Get the Most Out of Your EZLynx Agency Website

Having an aesthetically pleasing website that also encompasses local SEO and fresh content is a must in the insurance industry.  Not just any old website will do, either. Your customers need to be able to recognize and find your business easily without navigating through a bunch of clutter. Our team at EZLynx takes it a step further with Agency Website packages and post-launch website management assistance.

Our packages range from having a good starter website with up to 5 pages, all the way to having up to 15 locally optimized pages with unique monthly blog content and so much more. You can choose which package is best for you and work with an EZLynx associate to complete basic information that will be incorporated in to your website.

There are numerous benefits included in our premium Gold Website package, and some of those may fly under the radar if you’re not 100% familiar with our offerings. Below we’ve highlighted some of our favorite features available through the Gold Website package.

Friendly associates

EZLynx is dedicated to making sure that your experience is seamless. We have friendly and knowledgeable associates who will be there to help you every step of the way. A website associate will get in contact with you after your sale is completed by a sales representative, and will be there to answer any questions you may have before and after your site has been launched.

Post-launch website assistance

After your website launches, a website analyst will reach out to you. Your website analyst is your post-launch website contact. They will be able to answer any questions you have regarding your website and will also be able to assist you with any changes you need to make. Five hours’ worth of updates per quarter are budgeted in to your package just in case you want to update your site, add a new page, or change your address.

Monthly blog content

Each new EZLynx Gold Website includes one unique blog article per month that is added directly to your Insurance Blog. If one blog per month isn’t up to your speed, we can provide you with your blog login information and instructions on how to post your own blog content.

AgentInsure exclusive listing

AgentInsure is an online quoting website owned by EZLynx. The website was created to bring you the convenience of the internet along with the security and free consultation of an insurance agent. We enlist all of our Gold Website agencies through AgentInsure to help generate additional leads.

Multilingual websites

With the EZLynx Gold Website package you have the option of having Google Translate installed on your website, allowing persons who speak any language to easily navigate your website. Additionally, we offer a Spanish Consumer Quoting rating engine that, while not included, can be purchased separately.

EZLynx Social & Local Reach

EZLynx Social Reach & EZLynx Local Reach are two completely different but absolutely important benefits in purchasing a Gold Website package. EZLynx Social Reach places your website in front of potential customers on Facebook, creating local brand awareness for your agency. EZLynx Local Reach is an online local listing program that helps generate additional relevant traffic to your website.

Optimized content for local search

Every paragraph on your website has been carefully looked over and optimized to have a better chance of being pulled in local search result queries. Additionally, each page on your website is equip with metadata information (that is not visible on your website itself, but on the backend) that helps guide the internet in to knowing more about your website, for a greater change of it being pulled in local search. Monthly blog articles are also written from a locally optimized perspective.

Mobile friendly

Have you ever visited a website from your mobile device that just didn’t look right? Maybe the images were too big or the text was too small. We’ve got that covered. Every EZLynx Agency Website is developed with a responsive feature unique to the device it is being used on, whether that is a phone, tablet, or computer.

Content management system

Some customers want to have the option to do it themselves, and our Content Management System allows them to do just that. Although not every component is editable from our Content Management System, if you have an address to change or a photo to add you can make those changes quickly and efficiently through this application without having to get an EZLynx associate involved.

What is Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

LinkedIn Insurance Agent Marketing

LinkedIn, a business-oriented social media networking service, will be celebrating its 13th anniversary this May. With more than 400 million users that represent more than 200 different countries, LinkedIn has grown into a very important marketing tool for many industries, including the insurance industry.

LinkedIn offers an array of options to help you market yourself or your business, and although it may be a time-consuming task to take in, it’s overall pretty simple. LinkedIn is extremely user-friendly. If you’ve created an account, you’re already on the right track.

Optimize Your Profile

People will judge you based on your profile. This is the first thing a new connection – and possible potential client – will see. How will you manage their first impressions? Similar to Google, LinkedIn (and other social media websites) are also search engines. You need to make sure you are easily found.

  • Customize your URL – LinkedIn gives you the option to customize your URL on personal and company accounts, but not on group pages.
  • Picture Perfect – Whether you are updating your personal or company LinkedIn page, make sure your photo or logo is professional looking and high resolution. Your profile picture should be 500×500 while your business logo should be a 400 x 400 square.
  • Fill Out Your Profile Completely – Do not leave any section behind! Remember, we are capturing first impressions here. You want to be as detailed as possible. You can add skills and get endorsements for those skills on your personal profile. You can also feature professional memberships, incorporate branding into your background image, and showcase your work, awards, and certifications.

Share & Create Content

Fresh content is the key to traffic, and traffic is the key to success, right? LinkedIn has two options for you as far as sharing and creating content goes.

  • LinkedIn Publisher – This tool allows you to publish an article within LinkedIn’s free Pulse community, with the opportunity for thousands (sometimes, millions) of people to see your message. The engagement is typically pretty high and is a nice supplement to your website traffic.
  • Share Content from Your Company Blog – Think about posting your blog content on LinkedIn after it is published on your website. As previously stated, sharing on LinkedIn increases engagement and traffic to your website and products.

Engage LinkedIn Groups

A LinkedIn group offers an open forum for users to share their opinions and thoughts about certain things and products. LinkedIn groups are tiny hubs where professionals in different fields provide marketing tips, engage with each other about industry trends, and acts as a community to support their fellow members.

Within your company page, you may want to create a LinkedIn group to discuss new products and services, tips, and more. Within your group you can start conversations, post jobs, and see what your members have to say. You can add a link to your LinkedIn group to your email signature and to your website to help draw engagement and traffic, as well.

Keep Connecting

Your ability to meet new potential clients is largely dependent by the size of your network and the quality of your content and connections. This doesn’t mean you should go on an adding frenzy, and add folks just for the purpose of gaining a large following. Engage other users in LinkedIn Groups, find connections you may know from previous jobs, connect with people in the same industry & trade tips. LinkedIn offers an array of possibilities to make connecting simple.

Once you optimize your profile and begin to engage members in groups, you’ll quickly gain the proper connections to build your network in the most organic and genuine way. As stated previously, this is a time-consuming task, but the benefits could be exponential.

LinkedIn makes it easy, too. If you have a smartphone or tablet you can access the services through an app, if you’re not near your desktop or laptop. With connections a click away, why aren’t you using LinkedIn to boost your marketing presence?

Supercharge Your Digital Marketing With New Designs and Sample Content in EZLynx Marketing Campaigns

This year will see several major enhancements to our bulk and drip email marketing campaign tools as we address some of the feedback we have received on how to make these tools more useful for your agency.  We are excited to announce that the first of these enhancements is now available, making the creating of new bulk email templates easier than ever!

One of the concerns we frequently heard from agents is that they don’t have the time or expertise to design professional email campaigns, as well as come up with engaging content that their customers and prospects would want to read.

We have started to solve this challenge by building a design and content library that can be inserted into any bulk email campaign template. To get started, navigate to the Campaigns tab in EZLynx, then make your way to your template library. This is the list of all the templates you have created at your agency. From here you can create a new template for use in future bulk campaigns.

Template List

Now that you are in the Bulk Campaigns template editor, you can insert your own content (or HTML, for you advanced users out there) like always, but there are now two new buttons at the top – Select Design and Select Content.

Template Editor

Choosing either of these options will bring up the new Design and Content library, which you’ll find populated with over 40 new designs and over 80 content samples.

Design List

Browse the list of options by category to find an option that works for your needs, select it, then choose Insert. Magically, your selection is inserted into the template editor, ready for your customizations!

Design Selected

Best of all, you can insert pre-written content samples completely independent from your design selection. This makes it easy to mix and match designs and content.  Simply place your cursor in the spot where you want to insert the content, then choose ‘Select Content’ from the top.

Content List

Once you have inserted sample content into your template, you can easily edit the content to meet your specific needs.  For example, you may want to add a link to your website, or you may want to include some additional content that is specific to your local community.

Complete Email

Once you are happy with your template, give it a name and click Save. The new template will be added to your Template List and available to use on any future Bulk Email Campaign.

While this first enhancement is limited to our Bulk Email Campaign Tool, rest assured that we will make these features available to the Drip Campaign tool in the coming months.

Communication is essential to running a successful business, which is why we have more exciting enhancements to our suite of communication tools planned for this year, so stay tuned!

Practical Online Strategies for Independent Insurance Agents

If you’re not a billion dollar company in our industry, your website is quite simply not going to come up first in the search results on a national basis for those coveted generic search terms like “auto quote” or “car insurance”. With that said, ignoring the online marketplace is not an option anymore. Even for those of you that are all about personal relationships and word of mouth (which is not a bad thing), there is now an expectation by consumers that all businesses have at least some kind of online presence. If nothing else, it has become an indicator of legitimacy – a consumer may not trust a business that doesn’t have a website. Thus the question becomes, how does a small business compete with the likes of Geico, Progressive, and Esurance when it comes to the online realm? An initial step in planning your online strategy should be to take note of the unique advantages of an independent agent. You’re local, you’re accessible, you’re informed, and you can provide a competitive advantage over a single direct writer in your ability to quote with several other carriers. Take these advantages and craft a practical search engine optimization and digital marketing strategy that can yield slow and steady gains for your agency online.

Step 1: Embrace Local

It’s already a major advantage for an independent agent, so the fact that Google is expending a lot of resources to include, and even favor, local listings in their search results plays right into your hands. Don’t forget that an effective online strategy is more than SEO. SEO will ensure that your website is built in a way that search engines can understand, and there are certain methods that a savvy website company can take advantage of to give you a little boost, but for the modern consumer it goes so far beyond traditional Google search results now. Just one example is location-based search. Consumers will think of things they need to do while they are already out and about. And what do we do? We whip out our smartphones and do a search for a nearby location that sells, as an example right off the top of my head, insurance. It’s not just a map of nearby locations anymore either – that was so 5 years ago. It now includes reviews, links, company details, and more. If you’re focused on the online market, you absolutely want to be included in the results for these kinds of searches. This means having your location consistently identified across countless online directory services. You should already have a social media presence for your agency, so you’ll also need to make sure your social media pages very clearly and accurately reference your location. Most consumers gain confidence by reading the opinions of their peers.  Encourage happy customers to give you a testimonial on your Google business listing.

Step 2: Be Accessible

Make it ridiculously easy for consumers to contact your agency. This means having contact forms on your website, quote forms, and your phone number on every page. If they are already your customer, it means providing easy ways to request changes, contact you with a quick question, and even access common documents like proof of insurance. Lastly, this means communicating with consumers in the way they prefer to communicate. From email to texting, if it can be used to communicate, chances are you will come across a consumer that wants to use it to talk to you. You can’t be accessible if you aren’t embracing mobile. The latest reporting continues to show that mobile usage for day-to-day web browsing is rapidly increasing. Your website, your consumer quoting portal, and your online customer service features should all be fully mobile-optimized. However, don’t fall into the trap of thinking your agency needs to have a mobile app. An app has to be installed from the app store of the device you are using, which is a huge deterrent in getting consumers to use it. More importantly, mobile apps don’t come up in search results on Google. Instead, focus on making sure your website can provide a positive user experience when being accessed from a mobile device.  Many websites, such as those created by EZLynx, can adjust automatically depending on the visitor’s screen size for a complete mobile-friendly experience. Paired with mobile-ready quoting and servicing solutions like EZLynx Consumer Quoting and Client Center, you’ll be ready to both quote and service consumers on any device.

Step 3: Share Your Knowledge

The internet is about communication. Websites, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter all have the sole purpose of making it easier and more fun to communicate with each other. Once upon a time, if someone had a question about insurance they would pick up the phone and call an insurance agent. While that does still happen, it has become a last resort for most people now. Whether they are asking the question on Twitter or doing a quick Google search, the first stop for most of us is the internet. Unless you’re actively working to make yourself available online, those consumers just found their answer from someone else. Be that someone else by watching and responding to insurance questions that are posted online. Make your website a repository of insurance knowledge by writing content that answers insurance questions. If nothing else, this will help establish trust between yourself and the reader by giving them unbiased answers to their questions. This is important if you hope to win the business of someone that has to choose between a highly recognized brand or a local insurance agent that doesn’t happen to have the budget to run yearly super bowl commercials like the other guys. This also has the added benefit of increasing the likelihood your website will be returned in search results. You may never attain a nationwide front page ranking for generalized search terms like “car insurance quotes” simply because of the sheer volume of websites out there trying to target those same terms. You are better off working to claim a top spot in search results for more specific questions and topics that you can share your expert opinion on.

Step 4: Ask for Help

All of these things are easy to do with our help. With everything required to manage the day to day responsibilities of an insurance agency, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all of this. EZLynx Agency Websites is our insurance-centric solution to the online marketplace for our agents. However, no matter how you go about establishing your online presence, always approach it from the point of view of the consumer, and you can’t go wrong! Find out how we can help!

Bring Your Agency into the 21st Century with Texting

In an industry that is constantly playing catch-up, it’s hard to keep up with consumer expectations. It seems like much-needed technology is always “on the horizon,” but not quite in sight. In this case, we’re talking text messaging—a quick, easy way for businesses to communicate with customers.

The good news is EZLynx has been working hard to get this highly-anticipated feature into the hands of independent insurance agents. We are proud to announce the arrival of EZLynx Text Messaging.

Why does my agency need texting?

If your business has been heavily dependent on email communication since its rise in the early 70s, it’s easy to dismiss the new kid on the block as being “too informal” or “too risky.” We understand that with all new technology comes a bit of skepticism, but don’t make the mistake of overlooking the benefits that come from having text messaging integrated into your agency management system.

When it comes down to it, text messaging is an abbreviated email. It’s quick, easy to send, and, with EZLynx, it’s trackable. While you may not want to send customers all the nitty-gritty details of their coverage changes via text, sending a short reminder that their policy is about to expire is absolutely appropriate for the platform. In fact, you might even say texting is easier than email in some instances. Plus, now that communication history can be saved in the EZLynx system corresponding to a consumer records, you can put away the anxiety of getting slapped with an E&O claim…

What benefits does texting offer?

Build rapport: The formality of drafting an email may seem a bit inefficient to a consumer when they just need a quick answer. Timely responses make them feel like you are there for them. The casual nature of texting adds a bit of a social aspect that helps consumers feel connected with businesses. We already see this in the way that businesses are interacting with consumers on social media.

Increase customer loyalty: When businesses seem less corporate and more human, customers are less likely to cut ties.

Save time: When compared to emails, texting takes the cake on open rates, with a whopping 97% of texts being opened. This benefit is twofold. Your messages are more likely to be seen and your customers are likely to respond faster and more often.

Are you still asking, “Does my agency really need texting?” Let us ask you this. Does your agency want to meet the needs of your customers?

EZLynx is now offering unlimited texting for only $25/month. This offer won’t last, so act quickly before it’s gone!

Get Started

Integrated Text Messaging in EZLynx

Eliminate the E&O Trap Caused by Texting with Clients

Continuing the trend of providing innovative agency solutions, EZLynx now has a fully integrated SMS text messaging solution – EZLynx Text Messaging. And it’s available today!

EZLynx Text Messaging is Here!Everyone loves to text. It’s quick, to the point, and you can do it from anywhere. Agencies are keenly aware of the huge E&O issue caused by communicating with their customers via text messages because the courts find that if it’s not documented in the agency system, it never happened.

Available as an individual add-on or part of our discounted Communication Center bundle, EZLynx Text Messaging allows your agency to send and receive text messages with your customers using a custom, dedicated phone number for your agency – giving you the peace of mind in knowing the messages are safely stored in EZLynx. No other agency automation vendor offers such a tightly integrated solution.

Text messaging, once used almost exclusively by teens, has grown to encompass a wider age range, with older adults now making up the fastest-growing new population of texters, according to the Pew Internet & Life Project.

In another study, it was found that text message open rates exceeded 98%, and even more shocking was that 90% of all text messages were read within 3 minutes of being received on the mobile phone. In short, texting works!

EZLynx Text Messaging - New Message

When viewing a consumer in EZLynx, select the option to send a text message, choose the phone number, type your message, and click send. It’s as simple as that.

EZLynx Text Messaging - Activity Log

When the consumer responds, the message will automatically be associated with that applicant. You will also receive a copy of the message by email. Best of all, the text messages will be logged as an activity in EZLynx, ensuring you always maintain a two-way record of the entire conversation.

EZLynx Text Messaging - Message Log

When viewing the incoming message log, reply back to incoming messaging without leaving the page, allowing you to quickly work your way down the list. You can also search through your log of text messages by applicant, date, message, and more. For text messages where the phone number does not match, search inline to find and associate the message with the correct applicant in seconds.

EZLynx understands the power of digital communication, and we are continuing to find innovative ways to make technology work for you and not against you. With EZLynx Communication Center, take advantage of our full suite of communication tools, including Text Messaging, Bulk & Drip Email Campaigns, eSignature, and our Microsoft Outlook plug-in, EZLynx for Outlook.

Start texting

Bringing In New Clients With EZLynx Agency Websites

In an age of digital marketing and search engine optimization, insurance agencies need cutting-edge features, websites and informative solutions to reach a wide audience and bring in new customers. Although professionals working in agencies understand that SEO is an important part of improving the ability to reach new clients, it is not a simple process to create a website that appeals to a wide audience and is optimized for the web. That’s where EZLynx Agency Websites comes in.

How EZLynx Agency Websites Works

EZLynx Agency Websites are used in conjunction with a full agency suite of services that help a company manage customer data, keep track of options and provide quotes. The websites are designed around the needs of an insurance agency to bring in more web traffic and make the site easier to find.

  • EZLynx will build the website for the agency with professional search engine optimization so that the company is easy to find.
  • After the website is built and prepared, it is then hosted by EZLynx and will work seamlessly with the customer quoting and client center provided by EZLynx.

Improving Client Experiences through Online Optimization

The success of insurance agencies hinges on maintaining consistent customer satisfaction and providing the tools a client might want when looking for coverage, adding to a plan or keeping track of current insurance. With EZLynx Agency Websites, the full suite of services will work in conjunction with the basic website design to help the insurance agency manage client information more efficiently.

The services will allow insurance agencies to access the rating system, management system and marketing services. By keeping the services in one place, an insurance agency is able to provide superior support to clients.

Keeping Up with Growth

Marketing requires several different tactics and strategies. Inbound marketing, or making a website that is easy to find when potential clients are looking for specific information, is a simple way to improve the growth of the company. The professional SEO services provided when a website is designed by EZLynx will increase the ability to reach out to the target audience. When used with the maintenance tools provided by EZLynx that are available in the suite, an insurance agency can keep track of growth, make changes to the company when it is necessary and ensure that every customer is getting the best services available.

Improving the customer experience with online tools is the best way to encourage growth and professionalism in an insurance agency. As more customers look for information over the Internet, incorporating inbound marketing strategies will provide opportunities for growth. A business is able to exceed the expectations of customers with a well-planned website design.

EZLynx Marketing Campaigns – Assurance for Insurance

The competition in today’s insurance market is tougher than ever. Potential customers know that they have a lot of choices. While getting rate quotes from competing insurance companies was once a luxury, it’s now expected. An individual insurer needs to market their existing products, serve current customers and attract new business. Doing it all can be a tall order, but with EZLynx Marketing Campaigns agents can focus on developing their relationships with customers, and ultimately grow their business.

Informed Customers

With so many people doing their insurance research online, it’s important to effectively incorporate digital marketing into your strategy. People throw away direct-mail advertising before they even look at it, and they leave the room during a commercial break while watching television. But the still turn to their computers, smartphones and tablets for information, and by providing it you engage your prospects and keep them focused on your products for that much longer. But keeping up with online digital marketing and drip campaigns takes a lot of effort, and honestly, do you really have time for that?

EZLynx Marketing Campaigns gives you the opportunity to use your skills in the way that you do best, while we take care of the marketing and provide clear reporting clearly identifies which of your policies and products are working, and which might need tweaking.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is part of our strategy that helps directly engage customers. With email templates, we reinforce your brand and give your clients and prospects an opportunity to get a steady flow of information that will ultimately lead them back to your website where they can compare rate quotes, get even more information, and even manage many aspects of their own policy or research possible upgrades.

Instead of simply doing an email blast. we structure strategic drip campaigns, which send a series of emails to your clients and prospects over a period of time. The philosophy behind drip marketing is that the average person needs to be presented with promotional materials 29 times before they become a customer or upgrade their service. While these campaigns can be done with printed postcards and newsletters, it is far less expensive to present these promotional materials digitally.

Leads and Tracking

Ultimately, the best way to know whether your digital marketing plan is working is by looking at the number of leads you are getting. EZLynx Marketing Campaigns makes it easy. Our program uses an MS Outlook add-in to flag the emails that ultimately generate leads. With this knowledge, you can tell what is working, fine-tune your drip campaigns and put more of your resources into the strategies that are most effective with your customers.

More Information

While digital marketing is increasingly popular among all businesses, EZLynx focuses on the needs of insurance agencies to fully grasp the unique needs and concerns of the industry. Our Agency Suites products range from basic services, which include EZLynx Marketing Campaigns, to the EZLynx Management integrated with MS Outlook. More advanced packages include customer quoting, a client center and informative agency websites.

To find out more about which of EZLynx products would be a good fit for your agency, visit us at

Easily Send Birthday Emails with EZLynx Marketing Campaigns

birthday cupcakesIndependent agents are often required to play the role of agent, CSR, and marketing director.  EZLynx Marketing Campaigns makes it easy to streamline simple email marketing tasks so that your agency can spend more time writing new business.  Multi-step drip email campaigns are a great way to follow up with both customers and prospects over a long period of time without requiring on-going monitoring on your part.

We recently released an upgrade to our drip campaign feature that allows the user to set a specific activation date for the drip campaign process for a selected applicant.  This makes it possible to put individual applicants on a variety of date-specific and recurring campaigns, including birthday campaigns.

To send out birthday campaigns you will need to setup and customize a Birthday Campaign template.  We have provided one to help get you started.

EZLynx Marketing Campaigns - New Birthday Template

Once a template is created, you’ll be able to put individual applicants on the birthday campaign in a few simple steps.

Select the applicant for whom you want to setup the birthday campaign.  Click Start Drip Campaign and choose your birthday campaign template from the list.

EZLynx Marketing Campaigns - Start New Birthday Campaign

Set the new campaign to activate on the applicant’s birthday and check the yearly recurrence box to schedule the campaign to repeat for the next 5 years.

EZLynx Marketing Campaigns is included as part of EZLynx Agency Suites.  Find out how EZLynx is the only tool you need to run your agency. Watch the video or drop us a line and we’ll get in touch.

Webcetera® Announces the Release of internetSUITE- a Suite of Products that Provides a Comprehensive Customer Lifecycle Solution.

Webcetera, the leading provider of insurance industry software solutions and creator of EZLynx®, today announced a complete customer lifecycle solution specialized for insurance industry-related businesses, termed internetSUITE. InternetSUITE is a way for insurance agents to capture the growing online market through strong digital marketing initiatives.

Recent industry studies point towards a clear trend in increasing profitability for carriers, agencies, and independent agents who are set up to engage the online market. The goal of internetSUITE is to combine the powerful tools of EZLynx rating with a Policy Management system, along with a set of online marketing tools proven to give businesses the ability to quickly respond to the online market.

InternetSUITE will address the insurance industry’s business goals with practical digital marketing solutions like search engine optimized websites, social media integration, clear market and product analysis, content creation that promotes site traffic, and the same award-winning Webcetera support team that is committed to helping an agent’s online presence become a major contributing factor to their financial success.

“Because of the growing consumer trends in online insurance shopping, internetSUITE will be a major contribution to Webcetera’s offerings. Agents will become more agile and capable of responding to the growing online insurance market with digital marketing solutions” said Jaideep Jayaram, Webcetera’s Vice President of Consumer Products. He added, “InternetSUITE embraces Webcetera’s vision of automation and innovation for insurance industry businesses and will provide a comprehensive solution for the transition of insurance companies to fully capitalize on the expansive online marketplace.”

For more information about internetSUITE contact: [email protected]