How Customer Portals Help Your Agency Stand Out from the Pack

In our always-plugged-in world, it’s more important than ever for your agency to have a robust online presence. The strength of your business’s digital appearance and functionality shows customers that you’re a modernized agency and is a great way to promote the quality of your brand.

When you think online presence, the first thing that comes to mind is an agency’s website. But it’s become more important to customers that they can actually conduct business with your agency through your online portals.

Client expectations around online accessibility are driven by consumer experiences across industries and include:

  • 24/7 access on clients’ schedules and at their convenience
  • An aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly customer portal that sends the signal that your business is efficient and modern

Customer self-service portals deliver the digital engagement today’s insurance shoppers have come to expect, giving them the ability to:

  • Access policies, ID cards and documents
  • Submit change requests and generate certificates
  • Follow claims and make payments online
  • Have mobile access from anywhere

In fact, customer self-service is becoming so popular that the degree to which you offer it will set you apart from other agencies.

Clients now look for constant access to their policy details and often prefer using online self-service portals for simpler tasks instead of talking to someone. This is a win-win for you and your customers as you save time and money with online portals, and customers get their desired service.


The Latest from EZLynx Client Center

With our most recent product release, EZLynx makes building your brand online even easier.

You can now customize EZLynx Client Center with brand elements like your agency logo and preferred color theme. This provides a consistent branding experience between your agency’s website and customer portal. Thinking about it from your client’s perspective, your self-service portal will feel like just another dedicated area of your agency website when they share common branding elements.

Share timely, agency-specific welcome messages to help you elevate and reinforce your value proposition with visitors. You can even include video links to further reflect the distinctive character that makes your agency uniquely you.

Are there particular areas of customer self-service that you know your clients appreciate more? Now you can promote those options front-and-center when clients log into the portal to get to what matters to them even more quickly.

A strong, consistent brand identity makes your agency stand out in a crowded marketplace. With EZLynx Client Center, you can give customers what they want with top-notch client self-service while benefiting from a more cohesive branding experience across your agency’s entire online presence. Ready to learn more about how EZLynx Client Center can help you provide amazing customer service?

Visit our Client Center product page to get started.

EZLynx Client Center: Powerful Tools for your Website

Coming in January 2013, Powerful Customer Service Tools for your Website

A large portion of an agent’s day is spent servicing current customers, time that could be better spent selling new business.  Our goal with EZLynx Client Center has been to create a platform that can quickly be linked or embedded on an agent’s website that will allow your customers the ability to log in and perform a variety of customer service tasks that would otherwise have to be dealt with over the phone.
Client Center Log In
It all starts with the login screen.  Similar to our Consumer Quoting, the Client Center login screen can be linked or embedded on your website.  All the customer has to do is put in the email address that is associated with their applicant file in your EZLynx account. They will receive a verification link to that email address, and upon clicking the link will be prompted to answer a few security questions.

EZLynx Client CenterOnce the customer is logged into Client Center, they see a basic overview of the agency and all of the active policies that have been added to their applicant file in EZLynx.  Policy information is added automatically for agents that have our Management System with Policy Downloads.  Customers can quickly expand their policies to see the details of their coverages.

Document CenterThe Document Center tab displays all of the documents that have been shared with the customer, including system generated documents such as ID Cards.  Customers can easily upload new attachments and associate them with one of their policies.

Client Center Change RequestClient Center Change RequestOne of the most requested features for the EZLynx Client Center was that we include more ways for customers to make change requests.  We have added several of the most common changes that customers make to their policies in guided prompts, ensuring that the customer provides you with exactly what you need to know in order to make the change.  It is important to note that these are only requests and not live changes, so we make sure that the user acknowledges this before they submit a change request.

EZLynx ActivitiesYou will be able to see from within EZLynx if the customer has logged into Client Center, and change requests are saved as activities, ensuring that you have clear records of what your customers are doing.  When a customer makes a change request, you will receive an email that contains all of the details of the request.

Agency Suites VideoEZLynx Client Center is part of a larger vision that we have for EZLynx. Our goal is to provide the solutions that help agents throughout the full life-cycle of their customers – from the website, to quoting, to servicing and retention.  Our EZLynx Agency Suites offer bundled solutions at discounted prices, all with the goal of providing an agency-in-a-box solution.

Introducing the EZLynx ACORD Form Creator

Introducing EZLynx ACORD Form Creator for WEBCETERA Policy Management

Exclusively for WEBCETERA Policy Management users, the EZLynx ACORD Form Creator helps working with digital documents become more efficient and less complicated.

Working with digital documents has become frustrating and almost as much trouble as paper documents. We often end up with multiple versions of the same document saved in a dozen different folders on several different computers and a desktop cluttered with icons. We have various versions of PDF viewers installed, none of which seem to work.

EZLynx ACORD Form Editor

WEBCETERA Policy Management already makes it easy to upload and associate documents with each of your customers. Taking things even further, we’ve enhanced the functionality of the Document Center to give agents the ability to create new ACORD Forms for an applicant and then quickly edit, save, print, or download the document – all from within EZLynx! Documents are stored with each applicant, and an activity is logged when an action is taken so that you have a clear audit trail of the changes you or your employees have made.

EZLynx ACORD Form Selection Tool

Creating new ACORD Forms in EZLynx is as simple as navigating to the Document Tab of your applicant and clicking the Add New Document button. From here you’ll be able to search through the available Home and Auto ACORD Form library and select the document you need.

Newly created documents appear in the applicant’s Document Library ready to be edited. Editing ACORD Forms is as easy as filling in the blanks. When editing a document, you have easy access to common functions such as Save, Print, Download, and Close.

EZLynx Document Library

The Document Library also has full integration with our powerful Customer Self-Service feature. Provide your customers with the ability to login on your agency website, view their policy details, and upload documents securely rather than sending through email.

The ability to create, edit, and store ACORD Forms directly from within EZLynx helps to streamline daily workflows, lower operating costs, and bring independent agents one step closer to the goal of a paperless and sustainable workplace environment.

For more information about WEBCETERA Policy Management and the EZLynx ACORD Form Creator, email [email protected] or call 877-932-2382.