EZLynx Marketing Campaigns – Assurance for Insurance

The competition in today’s insurance market is tougher than ever. Potential customers know that they have a lot of choices. While getting rate quotes from competing insurance companies was once a luxury, it’s now expected. An individual insurer needs to market their existing products, serve current customers and attract new business. Doing it all can be a tall order, but with EZLynx Marketing Campaigns agents can focus on developing their relationships with customers, and ultimately grow their business.

Informed Customers

With so many people doing their insurance research online, it’s important to effectively incorporate digital marketing into your strategy. People throw away direct-mail advertising before they even look at it, and they leave the room during a commercial break while watching television. But the still turn to their computers, smartphones and tablets for information, and by providing it you engage your prospects and keep them focused on your products for that much longer. But keeping up with online digital marketing and drip campaigns takes a lot of effort, and honestly, do you really have time for that?

EZLynx Marketing Campaigns gives you the opportunity to use your skills in the way that you do best, while we take care of the marketing and provide clear reporting clearly identifies which of your policies and products are working, and which might need tweaking.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is part of our strategy that helps directly engage customers. With email templates, we reinforce your brand and give your clients and prospects an opportunity to get a steady flow of information that will ultimately lead them back to your website where they can compare rate quotes, get even more information, and even manage many aspects of their own policy or research possible upgrades.

Instead of simply doing an email blast. we structure strategic drip campaigns, which send a series of emails to your clients and prospects over a period of time. The philosophy behind drip marketing is that the average person needs to be presented with promotional materials 29 times before they become a customer or upgrade their service. While these campaigns can be done with printed postcards and newsletters, it is far less expensive to present these promotional materials digitally.

Leads and Tracking

Ultimately, the best way to know whether your digital marketing plan is working is by looking at the number of leads you are getting. EZLynx Marketing Campaigns makes it easy. Our program uses an MS Outlook add-in to flag the emails that ultimately generate leads. With this knowledge, you can tell what is working, fine-tune your drip campaigns and put more of your resources into the strategies that are most effective with your customers.

More Information

While digital marketing is increasingly popular among all businesses, EZLynx focuses on the needs of insurance agencies to fully grasp the unique needs and concerns of the industry. Our Agency Suites products range from basic services, which include EZLynx Marketing Campaigns, to the EZLynx Management integrated with MS Outlook. More advanced packages include customer quoting, a client center and informative agency websites.

To find out more about which of EZLynx products would be a good fit for your agency, visit us at EZLynx.com