What’s New in EZLynx Accounting 2.6, September 2016

The EZLynx Accounting 2.6 release is rolling out on Friday, September 9th.  We are excited to announce enhancements that streamline the EZLynx Accounting billing processes.  The process upgrades include an AutoPay function, check and deposit detail reports, and invoice memos. We aim to provide a better user experience.

To access aPDF version of the release notes, click here.


  • AutoPay
  • Direct Bill Payment/Sweep Account
  • “Send to QuickBooks” Eliminated
  • Check Detail Report
  • Printable Deposit Summary
  • Add Line Item Fees to Receipts
  • Invoice Memo Field



Create multiple checks for various payees from open payables in a single step. Filter Payable Items by payable due date, payee type, or payments received from the Applicant.


















Add Direct Bill Payment/Sweep Account

Record a check payable to a carrier while entering a Direct Bill cash payment receipt. Simply check the “Sweep Account” box on the Add Direct Bill Payment box to record and finalize a master company EFT check payment.













“Send to QuickBooks” Eliminated

We’ve standardized the posting of payments and eliminated the need for the “Send to QuickBooks” checkbox.

Check Detail Report

Viewing a detailed check breakdown is an important part of an office’s daily business.  The new Check Detail Report can be used to print check details; helpful when there are too many to fit on the check stub.



















Printable Deposit Summary

To help maintain the office’s cash flow, we now provide a printable deposit summary.



















Add Line Item Fees to Receipts

With this EZLynx Accounting release, users can add line items to receipts; no more need to create an invoice to collect a fee.










Invoice Memo Field

Include memos on outgoing invoices.  This great customer relations component adds another means of customer communication.







Additional Improvements

  • Print a Pending Invoice
  • Streamlined Workflows
  • Improved Bill Payment Management
  • Increased Safety Features for Reporting and Error Notifications


Bug Fixes

  • Now able to reverse a receipt associated with a submitted check
  • Can select payee from DB Cash Payment Receipt Actions
  • System now displays a warning message when entering a payment to a closed month


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