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Stop dropping checks in your top drawer.

Contactless devices or credit/debit cards are consumers' go-to payment methods today – yet many agents still collect checks in their top desk drawers. But that is changing – enter digital payments. EZLynx offers your business a simple, integrated online payments experience that is easy for your customers and connects to your business to eliminate the overhead of manual payment reconciliation. Give your customers a digital payment choice while automating the back-end reconciliation process. You can now provide customers a simple, digital experience while managing your costs and getting paid faster – it’s a win-win.

Why Digital Payments Matter to Your Business 

  • Move money to make money

    Shorten collection time, reduce check processing tasks, and speed up deposits.

  • Provide customer payment choice

    Paying online anywhere, anytime via ACH, credit/debit card, etc., digital payments meet your customers where they are with flexibility.

  • Maximize security and reduce your own risk

    Reduce the human error and omissions that often occur with manual input. Safeguard data integrity and avoid fraud/liability with state-of-the-art security measures. 

  • Focus staff’s time on the tasks that matter most

    Take away the time spent notifying customers of payment due dates and reconciling transactions back to your general ledger, and focus your team on other revenue-generating activities.


What the Numbers Say

  • 1.9T

    is the anticipated global cashless payments processed in 2025

  • 9 of 10

    consumers now prefer digital payments

  • 40%

    decrease in accounting time with integrated accounting automation 

Relying on paper checks can mean days wasted waiting for mail delivery, depositing and processing. It also includes the frustration of lost checks and manual processes that create longer workflows for our team. Digital payments will completely modernize how we manage our payments, removing the friction of today’s current process and boosting overall customer and team satisfaction.

Kathy Hearn, Hibbs-Hallmark & Company Insurance


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