to our drip campaign feature that allows the user to set a specific activation date for the drip campaign process for a selected applicant.  This makes it possible to put individual applicants on a variety of date-specific and recurring campaigns, including birthday campaigns.

To send out birthday campaigns you will need to setup and customize a Birthday Campaign template.  We have provided one to help get you started.

EZLynx Marketing Campaigns - New Birthday Template

Once a template is created, you’ll be able to put individual applicants on the birthday campaign in a few simple steps.

Select the applicant for whom you want to setup the birthday campaign.  Click Start Drip Campaign and choose your birthday campaign template from the list.

EZLynx Marketing Campaigns - Start New Birthday Campaign

Set the new campaign to activate on the applicant’s birthday and check the yearly recurrence box to schedule the campaign to repeat for the next 5 years.

EZLynx Marketing Campaigns is included as part of EZLynx Agency Suites.  Find out how EZLynx is the only tool you need to run your agency. Watch the video or drop us a line and we’ll get in touch.