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EZLynx Connect® is the easiest way to offer your products and solutions to EZLynx customers. It provides third-party businesses an avenue to distribute their products and services directly within the EZLynx platform. We've opened the EZLynx framework and invited carriers & vendors to work side-by-side with our technologists to innovate and integrate solutions to better the agency workflow.

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Automation Partners

  • AssureSign

    EZLynx’s partnership with AssureSign offers a way to safely and securely send electronic documents for signature to your clients. eSignature is 100% web-based and does not require additional software or equipment for use.

    Quickly get the signatures you need with the ability to access and send documents anywhere, at any time, using your favorite browser or mobile device. This feature is ideal if you are looking to efficiently execute document signatures on the go or if you want to lower your carbon footprint by going paperless.


    • Get signatures immediately even when you can’t meet clients face to face
    • Eliminate the hassle of printing, scanning or faxing documents
    • Make signatures legally binding with the same enforceability as manual signatures
    • Clients can sign documents from anywhere, on any internet enabled device


    How to Get Started:
    eSignature is included with your purchase of EZLynx Communication Center, a bundle of unique add-ons designed to enhance your connection with consumers. Contact the EZLynx Support Team to get started.


  • Avyst

    EZLynx’s partnership with AVYST allows you to have accurate data sharing across different systems with various partners.

    You can create custom-made forms, allowing you to capture data for anything, from contact information to gathering risk information for ACORD forms. By using AVYST, you can have your applicants automatically imported into EZLynx.


    • Accurate data sharing
    • Information automatically imports
    • Applicants become leads inside EZLynx


    How to Get Started:
    To utilize AVYST, request this integration during Onboarding or contact the EZLynx Support Team, who will be happy to sync programs for you. No external setup is required.


  • Ivans

    EZLynx’s integration with Ivans allows policy details to be downloaded from carriers directly into your EZLynx Management System from the standard insurance industry exchange.

    Get updated carrier information to help you with retention and to keep your quotes as accurate as possible. Policy details are available within EZLynx, allowing you to keep all your insured’s data in once place.


    • Policy detail downloads
    • Updated policy details automatically load into EZLynx Management System
    • All applicant data is in one place


    How to Get Started:
    Contact Ivans to set up your download mailbox.


  • Zapier

    EZLynx’s partnership with Zapier allows agents to connect our agency management system to thousands of apps and programs, making integrations and automation hassle-free with partners on their platform.

    Popular web apps can share data seamlessly with a few clicks, passing information between workflows with ease. This is a perfect solution to automate the communication between EZLynx and your other web-based systems.


    • Start workflows from your most used apps
    • Finish routine tasks automatically
    • Simple, fill-in-the-blank setup
    • Use the apps you love side-by-side with EZLynx


    How to Get Started:
    To use Zapier, you will need a EZLynx Sales Center License. During your Onboarding simply request connection to Zapier, or you can request a connection from Support at any time.