EZLynx Management System Announces Powerful Productivity Enhancement called Agency Workspace

EZLynx, long known for its speed to market with innovative independent insurance agency solutions, announces a powerful productivity enhancement called EZLynx Agency Workspace.

For EZLynx Management System customers, EZLynx brings seamless multitasking and collaboration tools with the new Agency Workspace. Agency Workspace is an agent’s hub for keeping track of tasks, creating new notes, and viewing recent notifications, such as reminders and incoming text messages – all from one easy-to-access location.

From any page in EZLynx, quickly create a note for any applicant without having to navigate to a new page. Just click the Note icon in the top-right area, search for the applicant, and add in the details.

In addition to easy note creation, EZLynx adds powerful organizational features to your notes and tasks. Add labels to keep related notes and tasks grouped together. When viewing your activity log, you can click on a label to see only the notes and tasks that were assigned to that group, such as everything related to your upcoming renewals.

“When you log a note, it often leads to an action item,” said John McKay, Sales Director at EZLynx. “That’s why we made it possible to add a task from within a note. For example, when a customer calls to ask about making a change to their policy, it is important for E&O purposes that you log that request in EZLynx. However, you also need to assign the task of making the requested policy change to either yourself or someone else in your agency. Agency Workspace makes that possible.”

“Agency Workspace also makes it possible to add several reminder options for your tasks, all of which can be assigned separate dates and times,” McKay continues. “If you have EZLynx Text Messaging, you can also have EZLynx text you a reminder. All of this, and more, is possible in EZLynx.”

About EZLynx

EZLynx develops industry-leading cloud-based software for the insurance industry. Their software has helped independent agents operate their businesses more effectively for over ten years.

EZLynx is proud to be the innovator of several products available on its ONE PLATFORM™ solution, including real-time Rating Engine, Retention Center™, Agency Pulse™, Policy Sync, eSignature, and Agency Management System.

EZLynx 4.0 – Revolutionize the way you Run your Agency

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More Screen Real Estate and a New Look and Feel

More Screen Real Estate in EZLynx 4.0

One of our biggest challenges has always been finding ways to fit as much useful information on the screen as possible without making things cluttered and overwhelming. It’s a daunting task.

There is so much information that an agent needs to have easy access to, yet only a limited amount of space to fit it on the screen. No two agents are alike in their needs or in the devices they use to access EZLynx. From huge, multi-monitor workstations, to narrow tablets and phones, everyone’s experience is always just a little bit different.

EZLynx 4.0 optimizes the usage of space in the areas of EZLynx where you spend the most time. Since most monitors are now wider than they are tall, it made sense to spread the information across the width of the screen.

Another important issue that is tackled in EZLynx 4.0 is Multitasking. For EZLynx Management System customers, our new Agency Workspace puts important alerts and actions at your fingertips, no matter where you are in EZLynx. This means you can quickly perform other actions without having to navigate to a new page.

Perform key actions from anywhere in EZLynx
Simply toggle the workspace open by clicking the top-right icons on any page. You will be able to review notifications, view your tasks, and even create new notes or tasks – all without having to navigate to a new page.


Eliminate the E&O Trap Caused by Texting with Clients

EZLynx 4.0 Introduces Texting

Receive a unique agency phone number
Using a specially provided phone number, your agency will be able to send and receive text messages – directly from within EZLynx. No other agency automation vendor offers such a tightly integrated solution.

Everyone loves to text. It’s quick, to the point, and you can do it from anywhere. Agencies are keenly aware of the huge E&O issue caused by communicating with their customers via text messages because the courts find that if it’s not documented in the agency systems, it never happened!

EZLynx Text Messaging integrates perfectly with EZLynx 4.0 so you can send and receive text messages with your customers – knowing the messages are safely stored in EZLynx.

Using a specially provided phone number, your agency will be able to send and receive text messages – directly from within EZLynx. No other agency automation vendor offers such a tightly integrated solution.

On a particular consumer in EZLynx, select the option to send a text message, choose the phone number, type your message, and click ‘send.’ It’s as simple as that. Best of all, everything is logged in your system for future reference.

When the consumer responds, the message will automatically be associated with that applicant and logged as an activity. New text message alerts will show up as a notification on your Agency Workspace so that you always know when a new message has arrived, no matter where you are in EZLynx.