What’s New in EZLynx Accounting

EZLynx has been working diligently to address performance and data consistency issues in Accounting.


Bug fixes in this release include:

  • The branch field on the Add Deposit screen is again defaulted. This was an inadvertent change in the previous release.
  • Customer statements will show the correct balances for the aging buckets and total. We have more improvements to customer statements planned for future releases.
  • Customer statements can be printed for customers who have no agency bill invoices.
  • The receipt overview and printed receipts now show policy information for both agency bill and direct bill payments.
  • You can now write off unapplied amounts for receipts in branches.
  • The Refund Unapplied screen now allows sorting, searching, and has pages to ensure you can see every receipt with an unapplied balance.
  • You can now select negative unapplied balances on receipts to offset other refunds on checks.
  • Refunds on credit invoices in branches can be added to checks at either the branch or the parent organization.
  • The invoice due date is now properly calculated for branches.


EZLynx has also made several improvements to the performance of the system, with more to come in future releases. In addition to some general improvements, this release addressed these specific areas:

  • Approving details on commission statements and applying statements to receipts
  • Selecting line items on checks

Note: Articles older than March 2020 may no longer be relevant

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