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EZLynx’s partnership with Secure24 Alarms provides agents with the opportunity to cross-sell ADT Home Alarm Systems to interested shoppers.

Home and Auto Insurance discussions provide an opportune time to discuss home security options. Beyond creating the lead, no additional action is required on the part of the agent. Secure24 Alarms manages the complete sale cycle. When a lead results in a sale, the agent earns a commission.


  • ADT Authorized Dealer
  • Seamlessly integrated with the Home and Auto quoting process
  • Single button press kicks off the entire process
  • No cost to the agent

How to Get Started:

During the normal quoting process, agents will find ADT Home Alarm Systems conveniently located within the “ADD VALUE TO YOUR QUOTE” section of the EZLynx Rating Engine.

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  • : (877) 932-2382
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