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We're the only full-circle solution

EZLynx® began with independent agencies in mind. We broke into the industry with our real-time, comparative rating tool EZLynx Rating engine, and haven't slowed down since then. We continually monitor the insurance market from the independent agent's point of view to expand our line of solutions to meet the needs of the modern insurance agency. With our continually improving and expanding toolbox of solutions, the independent agent can rest easy knowing that EZLynx is going to strive to offer the best total solution for their agency.

Accurate rates

The most accurate home & auto rating on the market.

Managed days

Have productive, efficient days with organized data.

Happy customers

Give customers access to their information anytime.

Anywhere access

Access your products and information anywhere, any time.

To put it simply, we help you gain, maintain, & retain™ business.


With marketing targeted products like EZLynx Agency Websites, EZLynx Consumer Quoting, and EZLynx Marketing Campaigns, your agency will be able to attract and gain business that may have been inaccessible.

Use our Gold website package's local SEO to help generate traffic to your EZLynx Agency Website, and then collect leads there through Consumer Quoting. Now that you have a new lead, you can reach out to them with email marketing campaigns to follow up on their quote results.


We help you maintain the business you already have by helping you do your day to day tasks more efficiently. With EZLynx Management System you'll have daily downloads keeping your database up-to-date.

EZLynx Rating Engine powers it all, so you know that when you are ready to quote or re-quote for remarketing, you'll get fast, accurate, comparative rates.

All EZLynx products are able to pull reports so that you can see where your business needs the most attention. Its even easier with our monthly business health report called Agency Pulse, which gives you data-driven insight into your agency's Management System data.


EZLynx loves to aid agencies with retention. After all, its the easiest way to keep a steady revenue.

Keep in touch with current customers without spending hours on the phone or at your desk typing emails, by setting up automated Marketing Campaigns.

We know its also important to you to keep your customers happy, so we developed EZLynx Client Center to automate customer service through your agency's website. Not only does that free up agency time answering service requests, but allows your customers to access their information 24/7/365.

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