What’s New in EZLynx 4.17.09

With the 4.17.09 release, some of our most highly requested reporting features will be here soon!


  • Commercial Policy Entry – Small Farm & Ranch
  • Report Enhancements & Bugs
    • Direct Links to Policies & Commissions
    • Exclude Pending Renewals from the Policy Expiration Detail report
    • Several New Reports are Coming Soon!
      • Task Summary
      • Commission Grouping
      • Change Request Summary
  • BETA – Click here for the BETA Request Form
    • Sales Center Web Services
    • Policy View Enhancements
    • New Filter for Match Status on Commission Statement
    • Improved Download Matching
  • EZLynx Accounting – QuickBooks Online Direct Integration

Commercial Policy Entry – Small Farm & Ranch

EZLynx is proud to announce the addition of Small Farm & Ranch to our Commercial Policy Entry product. This now allows agents to easily:

  • Enter full application details for coverages, scheduled items, and more
  • Reduce duplicate entry by converting your application to a policy when sold
  • Create pre-filled ACORD Forms and Certificates

NEW! Reports link directly to Policy & Commission pages

In all reports, the Policy Number &/or Commission Statement Number columns are now links that take you directly to the Policy Details or Commission Statement Details Pages.

Exclude Pending Renewals from the Policy Expiration Detail report – Coming Soon

The ability to Exclude Pending Renewals from the Policy Expiration Detail report is on its way! The Policy Expiration Detail report has a new checkbox to “Hide Pending Renewals” this will be checked by default. We have also added the following new columns: Renewal Effective Date, Renewal Premium, Renewal Premium Change Amount, & Renewal Premium Change Percent.


Several New Reports are Coming Soon!

  • Task Summary
    • We have removed some of the task specific information from the Activity Summary report and split it out into its own report in order to provide more details.
    • The new Task Summary report can be used to see a summary of all tasks over time, those frequently rescheduled, the overall percent past due, and much more!
  • Commission Grouping
    • Use this report to view all commissions aggregated by several popular grouping categories – including Producer or Carrier – and filtered by Date Range, Carrier, Branch, Assigned Agent, Producer, Transaction Type, and more!
  • Change Request Summary
    • View a summary of all of your current change requests including the number currently open and average number of days to complete, all by Agent, LOB, Master Company, and more!

Sales Center Web Services

We are excited to announce web services for Sales Center. This allows agencies to integrate your systems with Sales Center like never before. Imagine pushing leads from a third party vendor directly into prospecting or creating opportunities for Sales Center. If you are interested in learning more about the full functionality, please contact Crista Davis at [email protected].

Policy View Enhancements

At EZLynx, customer feedback drives the improvements we work to provide in our monthly releases, and this month’s release responds to agent requests with respect to policies.

Enhanced Policy Summary View

With this release, we are excited to announce a feature that lets you view the policy summary for all transactions associated to a policy. You can also select any date to view the policy snapshot at that point of time.

  • In the policy summary page, you will see a dropdown with the list of transactions for that policy
  • Select any transaction and view the policy summary for that particular transactions
  • You can also select pending transactions in the dropdown and view the policy summary for that pending transaction


Show Deleted Transactions

With this release, we are introducing the ability to view deleted transactions and access the policy forms for the deleted transactions.

  • In the policy history tab, users with permission will be able to see ‘Show Deleted Transactions’ option
  • Upon selecting the option, you will be able to see all the deleted transactions for the policy.
  • Access the policy forms for the deleted transactions

Edit Columns in Policy History

In the Policy History tab, you will notice the “Edit Columns” feature. All the existing policy transaction columns will be present in the Visible section.

  • You will be able to move any of the Visible fields to Hidden section
  • You will be able to rearrange the order of the fields in the Visible section as per your preference
  • You can also reset the default order by clicking on “Defaults”

New Filter for Match Status on Commission Statement

Difficulty with separating the matched and unmatched line items in your commission statements is now a thing of the past. A new filter dropdown now allows you to filter the commission line items by either: All, Matched or Unmatched.

  • On the commission statement, select the funnel icon between the magnifying glass and the ‘’
  • The default filter is always set to ‘’ If you would like to change the results, simply select which filter you would like to apply
  • Selecting a specific filter will update the data on the list and return only those Match Status results

Improved Download Matching (BETA)

This project allows EZLynx to expand our download model by mapping sub lines of business. In addition, we take care to preserve and maintain your selected line of business choice throughout the policy history.

For example, if a user manually enters a Renters policy in EZLynx, but the carrier downloads it as a Homeowners (HOME) policy, then:

  • The automatic matching process recognizes the Homeowners policy, and automatically matches to your manually entered Renters policy.

A new column for “Sub-LOB” has been added to the following pages:

  • Policy Overview
  • Policy History
  • Policy Transactions (Matched and Unmatched)
  • Claims Overview
  • Claims History
  • Reports

EZLynx Accounting

We have continued to make improvements to the direct integration with QuickBooks Online. Click here for the QuickBooks Online Interface Guide. Please contact [email protected] if you would like assistance with this feature.

This round of EZLynx QuickBooks Online enhancements features the following improvements:

New UI for users to monitor the status of the GL interface and reprocess errors

  • To access this UI, navigate to the ‘EXPORT TO GL’ tab in the GENERAL LEDGER section of accounting
  • Here you will see a new table that allows you to monitor errors in your GL exports and view all export transactions

  • Notice that if there are errors in exporting, you now have the option to view what the error was and REPROCESS if you choose to.

For all versions of QuickBooks, you can now export by Department and Branch

To set this feature for your agency:

  • Navigate to the CONFIGURATION area of accounting.
  • Then the SYSTEM SETTINGS tab.
  • Once there, you will notice a new option called EXPORT BY CLASSIFICATION.

  • You have 5 options to choose from when determining your export classification:
    • None: transactions will not be assigned a Class in QuickBooks
    • Branch: the QuickBooks Class will be the branch name. This replaces the “Export by Branch”
    • Department: the QuickBooks Class will be the department name for transactions that include the department, such as postings to Income accounts. The department can be defined based on line of business in the Manage LOB area of Settings.
    • Branch-Department: the QuickBooks Class will be the branch name followed by the department name, separated by a hyphen.
    • Department-Branch: the QuickBooks Class will be the department name followed by the branch name, separated by a hyphen.

For QuickBooks Online, we have also added a new EXPORT TYPE called DAILY.

This allows you to automatically schedule daily exports to QBO from EZLynx. When the DAILY export type has been select, you do not need to manually export your transactions each day.

  • If Daily is selected, a scheduled process automatically posts all queued transactions for the org at 10:00 pm CT.

  • Automatically reprocess transactions that fail due to intermittent issues on the QuickBooks servers.
  • If a transaction fails because the QuickBooks servers are unavailable, EZLynx will automatically attempt to post the transaction again, up to five times. If it still fails, you can always reprocess it manually as described above.

Branch Accounting

 We’ve made a few changes to help with transactions that span multiple branches. These enhancements allow for better usage of the branch accounting application and provide greater versatility for you, the user.  The enhancements are as follows:

  • You can now select the branch when adding a Direct Bill Payment.

  • If a direct bill payment was entered for a receipt in a different branch, you can now unapply the receipt detail even if you aren’t a user in that branch. Note: you must still have Accounting permission to the branch.
  • If you create a check in your parent organization, you can now select line item details from any branches.

 Revised the account types for receivable and payable accounts.

In order to eliminate issues with QuickBooks falsely reporting that there were open invoices or creating extra postings to an Unapplied Cash Bill Payment Expense account, we have revised the account types of GL Accounts created in new QuickBooks installations.

  • Any EZLynx receivable accounts will be created as Other Current Assets accounts in QuickBooks.
  • Any EZLynx payable accounts will be created as Other Current Liabilities accounts.

You will still be able to report on these accounts as desired. If you have already enabled the QBO direct interface and are experiencing these issues, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Back-end performance improvements

We have implemented some back-end performance improvements to speed up the transmission of data to QuickBooks. This will provide you with greater efficiency when interacting with QBO and EZLynx.

Bugs fixes in the QuickBooks direct interface

  • Bank transactions will now be sent to QBO as individual transactions to facilitate bank reconciliation.
  • Resolved issues with transactions failing if the payee name or branch name included a colon.
  • Checks with a negative total will now be sent as journal entries rather than giving an error.
  • If you change your export from On Demand to Real Time, it will immediately send all queued transactions.
  • We also resolved issue with creating transactions for Finance Company payees.

Posting Change

Finally, we have made improvements for receipt reversals and posting dates. Receipt reversal will be posted with original’s transaction date, unless it is in a closed accounting period. If that date is in a closed accounting period, then the transaction date will be today.

At EZLynx, we are constantly striving to improve our product and give you a better experience. We hope these enhancements provide you with an improved workflow in the EZLynx Accounting application.

Product Support Items & System Bug Fixes

  • Email Subscription Management
    • Fixed an issue where email address is not correctly updating if changed in Agency Admin portal
    • Fixed an issue where the UI displays a user has been enabled for a report even if they have are not enabled
  • Improved VIN-Lookup feature to search through vehicles registered in other countries of origin
  • Updated the welcome email to send as [email protected] rather than the primary admin for an agency
  • Agency Admin
    • Corrected issue where you could not disable a branch organization
    • Fixed an issue when changing page size on manage users tab
  • Questions? Contact [email protected]

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