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Everything you need to sell, service, and grow!

Significant productivity gains.

Our software solutions bring significant productivity gains throughout the entire commercial insurance process from main street to mid-market, helping you to deliver more competitive quotes and win more often.

These latest innovations round out an already comprehensive EZLynx ONE PLATFORM solution. From start to finish, EZLynx has the tools you need to sell, service and grow Commercial.


EZLynx Submission Center is the smarter way to manage the mid-market commercial process, with an intuitive dashboard to organize, track and guide the agent through every step of the process from submit to bind.The product addresses key areas of commercial submissions and presents agents with relevant market data so that they can ultimately improve their outcomes. Coupled with EZLynx Sales Center, agents are provided with powerful, complete visibility into their commercial sales opportunities.

Application Bundling consolidates quoting multiple lines of business into a single, efficient workflow.

EZLynx Communication Center is a bundle of unique add-ons to expand your marketing reach and stay in-touch and up-to-date. Leverage targeted and timely communications to convert prospects into clients.

Agencies also spend a lot of time and money filling out forms. That's why EZLynx simplified the process. With EZLynx, agents can generate the full set of documents needed for the carrier in one workflow.


Far too often, the "heavy lifting" for commercial lines happens on the client servicing side of the business. So EZLynx developed ways to give this time back to agencies.

Time-saving Import & Export workflows help agencies manage the large schedules associated with commercial accounts. EZLynx has simplified the import workflow for drivers, vehicles, locations and buildings, and more. For fleets of thousands of vehicles, EZLynx will even fill in the vehicle information, based on the VINs. EZLynx has also added a comprehensive export workflow. No more need to re-create schedules every time a policy comes up for renewal. Agencies can also expedite the renewal process by exporting policy data to share with clients.

Certificates are perhaps the most time-consuming and costly activity imposed on agencies. EZLynx has redefined the creation, management, and distribution of certificates, streamlining the workflow and changing the way agencies think about getting them done. Remarks made at the Master level carry through to all holders at once, and true asset association means that vehicles/locations automatically flow over with each holder. EZLynx has also simplified the task of sending certificates out to thousands of clients, with one-click distribution through the client’s preferred method — including online self-service within EZLynx Client Center.

This is a game-changer for commercial policies:

  • Dedicated Certificates work area
  • Completely revamped Certificate Master workflow
  • Master level remarks carry through to all holders at once
  • Easily add and manage certificate holders
  • True asset association
  • Attachments associated at the Holder level
  • Longer remarks automatically flow to required ACORD 101
  • Certificate Distribution Reports provide a history of what you’ve generated


It isn’t enough to just grow your commercial book of business, it needs to be done profitably. With the commercial insurance space getting more crowded, complicated and competitive every day, leveraging the right tools is critical for success!

EZLynx ONE PLATFORM features predictive, intelligent workflows to keep your agency on track and ahead of the game for closing new business. And streamlined, automated servicing procedures will result in more satisfied clients—eager to keep their business with you.

EZLynx Retention Center adds an additional layer of patented, predictive risk assessment to client retention. EZLynx premium trust Accounting keeps your books and provides a 360-degree view into your agency's profitability.

All in all, the hours your agency saves will translate to a more focused staff and better outcomes. Don’t let technology pass you by. Give EZLynx a closer look today!

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