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EZLynx's partnership with MindHome allows agents to earn additional income through an EZLynx Connect Marketplace integration.

MindHome is a leading provider of robotic smart home technology. Digitizing homes makes life easier by automating everyday tasks and drastically reducing the cost of insuring a home. MindHome often pays for itself because specialty home devices are designed to keep homes safer for insurance savings.

By placing ads for MindHome on EZLynx Client Center and your website, you can make extra earnings with minimal work. It is a common practice to use the extra real estate on your website to promote other products to earn extra money through advertisement.

Your customers and new prospects will see an opportunity to fill out a form that will send their information to MindHome. They will manage the complete sales process and if the lead turns into a sale, you get a commission. What’s better than doing nothing and earning commissions?


  • MindHome is a robotic smart home pioneer
  • Digitizing home technology drastically reduces the cost of insuring a home
  • Earn commissions effortlessly through advertisements

How to Get Started:

Getting started is simple. You can activate this integration through the Connect Marketplace located inside your EZLynx product.

Get Started

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