What’s New in EZLynx 4.17.08

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The 4.17.08 release is packed with many valuable enhancements and streamlined workflows. At EZLynx, customer feedback drives the improvements we work to provide in our monthly releases, and this month’s release responds to many agent requests.


  • Automation Center (Beta)
  • Workspace Enhancements (Beta)
  • eSignature Manager
  • eSignature & LexisNexis Product Admin

Automation Center (Beta)

With this release we are excited to announce a new highly requested feature for EZLynx. With EZLynx Automation Center you can now enable automated rules for your agency and sub-agencies. When triggered, these rules fire off actions like creating notes or tasks, sending emails to applicants, and closing sales center opportunities.  This is just the first of many new features coming to EZLynx that will change the way you interact with the system.


  • Access the New Automation Center
  • Enable Templates
  • Assign Actions for Automation Rules & Exclusions
  • View Scheduled Events in Automaton Center

To access, hover over EZLynx Settings, and click Automation Center to land on the Overview page. Here you can perform a variety of functions.

  • View Automated Rules enabled by your agency
  • Insert one of our prebuilt automation Templates
  • View Scheduled Events

Click here to access more detailed information about Automation Center.

To setup your agency with beta features, complete the Beta Request Form.

Agency Workspace Enhancements (Beta)

With the new Agency Workspace enhancements, Tasks can be marked as important (can be toggled on or off) and you can now set a time for a task to be completed by. We have also added some new mobile functionality for task due date and time as well as task importance.


  • Mark a task important
  • Set a time for a task to be completed by
  • New Mobile Capabilities for Task Importance and Due Date/Time

To access, open the agency workspace to perform a variety of functions for your tasks.

  • Mark a task as Important using the new Important icon  when you create a task.
  • The task list in the Agency Workspace now indicates the number of overall tasks within the category, as well as the number of Important tasks within the category.
  • Set a Time the task is due, in addition to the Due Date.
  • All of these are also Mobile


Click here to access more detailed information about Sales Center.

To setup your agency with beta features, complete the Beta Request Form.

eSignature Manager

With this release, we have completely revamped how you manage eSignature envelopes within EZLynx.


  • New eSignature Management page
    • Advanced Filter panel & Search capabilities
    • Create eSignature Envelope from new management page
    • Quick Action links

To access, hover over EZLynx Dashboard icon, and locate eSignature box. Click any status link to navigate to eSignature Manager screen.

  • New Search/Filters
    • Search by recipient or envelope name
    • Filter by Envelope Status or Branch Agency

  • New Actions
    • Click recipient name to open applicant Overview in a new tab
    • Quickly access the password details, and resend to a recipient
    • View the envelope history
    • Resend an envelope
    • View signed documents & completion report

  • Additional Enhancements
    • Send on behalf of another user in your agency.
    • Quickly pre-fill email addresses for all applicants and contacts within the applicant account.
    • Sort by Date Created, Last Modified, or Document Name when selecting documents to add to envelope.

eSignature & LexisNexis Product Admin

Agency admins now have a simpler way to manage product specific permissions including, eSignature & LexisNexis.


  • Manage access to eSignature & LexisNexis at the Branch/User level
  • Quick search and filters
  • Simple manage users workflow

To access, hover over EZLynx Settings icon, and click Product Settings link. Note: If you don’t see this option, contact EZLynx Support to confirm your permission levels.

  • Select a product from dropdown
  • Search by user or filter by all users within a branch, if applicable
  • Select Manage Users to enable/disable users/branches with a few clicks.
    • Note: If the top agency is checked, all users/branches below are selected automatically. In addition, new users/branches will automatically have access to the product.



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