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EZLynx’s partnership with LexisNexis pulls important information for Auto Insurance quotes, pre-filling the data into Rating Engine for effortless entry. Get the VIN and vehicle information you need instantly.

Save time and improve your accuracy with data prefill from LexisNexis. This product is ideal if you are looking for ways to streamline quoting your auto insurance.


  • Improve accuracy with auto-fill vehicles and driver data
  • Spend less time gather data and focus more on selling
  • Get accurate information from a trusted source

How to Get Started:

To utilize LexisNexis Pre-Fill, you need to have an account with LexisNexis. Once you have an account, you can request this integration during Onboarding or contact Support and they will get you set up, syncing your two systems.

Get Started

Visit the Support Center,
or get in touch:

  • : (877) 932-2382
  • : (972) 874-8910