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EZLynx connects key stakeholders across the entire lifecycle of insurance, from agencies, to their carrier markets, and their insured customers. We partner with a wide-range of market access providers to get our agency partners the best technology and the right price that works for the network and the agency’s business objectives. Plus our web-based services support affinity groups looking to couple insurance offerings with their products. Our one business has insurance software solutions to support the entire lifecycle, so see how your business could benefit today.

Affinity Groups

Expand your Business Opportunities

You have existing customer relationships, and there is potential to provide additional value at the point of sale. Insurance commissions pay year over year, rendering more profits in the long term. But how do you turn customers into insurance shoppers?

EZLynx can help you turn customer data into insurance quotes… insurance quotes into sales… and speed and scale to processes driving higher levels of commission revenue. Harness EZLynx’s solid, streamlined process to further monetize your already existing leads.

Key Benefits

  • Bridge Your Data

    You’ve already captured your customer data. EZLynx bridges this Applicant data from your system and inputs it directly to the EZLynx Rating Engine, using as little as First and Last Names for reference.

  • Generate Quotes

    EZLynx’s single quoting interface with multiline support requires very little in the way of IT resources, and no major IT investment is required to onboard carriers. Templates target risk profiles to desired carriers, and state-specific templates tailor coverage requirements by state and carrier. Notifications keep you apprised of completed quotes from the carrier. All the Applicant and Quote information returned from the carrier can be retrieved through API.

  • Communicate with the Customer

    The complete EZLynx solution includes an insurance-specific communication platform, so that you can be up and running immediately for this added line of business.


Join the thousands of successful agencies who have chosen to make EZLynx their most productive employee.