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Key Benefits

Text Messaging

Improve Communication

Text messages have a 97% open rate. That means those messages are more likely to be seen and customers are more likely to respond faster and more often. Texts are sent directly from the applicant file in EZLynx—choose the phone number, type your message, and click 'send.'

Decrease Response Time

Your agency receives a unique phone number for sending and receiving text messages within EZLynx. Text message alerts show up in your account as notifications, so you can respond instantly from within the system.

Eliminate E&O

Unlike a personal device, everything is recorded for E&O purposes. All sent and received messages are automatically saved as activities under the corresponding consumer to keep a clear audit trail. Disclaimers regarding binding coverage are automatically sent in response to a customer's first text.

Accomplish More

Use the agency texting feature to send yourself reminders to keep on schedule. Simply create a task for yourself in EZLynx, add a due date, and choose to send yourself a text message reminder. Use texting to send customers reminders for important time sensitive information, too.

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