What’s New in EZLynx 4.17.01

In 2017, we continue to add value for our customers by aggressively enhancing our products and features.  Our first release of the year is coming to you on January 26th.


  • Consumer Quoting Enhanced Lead Captures
  • Client Center Gets a New Modern Look
  • EZLynx Accounting GL Interface for QuickBooks Online (BETA)
  • EZLynx Accounting Billing Company Changes (BETA)
  • Customer Age Report
  • Proposals


Consumer Quoting Enhanced Lead Captures

EZLynx Consumer Quoting is already a great tool that allows consumers to self-enter the majority of their risk information, but requiring everyone to complete the full form is counter-productive sometimes. People are busy and often don’t want to spend time completing a long form. EZLynx Lead Portal is a new feature available for new and existing Consumer Quoting portals.

It collects basic lead info (name, phone, email), immediately creates a personal or commercial applicant account in EZLynx, but makes home and auto quoting an optional part of the consumer’s process.

  • Quickly capture leads on your website.
  • Capture leads for any line of business.
  • Custom questions, regarding line of business for example, are coming soon.
  • Advanced integration options for using a single portal in multiple places.

Client Center Gets a New Modern Look 

Over the next few weeks, the Client Center is rolling out a new, clean and modernized look. This update is the first in a series planned for Client Center in 2017, to make it as beautiful as it is useful to your customers and your agency!

  • More modern, neutral appearance.
  • Fully responsive for an optimal experience on all devices.
  • Improved iframe support.
  • Click here to learn more

Customer Age Report

You’ll love the new Customer Age Report because it retrieves applicants and co-applicants of designated ages.  This is very useful for email marketing campaigns – target the people who are most interested in a specific message.  For example, are 20-year-olds interested in life insurance?  Probably not.  You’ll sell many more life policies to people 50 and over. Notable filters include:

  • Applicant Type – active, inactive, prospect.
  • Relation – applicant or co-applicant.
  • Birth Month – choose last, current or next.
  • Age – select all or any combination of ages between 14 thru 100.
  • Manage Columns – select columns to display on the report.


EZLynx Accounting: Billing Company Policy Changes (BETA)

Interested in BETA testing?  Submit a BETA request here

To streamline EZLynx Accounting, we’ve made changes to policy setup that will better track the intricacies of policy management. With these changes, you can monitor three entities involved in policy underwriting: billing, master and writing companies. To accommodate this new feature, our previous Settings icon option called Manage Billing Companies is changed to Manage Markets/Carriers. Now you can manage wholesale brokers, MAPs, carriers, and other markets. Click here to learn more.

EZLynx Accounting:  GL Interface for QuickBooks Online (BETA)

Interested in BETA testing?  Submit a BETA request here

The 4.17.01 release also rolls out a round of enhancements that make your day-to-day interactions with EZLynx and QuickBooks Online easier to manage.  Our new Online Webservices allows you to perform Real Time or OnDemand batch exports from EZLynx Accounting to your QuickBooks Online service.  This new enhanced functionality helps streamline your General Ledger entry communications between EZLynx Accounting and QuickBooks Online. Click here to learn more.

Quote Proposals

EZLynx Quote Proposals now support two additional lines of business: BOP and Inland Marine.  From an applicant’s Overview tab, quickly generate a quote proposal from existing policies and applications for supported lines of business, or start with a blank proposal template.  We will continue to add more lines of business this year.


Misc Improvements

  • New EZLynx login page.
  • Policy Transaction Reports can now filter by current policy status.
  • Manage Columns for Detail Reports is moved to the filter pane on the left.
  • Updated Agency Form Templates and ACORDs to insert Assigned To user instead of the user creating the form.
  • Auto and home rating applications:  Policy Info tab includes more carrier choices for Prior Carrier field.



  • Fixed issue of policy # association changing on documents.
  • Work Comp policy entry – added EIN field.
  • Reports:
    • Fixed policy type issue.
    • Agency Commission rate is now updating correctly.
  • Fixed issue related to adding a special character when matching policy transactions.
  • Updated handling of Encompass package changes/cancellations.
  • Email Campaigns:  saved Details Reports no longer include recipients that don’t have email addresses.

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