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EZLynx has partnered with Vonage to seamlessly integrate unified communications and programmable voice capabilities into its EZLynx Management System. Designed to empower independent insurance agencies with the ability to streamline their business operations, the addition of the Vonage Business Communications (VBC) unified communications solution and the Vonage Voice API to the EZLynx Management System will enhance the way agents connect with each other and with clients for an overall better experience.

With Vonage, EZLynx customers will have the ability to collaborate more efficiently, stay connected and create richer customer experiences through live interactive voice and video sessions— from anywhere, on a single platform.

The EZLynx Management System’s integration with VBC, with embedded programmable voice via APIs, enables enhanced features such as:

  • Customer Profiles – With incoming calls, customer information is automatically pulled up so conversations are productive from the very start.
  • Call routing – The ability to designate specific phone numbers for each client’s specific insurance need - life, commercial, auto, etc. - automatically routes call through an automated workflow to the correct areas of the operation.
  • Call logging – Incoming and outgoing calls will be logged as system activities on the client’s record in EZLynx, creating a communication audit trail.
  • Call recording – Calls can be recorded and saved to the client’s record in EZLynx.

How to Get Started:

To begin taking advantage of this new Vonage integration, contact us today.

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