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High-Output Efficient, Secure and Accurate Quoting

EZLynx Web Services products directly connect to EZLynx (via API) to push or pull data, retrieve policy information, and leverage the EZLynx Rating Engine™ for high-volume automated quoting.

EZLynx APIs provide agencies with the necessary tools to perform tasks ranging from simple data transfer to complete backend rating solutions. The sheer size of the EZLynx carrier library and the scalability of the EZLynx API architecture make EZLynx Web Services solutions the clear choice for high-output efficiency, quoting accuracy, and security.

Key Benefits

  • Speed and Scale

    Leverage high-volume, enterprise-grade API connections to bridge data, automate processes, and avoid the rekeying of data.

  • Tailored Experience

    Customer-developed solutions mean a perfect fit for your business model – your design, workflow, consumer experience, and agency needs.

  • Grow Your Business

    EZLynx Web Services are not just for insurance agencies. Car dealerships, credit unions, banks, mortgage brokers, loan processors, loan originators, payroll processors, lead providers, and other insurance adjacent institutions can drive additional revenue streams from their existing customer base.

  • Increase Value at the Point of Sale

    Automated quoting helps you turn customer data into insurance quotes, so you can turn those insurance quotes into sales.

Product Features

  • Data Bridge
  • Live Rating/Quoting Automation Services
  • Policy Management
  • EZLynx Sales Center API

Why EZLynx Is Different

EZLynx reduces the overall QAS development effort by allowing agencies/vendors to create templates.

These templates allow 80%+ of all EZLynx fields to be defaulted based on business requirements. The templates also permit selecting the desired carriers, based on their risk profile and default answers. This reduction in programming is a substantial cost savings because enabling carriers is reduced to a straightforward UI selection.


Are You Quoting High Volume and Need More Capabilities?

Learn how to put EZLynx API Solutions to work for your agency.