What’s New in EZLynx 4.18.02

eSignature, Auto ID cards, and Sales Center have all been upgraded to help bring your agency to the next level. Let’s see what’s new!


  • NEW eSignature Fields
    • Text Box
    • Dropdowns
    • Multiple Choice
  • Auto ID Cards
    • Generate for one or more Vehicles
    • Send PDF’s through Text Message
    • Client Center Enhancements
  • Sales Center
    • Splitting Opportunities
    • Emailing Prospects
    • Automation & More

eSignature – New Modal & Signature Options

This release contains some exciting new features for EZLynx eSignature. There are now four new items you have requested that you can apply to your documents when creating eSignature envelopes. This provides you with greater versatility when creating your envelopes. We have also implemented a fix for resending pending envelopes. In the past, you would lose the envelope’s history when you resent a pending envelope. That is not the case anymore. So, let’s jump in, and see what’s new!

New Signature Items & Icons

For the most part, the eSignature envelope workflow is the same; however, you will see a new user interface and four new signature items.

The first thing to point out is the new look and feel of the left menu area.

  • We have added icons next to each signature item. These also appear when you add an item to the document.
  • We have removed the old dropdowns for determining whether the signer’s signature or initials should be written with a mouse or typed.
  • If you require the signer to sign their name or initial via a mouse or stylist, simply select Signature or Intitals. To have the signer type this information, select Typed Signature or Typed Initials.

To move signature items to the document, select the item from the left menu, and click on the document where you would like to position it.

New Edit Modal for eSignature Items

Once you add a signature item to the document, you can now edit the signature item. The new edit modal automatically opens for dropdown and multiple Choice items. For other signature items, select Edit in the signature item to open the edit modal. Each edit modal will state the name of the signature item and the signer it is applied to as demonstrated to the right.

Using this Edit screen, you can:

  • Determine if it is Required for the signer. It is mandatory for the signer to provide input for the item.
  • Choose to Certify the item. This option renders meta-data in its frame including the JotblockID, the IP address where signing occurred, and universal time (UTC) timestamp.
  • Add a description for the signer. This appears when the signer reaches the signature item during the signing process.
  • Copy or Delete the item.

New Timestamp Signature Item

There are four new signature items for you, including:

  • Timestamp adds a timestamp to your document after each signer completes the signing process. Because the system automatically applies this item, we make it required.
  • Text
  • Dropdown
  • Multiple Choice

New Text Signature Item

The Text option allows you to add a text field to the document, so the signer can type a message. The text item is adjustable in size, but the signer is limited in the length of the message they can type based on the size for the text field in the document.

In the image to the right, notice that we have resized the Text field to make it larger. This permits the signer to add additional text in the field. To resize, click on the item, and drag the corners to resize the item’s field.

When the signer is entering their text, we provide them with a warning if they exceed the maximum character length for the field.

New Dropdown Signature Item

The new Dropdown signature item allows you to add a series of options that the signer(s) can interact with.

  • Display Text – this is the wording the user will see during the signing process with AssureSign.
  • Value to Save – this is the wording that will be saved on the document when the signer has completed the signing process.
  • Display As – this is the image that is applied to the document when the user selects a dropdown option during the signing process with AssureSign.

At Display As, you can choose from the following:

  • Value – displays nothing next to the Value to Save text
  • Checkmark – displays checkmark next to the Value to Save
  • X-Mark – an x-mark appears next to the Value to Save
  • Empty Box – displays an empty box next to Value to Save
  • Checkmark Box – displays a checkbox next to Value to Save
  • X-Mark Box – displays a box with x-mark next to Value to Save
  • Nothing – displays nothing next to Value to Save text

Add multiple lines/options to your dropdown – click Add under the Display Text column.

New Multiple Choice Signature Item

Multiple Choice is a great addition that allows you to add multiple choice boxes to your documents. For example, if you want the signer to check multiple items in your document, maybe different coverage options, Multiple Choice gives you that functionality.

To begin:

  • Select Multiple Choice from the left menu
  • Click to add to it on the document
  • The Edit Multiple Choice modal automatically appears

In the image above, we added three multiple choice boxes. To add more, click Add. Please note that you are limited on the Display As options. You can select: Checkmark, X-Mark, Checkmark Box, or X-Mark Box. Also, there is an option to allow the signer to select multiple values. This option is selected by default. When selected, the signer has the ability to select multiple items during the signing process.

Once all values are added, click Save, and land on the document overview. Notice that boxes have been added to the document. If you click on the boxes, you will see a darkened border around the items to indicate which boxes are grouped together.

To see the Save to Value, hover over the box to display a message as shown here.

Updates to Resending Pending Envelopes

Now, when you resend a pending envelope, the system resends it and retains the envelope’s history. If you resend a pending envelope with more than one signer, the system resends the eSignature envelope to the next pending signer.

We are also adding an entry in the envelope’s history to record who received the resent envelope. To access, click the blue Pending status for the envelope you resent.

Manual Policy Entry Updates

There are screen changes for Professional Liability, Directors & Officers and Errors & Omissions. We have also improved the Garage & Dealers Applicant Policy Entry Screens. All these changes are to prepare for our Commercial Package Applicant Policy Entry screen that is coming soon!

Professional Liability, Directors & Officers, and Errors & Omissions

When you create a Professional Liability application or policy, the Professional Liability tab no longer exists, so that there is a streamlined process that is consistent throughout the policy entry screens. Another enhancement is that No. of Members and Managers remains on the screen for any chosen Business Entity.

On the Financial/Ownership Structure, when you answer Yes to an Outside Auditor, the system dynamically displays the following additional questions.

The Coverage Tab now has drop-downs for easy selection and, if you want, you can also add the Liability Limits, which will flow to your Policy Summary.

Directors & Officers

Under the Coverages Tab, Retention Limits offer drop-downs to improve data entry.

Before this release, you could add an unlimited number of Coverage rows. Now, following the ACORD 807 for Directors & Officers, you can add up to two additional rows of Coverage.

When you answer YES to the applicant having a separate Defense Costs, a field displays to enter the separate Defense Costs limit.

Errors & Omissions

We decreased the clutter on the Coverages Tab to make the screen easier to read.

Garage & Dealers

Garage & Dealers Applicant Policy Entry screens received a clean-up to make it easier to understand and read. On the Coverage tab, the look and feel of the Garage & Dealers is better with improved field labels and the boxes are closer together which makes things easier to identify.

General Bug Fixes

We have also issued a few bug fixes:

    1. Improved data mappings for BOP and General Liability to ACORD Forms
    2. Corrected data mappings for Garage & Dealers to ACORD Forms.

Improvements for Auto ID Cards

You can now Text an Auto ID Card for either Personal or Commercial Auto policies.

Auto ID Cards

With our enhanced functionality, you can easily select one vehicle to create a single ID Card. When you locate your policy and choose ID Card, if the policy has more than one vehicle, you can check the box to select a single vehicle.

Select All and Deselect All (vehicles)

Notice after clicking Select All Vehicles, it changes to Deselect All Vehicles which unchecks the boxes of the selected vehicles. Hint: Checking the box under Select All Vehicles will check all the boxes. Unchecking the box under Deselect All Vehicles will uncheck the boxes.

Search and Filtering Vehicles

You filter by the vehicle’s Year, Make, or Model to search through a list of vehicles, to narrow your list.

You can also filter a list of vehicles by Year, Makes, Models, and VINS.

View Drivers and View Vehicles

To create an ID Card with a single vehicle, select the View Vehicles button. It presents all vehicles listed on the policy.

When you click View Drivers, the display changes. Notice the Driver’s name shown above the table. This allows you to assign:

  • A Driver to a Vehicle to create one ID Card quickly
  • A selected few Drivers/Vehicles to create a few ID Cards
  • All Drivers to All Vehicles to create All ID Cards

After creating your first ID Card, the system will remember your chosen view. For example, if you chose View Drivers, then when you return to create your next ID Card, the system defaults to your last choice.

Texting ID Cards

After clicking Preview, the Pdf Viewer opens in a new window displaying the policies ID Card. If everything looks good, then press the Text icon, and click Save for the EZLynx – Text Message popup.

Click the drop down to select the customer and their mobile number. If you don’t see a mobile number, then go to the Details screen to either update or add your customer’s mobile number.

On the Media Tab, a check box preselects the ID Card and counts the number of pages within the document. This is indicated by “4 pages” highlighted in blue. Click the Send Text button.

Some important things to note about Texting documents.

  1. You can text file types with jpeg, gif, png, and pdf
  2. Other file types may not be viewable on some devices
  3. You can text up to 10 pages per message. For instance, 1 image = 1 page

Sales Center

You will now be able to split opportunities that have more than one LOB associated to them. We have implemented new automation for Sales Center opportunities, exciting new functionality for the workspace with respect to editing opportunities, new functionality for Sales Center Prospecting and new controls allowing you to determine which events will or will not be automated in Sales Center. There are a lot of great changes for Sales Center 2.0 in this release, so let’s have a look!

Sales Center Prospecting is a great add-on to Sales Center that allows you qualify leads prior to pushing them into EZLynx. We allow you to upload lead lists from which you can create email campaigns to solicit business. Once you have qualified a lead, you can create an opportunity which will push the respective prospect into EZLynx as an applicant and create an opportunity for them in Sales Center. Sales Center Prospecting is another great tool designed to help you more accurately manage your sales pipeline. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Pete Holcomb at [email protected].

Emailing Prospects

For those of you who have worked with Sales Center Prospecting, you’ll appreciate this next enhancement. With this release, we are now giving you the ability to create email campaigns for prospects.

To send an email in prospecting, select the prospect lead list you would like to work, then select the individuals in the list you want to email. The system checks to make sure the email addresses for the selected leads are not on the suppression list. If any are on the suppression list, you will be notified by the system that emails cannot be sent to those particular prospects.

With the ability to email prospects, we have also introduced a new automated event. If there are any running email campaigns at the time an opportunity is created for the prospect, the system will automatically cancel them. We do this in order to remove the prospect from the prospecting email campaign, so they will not receive emails after they are converted to an applicant in EZLynx.

New Prospect System Log

We have also added a new Prospect System Log. This will log events that take place for the individual when they are a prospect. You can see the log in two places in the system. On each prospect in Sales Center Prospecting, you will see a new section at the bottom of their information area titled Prospect Log.

Once a prospect is converted to an applicant, you will now see a new section at the bottom on the applicant’s system log. To view the prospect log, simply click on View Prospect Log.

Updated Required Fields for Commercial Prospect Lead List Import

We have updated the required fields when importing a commercial lead list into Sales Center Prospecting. Now, when you import a list, the only required fields are:

  • Business Name
  • Address Line 1
  • City
  • State Code
  • Zip Code

Ability to Delete Lead Lists in Prospecting

With this release, you now have the ability to remove lead lists from Sales Center Prospecting. In the past, when you uploaded a lead list, it was permanently held in the prospect list section. This presents a problem if you are wanting to keep your prospecting area clear of unneeded information. We have now added a trashcan next to each lead list, so you can easily remove lists from Prospecting. This will make it easier for you to manage your information in Sales Center Prospecting.

New Loading Indicator for Lead List Import

When importing a lead list into prospecting, you will now see a loading indicator appear in the Import Prospect List modal once you have chosen to import a valid lead list. This enhancement indicates the system is processing the list and clears up any ambiguity.

New Sales Center Settings to Control Automated Events

With this release and the prior December release, we introduced a few new automated events to Sales Center. In order to provide you with greater control, we have added three new settings to the Sales Center settings area. These will allow you to determine whether or not you want the automated events to happen for your agency.

  • Create New Opportunities – this setting allows you to control whether or not a new opportunity is created each time a new applicant is added in EZLynx.
  • Create Opportunities During Quoting – this setting allows you to control whether or not a new opportunity is created when the user quotes a home and/or auto LOB that is not currently part of an active policy. It also controls if the quote is associated to the respective opportunity and automatically updates its status in Sales Center.
  • Link Policies to Opportunities – this setting allows you to control whether or not manually entered or downloaded policies are automatically associated to their respective opportunity. It also controls the automatic closing of the opportunity once the association has been made.

Splitting Opportunities

With our new Split Opportunity feature, you can easily break-up the LOBs in an opportunity. Let’s see how this cool new feature works! When you choose to edit an opportunity, if the opportunity has more than one LOB, you will now see a new button called ‘Split Opportunity.’

When you click this button, the new Split Opportunity pane will appear. This new feature introduces Drag & Drop functionality that makes it easy for you to rearrange the LOBs in your opportunity.

Notice that there are two sections in the new Split Opportunity panes: Existing Opportunity and New Opportunity. Each time you drag a LOB into a ‘New Opportunity’ container, the system is creating a brand new opportunity. Because of this, your notes and discussion will remain with the Existing Opportunity. We recommend the following workflow when splitting an opportunity.

  • For the LOBs you need to close, drag those LOBs to the New Opportunity container.
  • Keep the LOBs you aren’t closing in the Existing Opportunity container. This allows you to keep the discussion associated to the open opportunity.

In the screenshot above, we are closing the Homeowners but the Auto (Personal) is remaining open. The discussion will remain with the Auto and the opportunity being created for the Homeowners will not have a discussion associated (you will need to create a new discussion for this LOB after the split).

We will allow you to create as many ‘New Opportunities’ as you wish, provided there is an LOB in each of the New Opportunity containers.

When ready, simply add a note and save. This will prompt you to confirm that you want to split the opportunity.

After you have split the opportunity, you will now see the new opportunities created for the respective applicant. Simply select the one you want to edit and proceed as normal from there.

New Headers in Edit Opportunity Pane

When you edit an opportunity in the workspace, now the Sales Center pipeline headers are in the Edit Opportunity pane. This allows you to click the column header where you wish to move the opportunity, without having to navigate the Opportunity Status dropdown.

New Headers in Opportunity Detailed View

We have also made it easier for you to update an opportunity when viewing the opportunity’s detailed view.

Now when you access the detailed view of an opportunity, the headers are clickable.

So in the image above we are able to see that the opportunity is in the Interview column. If you want to move it to the Presentation column, then all you need to do is click on the Presentation header. This will move the opportunity and change its status to Presentation. You can always make the opportunity’s status more granular by selecting one of the Presentation statuses in the status dropdown should you feel the need to do so.

New Sales Center X-Date Opportunity Source

When closing an opportunity, you currently have the ability to create a new opportunity for the next x-date. If you choose to do so, we are now providing a new Opportunity Source called Sales Center X-Date. This allows you to see where the opportunity came from when it resurfaces in your sales pipeline.

New Manual/Downloaded Policy Association to Opportunities

With this release we have added another layer of automation to Sales Center 2.0. When a policy is downloaded or manually entered into EZLynx, the system checks to see if there are any open opportunities associated to the respective applicant for the policy’s LOB. If there is, then the system will automatically associate the policy with the opportunity and then finalize it with the correct carrier and premium information.

If a policy is added and the opportunity has more than one LOB:

  • We will finalize the corresponding LOB
  • Leave the opportunity open until all LOBs are accounted for with an active policy

Also, once the opportunity is finalized and closed, we will remove it from Sales Center. You will be able to see it in the Sales Center reports the following day.

Setting the Preferred Contact on an Opportunity

When you are in the opportunity detailed view, there is now a new preferred contact action item for your opportunities. To select a preferred contact method for the opportunity, click on the green heart next to the contact methods listed. This lets you know the best way to contact the opportunity’s applicant.

Editing Columns in Sales Center Table

We now allow you to edit the columns in the Sales Center table. In the top right corner you will now see a new button called Edit Column. Selecting this will open the Opportunities Column Editor. When you first access the editor, you will see that all columns are visible.

You have a few options when editing the table’s columns:

  • Rearrange the order of the columns
  • Choose to hide columns
  • Ctrl and click to select multiple items to move at once

If you are not happy with the changes you have made, we have provided you with a Default button that will allow you to revert the column changes you have made and sets the table back to its defaults.

General Bug Fixes

Finally, with the release we have also issued a few bug fixes. Below is a list of the fixes.

  • Corrected Issue with Updating Producer Name
  • Corrected Issue with Updating Applicant Name
  • Corrected Issue with Enabled Users Not showing in Sales Center Settings Area

Questions? Contact [email protected].











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