What’s New in EZLynx Accounting 2.6 – May 2016

We released these EZLynx Accounting enhancements on Thursday, May 12th, 2016.


  • Enhanced detail for bank account QuickBooks exports in summary view.
  • Updated transaction posting dates in the General Ledger.
  • Additional Default Configuration Options for Direct Bill Income recognition dates.
  • New report for tracking additional line items – such as taxes and fees.
  • New feature allowing receipts to be added to deposits when created.
  • Improved the workflow for refunding customers through a new “Refund Unapplied” action.



General Ledger

We’ve now made bank reconciliation simpler within QuickBooks with an updated Summary level export, which provides transaction level detail for bank accounts.   Also, transaction dates detail now follow a receipt’s payment date rather than the policy effective date. Payments in a closed accounting month are still posted as today.

Direct Bill Configuration

Additional Default Configuration Options for Direct Bill Income allows better control of Direct Bill commission statements. When “Use accrual basis for recognition of direct bill income” is checked, income on policies with a future effective are posted as of the direct bill transaction date (typically the policy effective date).  If it is unchecked, income is posted as of the payment date. To set this option, hover over the Accounting tab, select Configuration and click the System Settings tab.  Scroll down to System Settings.








Track non-premium line items such as fees and taxes with the new Invoice Line Item Detail Report.  To access the new report, hover over the Accounting icon, select Reports, and click the Production tab.












When creating a receipt, there is a new time-saving option; either create a new deposit or add it to an existing deposit.











There is an improved workflow for refunding customers using a new receipt Action called “Refund Unapplied”.  Once the receipt funds are applied, there is a record that the customer received the change due.











Bug Fixes


  • Missing payable line items from checks deleted by a user have been restored.
  • Missing direct bill cash payment details for deleted checks have been restored.


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