Tap Into the Benefits of Agency Automation

Insurance Agent Automation

Looking to give your agency an edge over the competition? Automation is a great place to start. Insurance automation software lets you multiply your staff’s impact across business areas for increased revenue and growth.

What Is Agency Automation and How Can It Help You?

Agency automation software takes over essential but repetitive tasks in your business. With those assignments streamlined or out of the way, your employees have more time to focus on profit generation. But that’s only the start of how automation can benefit your business if used correctly – it also enhances customer engagement and sales, allows you to touch all renewals, aids in maintaining carrier compliance, and helps you manage and track documents.

Agencies need automation tools to:

  • Choice and flexibility iconStrengthen Relationships with Clients:Let automation track and send client communications at appropriate times, such as customers’ birthdays and if there’s a policy change. This way, you can deliver the personal touch that nurtures client loyalty while giving your staff extra time for other work.
  • Make Document Management Easier:Stop wasting your time organizing and keeping track of documents. Instead, save time with software that handles them for you, attaching the appropriate paperwork to client policy records and making it easier to locate and share documents with carriers and insureds.
  • Intelligence iconIncrease Productivity:Automation can get repetitive tasks done much faster than an employee normally could and more accurately. Use automated software to free your agents from monotonous but necessary operations so that they can focus their energies on more revenue-generating assignments.
  • Improve Retention:It’s silly to let a renewal slip through your fingers when you could use automation to ensure maximum retention. Touch 100% of renewals with software that helps you prioritize at-risk insureds and sends automated messages to the rest so you can give every client the attention they need.
  • Boost Sales:Capture more sales with automation that uses your book of business to source leads. Your software should also be able to track past prospects and alert you about when it’s an ideal time to reach out again.
  • Stay Compliant with Carriers:Minimize compliance stress and stay protected with automation that helps you keep track of the small details – like verifications, signatures, and follow-ups.
  • Implement Best Practices Across Your Agency:Give all your customers and prospects VIP treatment every single time and keep up with process management, too. Automation enables you to instill best practices across your agency so that your clients know you care and tasks are executed correctly even when you’re busy.

Agency automation offers your business a way to grow and achieve more, faster at every level of operations without breaking the bank. From customer outreach to renewals to task management, you’d be hard-pressed to find another tool that improves efficiency, productivity and profit like automation.

We hope this blog has given you some useful pointers about how to get the most from agency automation. To learn more, including 10 questions to ask when you’re considering which automation software to invest in, take a look at our Automation and Your Insurance Agency  EZGuide.