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Maintain your competitive edge

EZLynx technology is being leveraged by insurance carriers to help them maintain a competitive edge with real-time responsiveness and operating efficiency. Find out how EZLynx can help bridge the gap between carriers, agents, and consumers by viewing our products that are tailored specifically to you.

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Online Insurance Quoting Software

EZLynx Consumer Quoting is a great way for insurance agents to easily give quoting power to their consumers, but now carriers can reap the benefits of leveraging EZLynx technology as well. With online quoting becoming more popular than ever, now is the time to enhance the ability of the independent agent to compete with the captive and direct writers.

Offer real-time quoting directly from your carrier website

Carrier Consumer Quoting allows consumers to receive quotes for auto and home directly from your carrier website with automated lead forwarding to your appointed agents for follow-up and fulfillment. We work directly with you to customize the experience to match carrier branding and messaging, so the consumer has the comfort of knowing that they are always interacting directly with their preferred carrier.

Enhance Consumer-Facing Experience

  • Facilitate those consumers who prefer to research the cost of, and coverage available, at their convenience 24/7/365.
  • Provide the prospective insured with the experience, knowledge and expertise of a licensed professional independent insurance agent who is familiar with their geographic location and other demographics pertinent to the risk.

EZLynx Carrier Consumer Quoting is a customized process, constructed to emulate the carrier site with its branding, colors, and logo. At the carrier's option, the consumer's experience can be extended to include Carrier Consumer Quoting's built-in rate finalization and Online Buy functionality. Implementing Carrier Consumer Quoting across their personal lines product offerings allows the carrier to minimize distribution expenses without sacrificing the value of a true, independent insurance agent that the consumer has an educated expectation and understanding of.

Marketing Partnerships

Maintain a strong connection with your agency plant by partnering with EZLynx to market your product. Help your agencies succeed by promoting EZLynx's complete agency life-cycle suites. EZLynx Agency Suites allows you to provide your agents with powerful digital marketing tools to help them succeed in the online marketplace.

Carrier Trial Accounts

Let your prospective agencies compare your product for a trial period in order to see your rates next to their current carriers. This is an easy method to promote your representation within an agency.


Deliver customized powerful product messages to your agency base on their EZLynx Dashboard through banner ads. Engage our larger subscriber base to promote your product and presence.

Agency Recruitment

Leverage our intelligence to target the right agency match.

Carrier Messaging Application

An application that allows a carrier to display marketing and other messages to EZLynx users from links provided on the quote results screens within EZLynx.

Product Integration

Rating Engine Integration

Participate in the highly accurate, real-time, 48-state, 100% browser-based insurance rating software, EZLynx Rating Engine, and get in front of your agents for every target risk

Consumer Quoting Integration

Increase the ease of doing business for your agents by participating in EZLynx Consumer Quoting. Quote in the online consumer world while remaining in the independent agent distribution channel. Give agents the ability to allow customers to get a quote directly on their website.

Management System Integration

Certify with EZLynx to enable your agents for EZLynx Management System. Download into our agency management system by utilizing batch downloads-the process of updating carrier information in agency databases with renewals, endorsements, new business, cancellations, reinstatements, and commissions.

Data Reporting

Utilize the wealth of EZLynx data to make better decisions on how you price and market your products.

Usage Reports

Analyze the submission traffic of your EZLynx users by review quotes by your agents in EZLynx. Not only will you know when agents process your quotes in EZLynx, but you'll also receive a monthly usage report to monitor agency activity.


Increase your pricing intelligence by utilizing EZLynx's carrier analytics to study and analyze patterns in which agencies choose respective carriers for a given set of filter conditions. Review results such as average premium, benchmark average premium, applicant count, and benchmark applicant count.

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