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EZLynx connects key stakeholders across the entire lifecycle of insurance, from agencies, to their carrier markets, and their insured customers. We partner with a wide-range of market access providers to get our agency partners the best technology and the right price that works for the network and the agency’s business objectives. Plus our web-based services support affinity groups looking to couple insurance offerings with their products. Our one business has insurance software solutions to support the entire lifecycle, so see how your business could benefit today.


Maintain Your Competitive Edge 

EZLynx technology is being leveraged by insurance carriers to help them maintain a competitive edge with real-time responsiveness and operating efficiency. Find out how EZLynx can help bridge the gap between carriers, agents, and consumers by viewing our products that are tailored specifically to you.  

Take a look at all of our solutions that can maintain your competitive edge with EZLynx™ Carrier Partnerships and contact us at 972-807-5567 or at   

Key Benefits

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    Get Your Products Quoted By More Agents

    Participate in the highly accurate, real-time, 48-state, 100% browser-based insurance rating software, EZLynx Rating Engine, and get in front of your agents for every target risk. Plus you can let your prospective agencies compare your product for a trial period in order to see your rates next to their current carriers. This is an easy method to promote your representation within an agency.

  • Meet Today’s Insurance Consumer Online

    Increase the ease of doing business for your agents by participating in EZLynx Consumer Quoting. Quote in the online consumer world while remaining in the independent agent distribution channel. Give agents the ability to allow customers to get a quote directly on their website. 

  • Download Directly to Your Agencies

    Certify with EZLynx to enable your agents for EZLynx Management System. Download into our agency management system by utilizing batch downloads-the process of updating carrier information in agency databases with renewals, endorsements, new business, cancellations, reinstatements, and commissions.

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    Data Reporting

    Utilize the wealth of EZLynx data to make better decisions on how you price and market your products. Analyze the submission traffic of your EZLynx users by review quotes by your agents in EZLynx. Not only will you know when agents process your quotes in EZLynx, but you'll also receive a monthly usage report to monitor agency activity and get insights on how your products are priced relative to market.


Join the thousands of successful agencies who have chosen to make EZLynx their most productive employee.