EZLynx Roadmap for 2013 – Mid-Year Update

A Note from the CEO – 95% EZLynx Customer Satisfaction Rating

First off, I want to thank all our customers for their overwhelming approval of EZLynx. Once again, for 8th year in a row, 95% of our customers said they would recommend EZLynx to someone they know. Our deepest thanks for all the faith and confidence you have in us. Our employees work very hard to make this happen and we are excited to see such numbers even as our company grows.

I made some business commitments in January 2013 newsletter and I thought I would follow up with a mid-year update on these commitments. We are still focused on 3 different areas for 2013 – mobile support, more consumer facing features and agency productivity. I am happy to say that we have delivered a little bit towards each of these goals.

We delivered our version 2 of consumer facing client center which allows for your customers not only to print policy documents like ID card but also to request policy changes. This product is on a good path and the next step for this product is to mobile enable the same.

On the mobile front end, we delivered our first version of Consumer Quoting Mobile in the first half of this year. This version allows consumers, visiting your site, to finish their quotes on a mobile device as effortlessly as on a desktop computer. If you happen to be one of our customers with our website product then your customers should experience a seemless mobile experience including the website and the quoting.

Finally, just last week we delivered our fully integrated eSignature feature within EZLynx. This feature will allow our users to send any PDF document, including all the ones available inside EZLynx and any carrier documents, to your customers for a quick signature. We really believe this should significantly improve agent productivity within EZLynx and also compliance with carrier and state laws to always obtain certain signed documents.

A Note from the CEO about Competition

We at EZLynx have always taken a lot of pride in our products. We let our products speak for themselves in the marketplace, and we rarely, if ever, highlight the weaknesses of our competitor’s products during our pre-sales with prospects. We have always believed in selling our products based on their own merits.

Unfortunately, one of our competitors likes to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubts) about EZLynx when they talk to our customers either by email or phone. Even though we are confident that our customers are smarter and know better than to listen to such cheap sales tactics, we thought it was important to bring this to your attention.

If you receive an email or a phone call from this competitor talking about EZLynx, please do not hesitate to check with our staff on the accuracy of this information. Our people will be more than happy to address any doubts or fears being spread by this competitor.

I sincerely hope our industry, and this vendor in particular, let their products and features do the talking in the market so the agents can decide who has a better product!

On a different note, June is our annual customer satisfaction survey month. This is a tradition that goes back 7 years at EZLynx and we really look forward to the results of the survey. We are extremely proud of the fact that our product satisfaction has not dropped below 95% in the last 7 years! Please be sure to take the survey when you see one and let your voice be heard.