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Tarmika is a single-entry rating platform for quoting small business commercial insurance. The system is designed to allow for independent insurance agents to enter in the basic information necessary for quoting once, and then connect directly to their appointed carriers to receive quote responses back in real-time via API technology.

Tarmika’s integration with EZLynx allows you to pass the Submission details from EZLynx into Tarmika to prefill parts of the quote flow to further eliminate duplicate entry. Then, after a quote is submitted, the response details will be passed back into EZLynx.


  • Seamless data exchange from EZLynx into Tarmika to prefill quote data
  • Quote response data from Tarmika is passed back into EZLynx
  • Connect directly to 34+ of your appointed carriers across multiple lines of business
  • 24/7 live-agent support for all Tarmika customers

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  • : (877) 932-2382
  • : (972) 874-8910