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EZLynx’s partnership with Polk pulls important information for auto insurance quotes, including VIN, vehicle registration and auto lookup and automatically pre-fills it into the Rating Engine for quick and effortless data entry.

Vehicle and driver data are instantly filled in during the quoting process, saving you time and improving your accuracy. This integration is perfect if you are looking for a way to streamline your quoting process.


  • Provides complete and accurate registered vehicle information
  • Automatically retrieves vehicles registered to an address
  • Minimizes data entry

How to Get Started:

To get Polk IHS pre-fill ask for it during Onboarding or contact the EZLynx support team to activate at any time. No additional setup or subscriptions to services are required.

Get Started

Visit the Support Center,
or get in touch:

  • : (877) 932-2382
  • : (972) 874-8910