EZLynx for Alliance Partners

A complete, cloud-based network management solution.

As Alliance Partners grow and expand the scope of their services, the task of management can become daunting.

Every aspect of the business and its relationships—both with member agencies and carriers—must be able to scale.

EZLynx MAP helps organizations thrive in today’s hyper-competitive insurance market. Every aspect of member and carrier management is made easier, smarter and less time-consuming.

Unprecedented visibility into member agencies and their performance metrics keep Alliance Partners focused on their growth strategies and the goals in place to achieve them.

Network-wide communication and measurability empower Alliance Partners to make intelligent, data-driven decisions.

Focusing on efficiency in five key areas.

EZLynx MAP is a network management system tailored specifically to Alliance Partners.

It establishes the framework for unprecedented interconnectivity between the MAP and its member agencies.

Member Management
  • Manage Documents
    Upload, attach and maintain all agency contracts, certificates and licensing documents in a single place. Provide access across your entire organization, with straightforward permissions controls for sensitive documents.
  • Manage Agency Engagement
    Document all contacts and activity related to member agencies. Changes and activity within the system are automatically logged, creating must-have audit trails.
  • Compliance
    E&O Certificates and licensing documents expirations are tracked within the system. Agents are notified when it is time to provide new certs. A simple email response from the member agency, and the record is updated in EZLynx MAP automatically.
Carrier Management
  • Contacts and Agreements
    Store, maintain and access all records of the carrier relationship.
  • Track Production
    Track production across all member agencies in real time. Calculate projected commissions earnings for feedback toward business and revenue goals.
  • Appointments
    Track carrier appointments for all members across multiple states.
Commission Management
  • Agency Commission Calculations and Statement Generation
    Rules tables automatically calculate member agency commissions and generate statements across multiple carriers. EZLynx MAP automatically sends these generated statements directly to the member’s EZLynx account.
  • Variance Reporting and Reconciliations
    Compare expected vs received to quickly identify missing payments or variance amounts. Adjust and approve earned commissions and charge backs.
  • Fees and Adjustments
    Add statement level fees and chargebacks.
Performance Management

When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.
– Pearson's Law

Goal setting should motivate your network and your members. When you set clear, compelling goals and measure progress, you naturally direct everyone’s attention toward next steps.

EZLynx MAP allows you to set, track and monitor performance goals across all levels of your organization:

  • Network Goals
    Mobilize your focus toward actionable behavior. Gain increased visibility into network progress and growth.
  • Member Goals
    Set common goals for all your members. You can also identify your top and bottom performers and manage goals accordingly.
  • Market/Territory Goals
    Target specific areas of your business for accelerated growth and sustained momentum.
Real-time Metrics
  • Network Snapshot
    Holistic view of the network:
    every agency, every carrier, every policy.
  • Agency Snapshot
    Hone in on the operational metrics for a particular agency.
  • Carrier Snapshot
    Review carrier production across your entire network by agency or line of business.
  • Market/Territory Snapshot
    Categorize your perspective by region, market or territory.
Member Portal
Member Portal

The EZLynx MAP Member Portal drives communication and transparency between the MAP and its members. Unprecedented member visibility creates insightful conversations around performance to unified KPIs.

  • Performance Goals Sharing
    Set performance goals for each member. Monitor progress and take action.
  • Documents Sharing
    Contracts and Certificates sharing between the MAP and members.
  • Member Self-Management
    Licenses and E&O information sharing.
  • Member Growth Metrics
    Track real-time production by carrier or line of business.
  • Member Agency Pulse Report
    View an agency's book of business health at a glance, including how it compares against peer benchmarks.

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