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EZLynx’s partnership with Clearent provides a convenient and simple way for your clients to safely make payments online. By accessing Client Center, your customers can effectively self-service, eliminating the need for them to come to your office or provide their credit card information over the phone.

With Clearent, you and your clients can enjoy savings only reserved for EZLynx customers by taking advantage of a rate lower than the industry standard of 3.25%.

This integration is perfect if you are looking to update the way you collect payments and provide a secure way to allow clients to make payments remotely and contact-free.


  • Accept payments by eCheck or credit card
  • Secure, PCI-compliant transactions
  • Dedicated Payments section within EZLynx Client Center

How to Get Started:

To use Clearent online payments, you need to have an account with Clearent. To get started, click the link below and fill out the form and you’ve made the first step to integrating online payments with your management system.

Get Started

Visit the Support Center,
or get in touch:

  • : (877) 932-2382
  • : (972) 874-8910