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What’s New in EZLynx Accounting 2.4



  • Ability to add an image to invoice footers
  • Full name of coverage is printed on invoice
  • Ability to add comments that print on invoice
  • Quickly update policy numbers on existing invoices
  • View due dates on the Invoice Overview screen


  • Ability to add custom receipt footers
  • Invoice total prefills when a receipt is created
  • Comments column added to Adjustment screen
  • A check number is no longer required unless Payment Type selected is “Check”
  • Updates to Add Receipt box
  • Ability to check ”Send to QuickBooks” box when adding EFT Receipts


  • Ability to sort “Agent” column in the Cash Receipts report
  • Added applicant name and policy number to Check Register report
  • Added bank accounts to Deposit Summary report

Group data by agency in order to manage multiple locations – on the following reports:

  • Trial Balance
  • Unapplied Cash
  • GL Posting Detail
  • Undeposited Funds
  • Cash Receipts
  • Invoice Summary
  • Deposit Summary
  • Production by Producer
  • Check Register
  • Production by Writing Company
  • Payee List


  • Ability to search by applicant when adding line items to a check
  • Added an “Exported” column to the Checks grid
  • Ability to change the payee name on an a submitted check


  • Ability to set Default Days Grace for payees on the Configuration tab
  • Warning message appears when adding a payment to a closed month
  • Enhanced date search for receipts, invoices payables and general ledger
  • Added “Today” as a quick option on date selectors

Bug Fixes


  • Invoice footer spacing on printed invoices
  • Direct Bill Statements no longer create duplicate payees
  • When creating a line item, we no longer add a second line under it
  • Deleted Direct Bill Statements removed from both Commissions and Accounting
  • When adding a Pending Invoice, line items are not duplicated
  • Customer statements regenerate when adding a new transaction


  • Removed ability to add negative receipts to a deposit
  • Negative receipts can’t be created as credit/EFT
  • Changes to bank account name updates everywhere the name is displayed
  • Restored missing receipts on Invoice tab
  • Able to apply receipts to certain statements
  • Able to refund negative receipts created in error


  • Removed negative receipts from the Undeposited Funds report
  • Payable work-list issue amounts now display correctly
  • Improved Production by Producer report responsiveness
  • A unique reference number is now created for every deposit
  • When a receipt is applied, it automatically refreshes to the top of the page


  • Upgraded Check search options
  • Missing Direct Bill cash payment carriers are now displayed


  • Restored the Transaction Log for receipts and checks
  • System activities no longer display duplicate usernames
  • Commissions now display correctly on Production and Payables reports

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