EZLynx Releases Mobile Version of Consumer Quoting Portal

EZLynx Consumer Quoting already gives independent insurance agents the ability to provide real-time, consumer-facing insurance quotes from their agency website or within their Facebook page.  Now with the release of EZLynx Consumer Quoting Mobile, agents can provide their consumers a mobile-optimized quoting experience from their website or through a direct link.

“With more than 129 million Americans carrying smartphone devices, mobile searches for insurance quotes using smartphones and tablet devices are at an all-time high and are only expected to grow higher,” says Jaideep Jayaram, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at EZLynx. “We’ve built EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile to automatically detect when your consumers are accessing your quote form from a mobile device so that they can have a streamlined, mobile-optimized quoting experience, without sacrificing the powerful features of our desktop version of EZLynx Consumer Quoting.  Along with EZLynx Agency Websites, you’ll be able to give your consumers a full mobile website experience.”

About EZLynx: EZLynx is an industry leader in property and casualty insurance solutions, with cloud-based agency management, comparative rating, client servicing, and digital marketing tools for the insurance agency marketplace. EZLynx pioneered the concept of real-time quoting and remains today the leading provider for independent agents. EZLynx processes more than four million auto, home and package transactions every month, offering a choice of rates from 160 top insurance companies in 48 states.

Introducing the EZLynx Carrier Consumer Portal

EZLynx is excited to announce its recently released Carrier Consumer Portal (CCP) to a number of leading insurance carriers, enhancing the ability of the independent agent to compete with the captive and direct writers.

What is NewsLynx for Carriers? As the industry leader in real-time comparative rating, EZLynx has always had a strong relationship with our carrier partners.  As we expand to provide our powerful solutions to carriers, we thought it was time to roll out a quarterly carrier version of our NewsLynx for agents. NewsLynx for carriers will touch on subjects that are relevant to carriers like new product announcements, technology discussions, industry standards, and more.  Read on!

To view the full PDF version of our NewsLynx Carrier Edition, click here.

Armed with the knowledge that 80% of those consumers who are interested in buying a personal lines insurance policy will shop for insurance via the internet, and that only 20% of that same cohort will actually purchase a policy over the internet, CCP is a tool that a carrier may implement from their consumer facing website allowing a prospective insured the ability to securely enter their personal lines risk information directly into the carrier site. The risk is then underwritten by the carrier adherent to their specific guidelines, and immediately returns a real-time quote indication to the prospect.

What makes this program so appealing to all three parties – the carrier, consumer, and independent agent – is that CCP will then immediately and electronically pass the prospect information along to one of the carrier’s independent agents based on a predetermined set of specific criteria (and programmed within the CCP system) that may include demographic information such as zip code location, line of business, or other carrier devised rules.

The goal of this program is twofold; facilitate those consumers who prefer to research the cost of, and coverage available, at their convenience 24/7/365, and second to provide the prospective insured with the experience, knowledge and expertise of a licensed professional independent insurance agent who is familiar with their geographic location and other demographics pertinent to the risk. In other words, the insured, carrier, and agent all reap the benefits of “the best of both worlds.”

Through years of providing a real-time consumer rating portal from an independent agent’s website and Facebook page, EZLynx has combined this experience with the knowledge gained, and incorporated it into an easy to navigate, seamlessly integrated product that carriers may now use to enhance the consumers’ insurance buying experience. With CCP constructed to emulate the carrier site with its branding, colors and logo, the consumer has the comfort of knowing that they are always interacting directly with the carrier they prefer.

From a business standpoint, carriers who implement CCP within their organization take advantage of a proven, accurate real-time rating system, and when combined with the economies of scale by not having to construct and maintain their own internal consumer facing program, may now offer what many consumers have come to expect – their insurance products to the general public via an electronic (and cost saving) mechanism. At the carrier’s option, the consumer’s experience can be extended to include CCP’s built in rate finalization and online Buy functionality.

Implementing CCP across their personal lines product offerings allows the carrier to minimize distribution expenses without sacrificing the value of a true, independent insurance agent that the consumer has an educated expectation and understanding of.

For additional information on any of the EZLynx agency or carrier related products, please contact [email protected].